Discussion on RnB - WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

Discussion on RnB - WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

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Helo, is it possible to connect it with the new instagram booking button?

Hi Unfortunately we do not have such option. It will require additional code customization.

not sure about the new button, we will look into it. from that, can you redirect to the product single page?

Sorry I did a bit more of investigation and is not available for this kind of bookings, thanks.

Hey! Is it possible to customize the plugin? I mean the colors, the width etc so it fit in my website. I’m new in this and I want to make a rental page but this plugin should fit in my custom template. Thanks for the help!

Hi You can do whatever code customization you need

Hi, another question. Is it possible to define the minimum quantity to reserve equipment?

Hi Unfortunately we do not have minimum quantity option

Hello, thank you for your answer. If I buy your plugin, can your team help me add this little feature? I’m willing to pay you for this. I don’t think you have planned for this in your next updates. Thanks

please send us your detail requirements from our contact form.


Ask before purchase. I am creating a decoration equipment rental site for a client. And your plugin interests me a lot.

1) Is it possible to display the total quantity and the remaining quantity (available) of the items?

2) If we have an article with a quantity of 100. If the customer reserves for example a quantity of 50 from January 30 to 31. Will the remaining 50 also be bookable for the same date?


Hi 1. unfortunately no, but the customer can book upto the maximum quantity 2. yes

Hello, thank you for your answer. For question number 1, if I buy your plugin, can your team help me add this little feature? I’m willing to pay you for this. I don’t think you have planned for this in your next updates. Thanks

please send us your detail requirement in

NPetrus Purchased

The plugin is great, thank you. I’m having two issues I can’t resolve.

Currently, when you add an item to cart, it permanently blocks the calendar off. I’d like to set it to only block the calendar off when someone books. First come first serve.

Secondly, the book now button does not become available unless a date and time is selected. I’d like to be able to click the book now button when ever I’d like.

How do I resolve these issues?

Hi for your first issue, it only blocks for the user who added the product to the cart. Other users will be able to book that until the first user completes the booking. For your second issue, this is how our plugin works and it will require additional code customization they way you want to show it.

Hello, I have a presale questions.

1. Should I set different price rate for more days rented? For example 100 USD first three days, every other day for 80 USD. 2. Is is possible to change the design of the frontend form? Elementor compatible? Design is a crucial aspect for our project, 3. Everything is fully WPML compatible, right? 4. The purchase is one-time or annualy? 5. Would like to test the functions, is there some money back quarantee for 14 days, or some way for a refund? We have comprehensive website and need to be sure your plugin can do what we need from it. 6. To be sure, can we do what is on the example here without the use of addons? Just the main plugin?

Thank you very much

Hi Our plugin has the feature only. The design and the layout comes from the theme. We have our own theme based on this plugin that you can have a look

Thank you. Let me ask you the last question before I purchase, please. Is it possible to set a booking from the dates only? Because in your example websites the date and hour is required, since we don’t count hours in our project, we need to display only days, would that be possible?

Hi yes you can disable the timepicker

Sos question before buy this plugin. Sir, why in demo Bike Rental i choose to book today for an hour booking , lets say 14:00-15:00 , but it says at the bottom “Invalid date range” . Why this happens? I cant buy it if its not working correct . – Also another question please, all the check boxes (click on the right) options, under the date+time, are available in plugin? Can i change and add my personal options? OR must buy also another plugin as “Inspect – RNB Search & Filter (Add-on)” – Also one last question please, i book lets say today 14:00-15:00, and someone else wants to book the same time 14:00-15:00, will this plugin automatically block the new order? Is any message warning the new customer? Otherwise i will be in trouble if have same time 2 rentals. Thank you sir, im waiting for info please before buy

Hi We have already provided you with screenshot that we are not facing the issue.

Yes, you can add more options like that yes plugin will block the next order as there is no quantity available.

there is no option to upload a screenshot to see the issue. anyway i will risk to buy it , i hope there is support

Hi Yes if you face any issue you can open a support ticket.

