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Hi guys, I wanted to test this plugin so that it has similar settings to the demo here

I specifically want to be able to add “extras” to the booking, for example, Silver package adds another $50 to the order, and Adults.

I could not work out how to do this in the demo backend. Am I missing how to do it, or is that not possible in the demo?

Regards. Miles

Thank you for the interest in our plugins.
Yes, you can set extras from the backend. please read our documentations from here for complete products creation.
RedQ Team

Pluggin does not work on monthly basis? And their support site is down. – This does not feel good

Hi Theo,

You can check our online FAQ to know how monthly pricing works. You can read it from here .

1 whole month costs 15.00 so 3 months costs 45.00.

Now he calculated daily

Hey there, I want to design the rental form like on this page on the top:

Is that possible? I don’t see a solution to take my product directly on the frontpage. Also the form with pickup date and so should also appear on frontpage and not on a second page if I click on “book now”. Do you understand?

Thank you very much!

kind regards.

Our plugin is a standard woocommerce extension. It will be available only on product single page.
For more inquiry, please open a ticket on the support forum and submit your issues.
Thank you for understanding.
RedQ Team

I have already a ticket with the number ‘1259552’. But I didn’t get an answer until now.

Regards, Flo

Thank you for your support ticket. Our support guys will knock you as early as possible.
RedQ Team


juvo Purchased


I have set up the plugin and successfully connected RNB with Google Calendar To Trace Orders, it says it’s authenticated.

However I have done two test orders and neither show up in my Google Calendar! I opened a ticket about this but your response was over 3 days in the making in which you unhelpfully suggested I just look at your documentation. I’ve obviously done that as it’s setup and authenticated already.

I can’t wait for another 3 days or so for a reply. Can you provide me with an actual solution or advice regarding this error?

There’s also numerous other issues such as; When I’m booking a product there is no indicator on the calendar to show that a product is booked on other dates. A customer can click Book Now and are brought all the way through to payment before not being presented with any payment options.

The Book Now button does not appear on any product page apart from here;

Every other page has no option for a customer to book at all! For example;

I have clicked the Show Book Now option in the product settings but this does nothing.

I have also unticked the Price Flip Box but it is still there!

Could you look at these ASAP please?

Regards, Steven

Hello Steven,

Please check the replies from our support forum.


Can it work with arabic?

Hi ,

Can you explain in little details ?



I sent an ticket 2 days ago, ticket number is #1260188

The pickup and return date detail also not showing in cart, checkout page and the order email.

Can you give me an update soon as it will affect the operation of the business.

Thank you.

Hi ,

We’ve replied via our support forum. .Please check.


before i buy this plugin, there is some question i want to ask. Can I use this plugin for rental dress website ? is there any feature “Search by available date” i mean user can choose rental date first and then list of product will show i think it more convenient for user.

Is there any sample dress rental website which already use this plugin? (in english language please) I need it

one more question can it have blocking rental time, for 4 day package or 8 day package ? thanks in advance. your answer will become our consideration :-)

Hi ,

Yes, you can use our plugin for dress rental purpose. For searching and filtering you can use our reactive pro plugin. Here is the details documentation of integrating these two plugin.

To create 4 or 8 day block you may have to customize the plugin.


thanks for your reply,

may i know how much is the customization fee ? to create 2 price package and what if customer want to buy that rental dress, how can i integrate with this plugin ? or i must create new product item for sale dress ?

and about reactive pro plugin, how much it cost ?

i need your dress rental theme very very badly….i got headache setting another rental plugin with themes adorn..sorry a little chitchat



besee Purchased


Time calculation error

Time always shows 1970/01/01

besee Purchased

I’ve solved this problem. It’s the problem of server time and local time being out of sync

great. :)


cchandra Purchased

Hi can you please tell me if your plugin can assign inventory serial numbers to orders? if not do you think this will work ?

Hi ,

We didn’t test our plugin with this one. So we can’t tell you about this. If you need any customization contact us via our support forum. We would help you.



etolosa Purchased

Hi, i have bought the plugin WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System to be used to rent beds for elderly people.

I have just one question: Is it possible to rent more than one bed at a time, i mean, to have a field with number of items to rent? Do you plan to have this feature in the future? Can you quote this feature?

Hi etolosa,

Can you please open a ticket via our support forum ? We always provide our extend support via our support forum.


hi, i would like to use this plugin with a multivendor system like wc-vendor or dokan. is it compatible with one of those ?

No, its not. We will try to add this in future. Thanks.


My requirement is to book appointment slots for mobile repair,etc with an option to request for quote. i have few questions before purchase

1. People requestin for quote , Can they log-in later to check previous requested quotes etc ?

2. In the demo , Request a quote page does not work :

Hello ,

Request for quote links work in our demo site now. Please check.


​Equipment Rental Application


We have a prospective new non-profit client who accepts donations of used DME (durable medical equipment) such as walkers, wheelchairs and more, and then loans it out to qualified recipients who cannot afford to buy such items for themselves.

We would need to provide a system as part of their new WordPress website that would provide for receiving donated DME into inventory, managing and tracking that inventory, and then issuing it from inventory. After issuance they would need to maintain a record of the issued equipment and who received it.

We could develop a custom database application for them but it might be more economical for them if we could find an existing WordPress-based solution that we could adapt to their needs. So far, though, it’s not easy to find such OTS solutions.

Could your product do this?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.​

Hi ,

Our product has inventory management and date availability feature. For more information you can try our online docs and admin demo from our item description page.


Library & Bookstore


Hi we need to make a wordpress site that can have an exactly same rental and buy inventory.

Does this plugin supports book rental that can also be bought at the same time?

P.S: we can do the “stock available for rent” and “stock available for sale” with separate logic and change manually. As long as in the product list we can see both “BUY” and “RENT” at the same product

This is how i think it will looks like



BUY $250

RENT $10/day

thank you for your queries.
‘both “BUY” and “RENT” at the same product’—this is not possible by our plugin. Only rental option is available by our plugin.
RedQ Team


ekuepapps Purchased

Hi im trying to reach you through support but youre not replying there.

I just bought the plugin and installed it

I get the following warning on my page on top

How do i fix it

Please communicate us through our support forum. Your question is answered in the support forum .
RedQ Team

if used for multi hotel booking how can I automate and control room inventory?thanks

thank you for your queries.
Multi vendor option is not available yet.
RedQ Team

Hey guys, I need your help. I want the customer to place an order, but only pay $50 deposit by credit card. The rest is due on pickup. Is this possible

Hello jimmie80,

You can set instance payment from wooCommerce setting panel. You can contact via our support forum for more details.