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Hi, please check your support ticket. It’s been already 4 days… Ticket number 1014911 (purchased)

Also, I have been searching the back end, and can not find out how to do this.

I need to be able to set the first bookable date from the current date.

For example. Pre book a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. So, it would be current date + 21 days. Sometimes we need to change it to 4 weeks. Another customer asked this question already, but I didn’t see a solution posted.

If it is possible, can you point me in the right direction, or even to the correct file, I probably can make the necessary changes.

Dear johannmeya,

Please check the reply from our support forum.

Thanks redqteam


kroaks Purchased

Is it possible to add a feature that only allows certain products to be purchased on certain days? I have some products that are only available on select days of the month… I want display this on a calendar view. thanks

Dear kroaks,

Our plugin provides three pricing type. You can use weekly pricing plan for this purpose. You can read our online docs to know about how does it works.

Thanks redqteam

Pre-sales enquiry: I’m new to Wordpress, does this plugin work with or just Is there a recommended Theme? Finally do you support the Portuguese language?

Dear gemmadasilva,

Thanks for your purchase and queries. Yes plugin is 100% translatable. We have provided default .pot file. You can create you own .po file file using poedit software. You can read our online docs for translation purpose .

Thanks redqteam

I see there is a crucial error in your source code. You are resetting options, so the options set before this do not have any affect. I discovered this error in setting time formats to 12 hour format, which OMG should really be an option. Why would anyone bew using Military time as the default setting? // minDate: 0, onShow:function( ct ){ this.setOptions({ minDate:jQuery(’#pickup-date’).val()?jQuery(’#pickup-date’).val():false, minDate: 0, })

This is in you main-script.js - You are setting minDate to today, but it gets ove-ridden.
formatTime : 'h:i',

Just forget this comment.


oskvem Purchased

Hi there,

After installing and activating this plugin, the shopping cart (Woocommerce) turned in to chinese letters.. both in the upper right corner and in the product listing. I deactivated the plugin afterwoods. Also it is possible for the costumer to deactivate/unclick the security botton, even though I ticked no in the admin area. It does show, but the price changes. I am also unable to change the codes (CSS) directly in WP after installing the plugin. So therefor I can’t change the language to Danish manually, so some of the text using your plugin is in English and some of it I can change to danish within the plugin. Please help. Best regards


Hi Oskar, please open a ticket on our support forum. Our support team will try to solve your issues. Regards

Possible to allow user to submit items for rent as well as Admin? If not, could you modify for me?

Are you looking for multi vendor system on that ? email us

Yes – I have sent an email. Thanks

We’ve replied you.

Thanks redqteam

When will be realized search by dates? And the drop-down selection of resources will also be useful.

How to customize? I do not see drop-down in settings.

And I found a bug. If checked “Single Day Booking” – it must add up the first day of booking. Correctly? But summed up only in shopping cart. The total price in product one day less than in the cart.


Please add max hour late as 0. Hope this will be ok in front-end also. You will find this option just above the single day booking setting in product back-end.

Thanks redqteam

Hi is this plugin suitable for boat and yacht rental? Thanks

Hello Sitegeek ,

You can use our theme for any day or day range basis rental business. If you would like to rent your yacht in day or days rages basis then you can use our plugin. Our plugin also provides extra resources person booking features also. You can check our online docs and admin demo to get more information about this.

Thanks redqteam

Is it possible to set a package deal ie Book an item for a set number of days?

Is there a possibility a search bar can be created to search Cars category or Hotel category on things like rating, Location, Price, Featured Deal etc

Can the Products and Categories be separated in the admin for ease of management as we plan to have 8,000 items in one Category, 10,000 in another category etc all with different attributes, features etc

Many Thanks Dave

Will this and the reactive plugin work with any woocommerce theme? I am trying to make sure all the pieces fit together before purchase :)


Yes obviously. Those plugin are compatible with any woo-Commerce theme :) Regards

How can I contact you about some modifications I may require you to do to ensure that they can be done and costs?


KaySingh Purchased

Hi there, Response or resolution of ticket – 1028261 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, we responded to your tickets. Regards.

Hi there, Pre-Sales question because I need to know if your plug-in can do what I want to do. Is it possible to make time based reservations for a restaurant, and make a booking by purchasing a menu option for a “time slot” (at 8, at 9:30 and at 11:00). I saw in the online example page that the plugin works great for hotels or car hire where you book over a period of time. I wish to use the plugin to make one off purchases that are allocated a time and date, so that’s the question, can I do it with your plugin???

Hi adam, Our plugins support hourly pricing system if you want to book less than 1 day. For further information, plz read our documentation from here
 Regards  RedQ Team.

Pre-sales: We drop off rental cars at our customer’s house. A pre-filled drop down menu will not work. Can I add a custom field so customers can input their home address so we know where to drive and pick up from?

Hi, I want to rent products with a minimum of 7 days rental. The minimum rental price is 15 pounds. Anything over a week and under 3 weeks needs to be pro-rata’d, ie. 12 days is (15/7)*12. How do I do this?