Hi. Nice plugin. Is there a way to add multiple items to a quote? For example, my customer would like to rent more than 1 item at an hourly rate.

Hi Unfortunately that is not possible via our plugin.

Is there a way to pull a report that includes all the orders that are booked for a specific date range? For example, pull a report with all the car rentals that have a pick-up date in January of 2023? All the reports seem to only pull the date the booking was actually made (i.e. If a person came to the website on December 1st and made a reservation for January 2nd – January 10th, the report pulls that order in December because that’s when it was booked, but really, we need to see how many orders we have for January).

Hi Our plugin is a booking plugin only and we have back end rnb calendar from where you can check all the bookings.

Hi, is the plugin translated in Greek? Thanks

Hi You can translate it to Greek.

Is there a way to set different pricing based on time? For example if I wanted to charge $50 hrly for booking times up until 8 p.m. and increase to $75 hrly for times after 8 p.m.?

Hi Unfortunately that is not possible via our plugin and will require additional code customization.

Price for customization, when we can start, and will customizations continue to work with updates.

Hi Please communicate with us via the support portal and our team will let you know about customization

Hi! This is a pre-sale question: Is it possible to skip the shopping cart step? Click, enter data, pay, done? We need the plugin for a car rental. I dont’s think that customers will need the cart there. Thanks in advance!

Hi Yes, from woocommerce there is option to skip the cart page


fabloria Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to create a booking from the wp admin page? I’m able to create a new order and choose the product with the booking system, but I can’t choose the dates from there

Hi We have back end booking addons that you can have a look

SimoG Purchased

Hi, in WooCommerce we set “Show prices in the shop” as “taxes included” However, it shows the taxes exluded price in frontend shop.

How can it be solved? Is it a plugin bug?

Hi we are checking the issue.


SimoG Purchased

Hi, do you have news?

We have checked and did not find any such issue. Please provide us with a video or screenshots of the issue via the support portal and our technical support team will assist you.


bwebbie Purchased

Unfortunately this plugin did not my expectations and support was also not helpful and did not get back with solutions. For example translations did not work – plugin has options to translate some parts of it – those did not appear on the live page unfortunately, also translating po files did not help in my case. Got also errors with booking procedure. A more than month ago support team promised to get back to me, never did it. I also missed the option to charge instantly fixed fee instead of %. Waste of money.

Hi Sorry, but what you claim is not entirely correct. Our plugin works exactly as we described. Our support team did provide solutions to all your issues and everything is working as it should be. There are some additional requirements from your end that our team missed due to some technical reasons. We have notified our team to look at your ticket again and respond to the issue soon.

I have two questions. First do you have short codes so we can add a search for products on the home page? Second, I saw in your documents you have a demo login area to review but it’s down. Where can I find that now?

Hi Our plugin works on product single page only we disabled that area for security reasons.

What about the search product? Does that allow for putting the plugin on the home page?

For searching we have our own search addons and our theme based on this plugin that you can have a look

Does this include a map for pickup and drop-off?

Hi we have google map support for our uber like layout

I have purchased the plugin so should I put I a support ticket?

Hi Yes, please open a support ticket regarding any issue you are facing. you can open a support ticket from the below link

Hi! 1. how to set Monday as week start day? 2. how to translate month names and days on calendar view? Loco translate helps to translate any other things, but for calendar, the translations won’t work.

Hi From the back end of the woocommerce settings > rnb setting> general tab you can set both the start day of the week and calendar language.

How to add instant pay amount to fixed like $100 etc. please help I want to add add instant pay amount to fixed instead %

Hi Unfortunately we do not have fixed option as you want. It will require additional code customization.

Does the security deposit act as a hold and not process? We are doing a security deposit for car rentals and we don’t want it to process unless there is damage to the car. How does this work?

Hi we just add the deposit with the rental amount the refund for the deposit needs to be handled manually


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