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Hey, There is something wrong with demo.

Yes i have contacted the customer support, the will soon fix it. You can check Live DEMO here :

Hi, it will be good to add a capcha option that you can enable.

Thanks for your suggestion but where to add captcha option ? I didn’t get that.

The capcha option (on/off) in admin panel, and the capcha here: to avoid bots.

Ah ok, in the next version i will add that for sure.Thanks for the great suggestion.

Good job. Good luck with sales.

Bundle of thanks.

Please add a PIN features. Student can check with scratch card and role number. Then I can buy

Yes Students Can Check with Roll Numbers, i didn’t get pin features ? I will soon add some great features.However if you are interested in buying just buy, and i can help you in support.

Can’t login to the demo with the login credential provided

check now, may be someone has removed the user.

You can login via username : pass :

OR : 123456


Unable to login with either of the credentials.

Check now @nomi_leo , Let me restrict the create and update route so that user can’t change pass in demo

Hi, You should add subject name column. Because one student can take multiple subject.

Sure, in the next version i will add that.

Sure, in the next version i will add that.

Hi I bought your project yesterday & when I try to upload it in my server . Every thing been uploaded . But .env and .env.example is not showing in my hosting . Can you plz help me with that . But when I search .env it says it is in my directory . How ever I edit that file with db connection from my PC & upload to hosting . But it ’s not working .. Plz help bro

Bro if it is your mail It should go . I just send u again With subject ..RMS SET UP PLZ

Have u got my my e-mail

oh my mail is, sorry for that typo.

Very Nice work. like your job:)

Hi, can you help me to install this software in local? I use wampserver

please does this a cgpa calculator, i want to use it for my department to calculate their cgpa

i have mailed you twice and you didn’t reply me please check out your spam for and get back to me as soon as you can, i know you can be very busy at times

ya it was in spam i don’t check spam. I messaged you.


Hi, thank you for this wonderful application, they are very interesting. My problem is that I can not install it on wampserver. Could you help me with that?

this is my Purchase code: b34c5756-4b31-4b48-ad19-90e6c967b543

sure mail me on we will discuss it.

Dear Sir, if we can upload results from Excel/CSV file?

For custom changes you can contact me @

Hi! Can results marks be viewed as per different individual subjects per class ?

No but i can do it if you want. ping me at

Okey Shall email you.

if you had multiple subject i would have purchased it

For custom changes you can contact me @

Is it possible to change the color of the search and add new text fields?

For custom changes you can contact me @

Demo is not working, please can you fix that or give me another demo