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Looks really fancy. Any input on a possible page load slow-down? GLWS

Yes, You can Change Speed of Effects as according to your requirements. It is very simple to slow down or Increase speed of effect. Please check the Demo with all effects are there with different different Speed .

Cheers :)

Thanks for feedback. Sorry for not being clear – but my question was more in the line of: Does the plugin effects general page load speed? Making the page load slower due to the effects in use? Thanks again

Oh no no sir. ... It will not slow your page speed. We tested this. You can buy this plugin undoubtedly.

Thanks. ...

Awesome. Good luck with sale!

Thanks… This Plugin is a Must have plugin for All Wordpress Developers . Just use this plugin , I am sure you will love this.


May I know did you liked or plugin. If you have any suggestions then please let us know.

Thanks. ..

Hey Nice Plugin i will get it soon :D

Thanks Charbel …. We are also feeling Proud for Making this Wonderful WP Plugin …

good plugin at an affordable price.

Yeah … You are right … Just use this and I am sure You will too love this plugin…. Cheers :)

Great effects, great job!

Am I right in assuming that speed from start of effect to when in place, can be changed?

Cheers, Gray

Thanks. ....

You can change speed of effect according to your requirements. You can slow down or make motion speed high very easily.

I suggest you to buy our plugin once. I am sure you will love this plugin. If you will not satisfy then we will refund your money.

Cheers :)

Great! Will buy it soon!


does it work out of the box, like in many themes where this functionallity is already included, or allways a shortcodes must be used?

Shortcode inside Shortcode will not work. We are working very hard on All issues which may be come for this plugin. But in Editor of any theme you can use this plugin.


Presale question: does this plugin work with genesis child theme?


Effects Will Work on Every editor whether it is on Child theme or Main Theme. Just use this, if you face any problem then we will solve the issues for you.

You can use our shortcode on PHP Code too. Remember, our plugin only works on those PHP Functions who are returning Output as HTML.

Look at our demo we used the effects on Footer of our demo.


Hi, awesome plugin :)

Does it work only for Desktop or for mobile as well? And if there is an option for mobile..is there a way to turn it off for mobile?


Our plugin works on all devices. But Still there is no option to OFF effect on particular Device. I hope it will be done by next update.

Thanks :)

Hi, is there a non-wp version available?

Sorry we do not have non wp version yet. Let you know when available.


I just purchased this plugin but I can’t combine it with other shortcodes.

My homepage has several shortcodes for loading blog posts, etc, but these suddenly don’t work when I add this shortcode at the beginning and end of the page.

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Marcosnoy,

Our Plugin generates shortcode and You cant use our Shortcode under other shortcode.

Also, This plugin will not work with DIV’s using complex PHP Functions. Please use this plugin with Simple PHP code.


I’m using a wordpress template with “visual composer for wordpress”. Ripple seems not compatible with this Page Builder Plugin.

Can you give me some indication of settings to fix the problem?

Thankyou very much!

Hi, Sorry for the Delyed Reply. Sorry Our Plugin doesn’t works with Visual Composer and Page builder. May be in next version it will be possible.


I’ve just brought this plugin which looks great but doesn’t seem to be working on my site. I have a development page with just the short code on and have disabled all other plugins and still does not work. Would you be able to advise why this may be.

Many thanks,

I’m using slider master with an animation. If Ripple LazyLoad use when loading the animation slider will come executed?


The Effects are not working on my site. Please help as soon as possible.

I am adding the shortcode in visual editor but still its not working


mbehal Purchased

Hi, I just bought a license of Ripple LazyLoad to WP and it doesn’t work. I have version WordPress 4.6.6. Is it a problem with that plugin?

Thank you, Michal