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Hi RedQTeam,
I Plan to Purchase this Plugin of Yours, Provided You Help Me Implement the 4 Step Search Bar that You’ve Implemented on Your Demo “Turbo” Website right Here :

As I’ve already Mentioned, My Website is Driven by Listify. Because You’ve already Implemented the Search Bar on Your Demo Website, I Believe this should Not be an Issue for You.

Kindly Revert,

4 Step Search Bar is integrated with our turbo theme. It is not in the RnB plugin.
RedQ Team

Pre-Sale Question: Will This plugin work for a company that provides medical transport and also airport transportation that charges by the mile? Ive seen other plugins out there with Taxi Fare style features but none offer support was wondering if you guys would fit the bill. Thanks in advance

Sorry to say that i am not clear about your last query. Can you please explain me in details? It would be better if you can provide me some screenshots or link or video.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Here are some other plugins that have the features Im looking for. Im wondering if yours can do the same as these thanks again.

Stern Taxi:

Halio Taxi Booking:

Thank you for your example links.
No, this option is not available in our plugin. But we have a plan regarding this features on our future updates.
RedQ Team

Just purchased via work account and upon activation get following error in the dashboard. Not a good start :cry:

Warning : Illegal string offset ‘rental_availability_control’ in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-rental-and-booking/includes/redq-rental-global-functions.php on line 317


Hope you are doing fine,

However for support please write to our new support forum

so that our support team can have a look at it.

NB: please attach all the necessary information like screenshots of your issues and admin credentials in your ticket so that our developer can have a clear understanding of your issues.

our support team will get back you after replying to the previous tickets.

Thanks Redq Team

Hi – quick presale question… I want to use this plugin to book out wine tour dates – does it show available and unavailable slots on the calendar?

Also – can you pay through Woocommerce as I currently have the wine tours set up as products in a shop.

Is it possible to change the language of ‘Pick Up Time and Date’ so that it just says Date and then hide the time as that’s not applicable?

Thanks so much!

Hi – I selected to hide the times and it’s still showing? Also I can’t see where to edit the pick up time and date titles. Please help! Thanks!

I need to set some dates as reserved too and I can’t see where to do that – the instructions aren’t very clear that you provide?


We replied you from our support forum. Please check.


Pre-sale question: we have a rental system where a van is available that has a limited number of seats, and is available at specific times of day for trips to and from an airport. As each seat is reserved the number of available seats reduces for that trip. Would your plugin be able to handle such a system, reducing the seat number as they are booked for each trip? Thank you.

Thank you for your interests in our plugin.
This specific type of system is not available in our plugin.But if you want , we can give you premium support for this type of system.
RedQ Team


websquad Purchased

Hello, I have two questions.

I am setting up a product and using the hour pricing is there a way to add a minimum hour booking for this product? example, If I set up a reservation to have a minimum of 4 hours in order for the booking to go through. They will not be able to book with out at least 4 hours.

I also want to add a buffer time, meaning if there is way to make it so that there is some time between bookings. So that they don’t go back to back.

Please let me know if these two features are available or at least in the works. Thank you.

We replied you from our support forum. Please check


Okay, so the WooCommerce site i’ve built is [1]

Half the items in the store are marked as ‘For Hire’, so on Checkout the customer picks the dates they want the equipment dropped off and the dates they want to return the equipment.

The client is looking for an easy way to automate hiring system and ensure it is more streamlined and gives them a better, clearer overview of which items are going out when. Being able to prevent more items going out on a single weekend than they have in stock is important too (can’t book out 5 backpacks for Saturday 5th if they only have 4 of them in stock, etc).

There’s a handful of plugins that do hiring systems, but I’m hoping that a custom plugin coupled with a Google Calendar API can solve our problems.

Currently the checkout date picker is purely text based, so that would need to be updated to create the Calendar entry. My client would also like to be able to change the dates in the WooCommerce backend and have those changes pushed through to the Calendar. Then on checkout, WooCommerce would check all For Hire items stock on the walking dates based on the Calendar, and return any errors.

Also the Calendar should be able to put the stock levels back up 1-2 days after the hiker’s return date, and automatically change the status of the Order in the backend.

There’s a few things running on the site that might cause some disruption – the first is our multi bags function and the second is our Bundled product type. I also have a handful or minor plugins around the site for design and product handling.

1. Adding item into current system via existing front-end makes it visible in calendar.

2. Editing item into current system via existing back-end edits it in the calendar. > These two are changes to the existing system to publish an iCal/RSS live feed and to subscribe Google Calendar to it.

3. Updates to current system to allow for a request for avail stock for a date for an item.

4. An API on to (3.) to allow for the front-end system to utilise these numbers.

5. The front-end updated to use the API to show stock levels and to limit hires when no stock. > These three are changes to the existing system, back and front-ends.



Hi ,

Our plugin is standard wooCommerce extension. It works fine with wooCommerce API. You can check our online docs, admin try demo to get more idea about this.


Pre-sale question.

Hi there, I would like to install RnB with this template:

But before the purchase, can you let us know more about the compatibility? First, are the template and the RnB plugin compatible? How will the functionality present on the Front end?

Thanks for advice.

Thanks very much for your instant response. Let say I would like to customize my own search bar (not necessary the sidebar as shown in your demo), how can I do it? Your admin demo site seems inaccessible to me. Thanks

Thanks very much for your instant response. Let say I would like to customize my own search bar (not necessary the sidebar as shown in your demo), how can I do it? Your admin demo site seems inaccessible to me. Thanks


In our try demo and main demo we’ve used salient theme. And we customize it’s product single page. For this it showing like this. Actually it will take default design of your theme and it will not like our demo.

our admin demo’s username : demo and password: demo



nadsrsnug Purchased

Hi I bought your plugin but I want to apply to the check out date and check out time and the deposit to all the product overall how can I do this


nadsrsnug Purchased

I want to apply it to the checkout cart

Please check our reply from our support forum.


Pre-Sale Question!!!! Can I embed the calendar? Didn’t found it on the demo. Has shortcodes?

Hi ,

Our plugin provides full calender and google calendar feature. You can see your booking or order in full calendar or google calendar.


I meant for the front-end. I didn’t found anything related to the shortcodes at the demo nor the documentation.

Hi lorenzobrenes,

There is no short-codes. Rental products are rendered with wooCommerce product single page.


Pre-Sale questions – A couple of them – Sorry, i’m a bit new at this.

If I set up a rental property with this plugin that costs $100 per day or $500 per week and a guest chooses to stay 9 days will it automatically calculate and bill them for $500 + $100 +100 for a total of $700?

My client has daily, weekly and monthly options with a 4 day minimum stay. The daily, weekly, and monthly rate changes from winter to summer. Can the pricing plans work together to accommodate this?

Does it support adding a refundable deposit of 10% and also add a cleaning fee?

Thank you for your queries.
1)Yes, possible.
2)We have daily, weekly and monthly options but not any seasonal option.
3) No, the refundable deposit is not in our plugins now. But it will be available soon.
RedQ Team

How does the security deposit section work? Is that non-refundable?

Hi, Yes, non-refundable. Please go to our online demo and check this by going WooCommerce->settings->RnB settings tab and Please follow the screenshot

Presale Question : Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to manage ressources within Google calendar. For exemple I’ve got 4 bikes to rent, On monday I make 2 rental sales for 3 days on website and 2 for 3 days by phone. I update the Google calendar for the phone sales. Is these system is working ? Will the site display “out of stock” availability for these 3 days ? Hope my english is enough clear. Kind regards

Hello raphael64 ,

Our plugins has google calendar integration feature. If anyone make any order in your website then you can see these order on your google calendar.

i am not clear about this ” I update the Google calendar for the phone sales. “


Hello, good day, This what my client needs if this plugin can handle it. She is offering services, She needs customers to be able to book the services with available Slots. The plugin has all the features. the Most important thing I need to be sure about the plugin is. Can I add Product availability? like 10 slots remain after each purchase it will be counting down? do you get my point? Please this is urgent.

Thank you.

Okay thank you for the Quick respond.

I think that is what my client needed. will the Availability number be displayed.

e.g 3 booking space left. that is what she needed. so that customers can track numbers of available slot to book from front end.

Thank you

Hello voyacontech,

If a product as no availability on a particular date then that date or date ranges will automatically will disable in calendar. Currently no. of available slot feature is not available. But we can do it for you with custom support.



defharo Purchased

Hello, I am configuring your plugin as a parking system and parking is working very well.

I want to ask you about a question related to the booking-pricing-info box.

Currently this box shows the applied discount (example: 5%). Pay per instance also appears. And finally it shows: Total Booking Cost: Example: 95 €

Would it be possible also to show in this box, in the case of applying discounts:

1) The total price before the discount. Example: 100 €

2) The price per day before the discount. Example: € 10

3) The amount saved after the discount. Example: € 5

4) The number of days reserved. Example: 10

thanks for your help

Hi defharo,

Yes, it is possible to show . But you need some customization. We also provide custom support for code customization. Please contact us via our support forum. We’ll discuss about this with you .


Hi, how do you implement Google Calendar in your plugin? Is there a step-by-step guide? I would need a substantial explanation. In your guide the “Google Calendar” section is empty. What should I do to get started? Download the official Google Calendar plugin? Sign in to Google to fetch the Google Calendar API? Help me, thank you very much.


You can open your support ticket from here .


I opened the ticket, please solicit an answer. Thank you.

Please check

So will this plugin allow people to join and post their own items?

Do you want multi vendor system into it ? We don’t have that support yet, we’re trying to add this one. Thanks

Hello. I would like to know if it is possible to add products with a larger quantity. Example: I have 3 the same products that can be rented. The products will be added to Woocommerce as one product with stock 3 so that we can rent 3 at a time. Is that possible ? When one of the products is rented, there is 2 left ? After the reservation the stock should be automatically be updated.

Hello clickbizz ,

Thank you very much for your interest and quires. Yes, with our plugin you can add inventory of a product. but at a time only on product cab be booked and product availability will be updated automatically.

For more info please check our online docs to check how inventory and availability works


Hi, I opened two more tickets. Thank you.

Nothing too? Thanks.

Thank you for your queries. Your questions are answered. Please be patient and communicate with us in the support forum
RedQ Team

Hi, can you tell me what future features are for this plugin? Thank you.