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project has eclipse error – “project has compilation error” > “unable to resolve target android-17”

these all softwares isn´t running on my computers. i need a simple way to build an apk-file

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i want remove admob and set my own banner. wich file needed to change?

Modification for banner and interstitial ad Step1: Goto “res” folder than “values” under that open “string.xml” Replace this line <string name=”admob_id”>ca-app-pub-7335882925318194/2674472065</string> With <string name=”banner_id”>your banner id</string> <string name=”interstitial_id”>your interstitial id</string> Step2: Goto “res” folder than “layout” under that open “banner_adView.xml” Change this line “ ads:adUnitId=”@string/banner_id” ” Step3: now open “com.mobilemerit.myselfie” package and open all your activity Find these lines and replace that /Admob Code*/ AdView ad=(AdView)findViewById(R.id.adView); AdRequest request = new AdRequest.Builder().build(); ad.loadAd(request); interstitial=new InterstitialAd(getBaseContext()); interstitial.setAdUnitId(getResources().getString(R.string.admob_id)); interstitial.loadAd(request); // Admob Code With // Admob Code */ AdView adView = (AdView) this.findViewById(R.id.adView); AdRequest request = new AdRequest.Builder().build(); adView.loadAd(request); interstitial = new InterstitialAd(getBaseContext()); interstitial.setAdUnitId(getResources().getString( R.string.interstitial_id)); interstitial.loadAd(request); // Admob Code


Hi, in the new update, when is launched the intersitial?

I can see only the banner ad.


Pl. send DM, we will send you the process

the App is signed by your company-name. wich files and folders needed to be changed, that the App looks like my own company-name?

edit app package name in manifest.xml. no need to change, remaining all package names it’s already mentioned in the help file and in installation video

but the folder-name looks up at google-playstore-link “com/mobilemerit”

follow the video and change package name…

See in manifest.xml what ever you want you can give your package name like com.up4web.ringtone. after that you need to give same package name for your activity package because it’s mention in menifest.xml. after that if you will leave other package name than also it will not create any problem for you. but if you want to change you can change like com.mobilemerit.javafile to com.up4web.javafile. after that is it’s ok than no problem but if it’s showing errors than you need to import that package in other class that are showing error.

folder-name looks up at google-playstore-link “com/mobilemerit” ??

google play store only look up your menifest.xml package name google play do not know about your .java files packages. so just you put your package name in menifest.xml as i mention above(com.up4web.ringtone) or anything you like. If you will mention “com.mobilemerit.anything” as package name in menifest.xml than google play will look for com/mobilemerit.

how to modify the source, do working on platform android-20 ?

Not clear, pl. check the video tutorial

Hi there,

It uses the NewAdmob Sdk ?


hi Does the program ads Interstitial admob and banners I want to put 2

You will have to add them manually

I purchased but do not work default ringtone default alarm …...... downloading starting download ….. error please check you internet connection java.io.filenot found exception storage sdcard0 …... open failed

Hi, does this come with all sound libraries ?


as I can do to have more than one layout with sounds ? not only load the homeactivity but load the sound on all additional layout you believe?

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Android Studio

I did not find documentation or video tutorials in it ?

Hello I want to buy this item but i have some question ..is the new admob sdk (google play serivce) integrated ? and the interstitial ad is integrated or not ?

Is this up to date?

I didn’t find documentation or video tutorials in it ( or a help file ). I think something is missing … can you contact me please

The app just opens up and starts playing a ringtone. No other pages.. not sure why this isnt working. I have internet connection. Tested on 3 devices and shows a LION with a ringtone going off.

Says no active internet connection please go to settings.. But there is most definitely an internet connection


up4web Purchased

is that your Admob-id in the app?

Hello I want to buy this item but i have some question ..is the new admob sdk (google play serivce) integrated ? and the interstitial ad is integrated or not ?

file corrupt. manifest with blank code. please give back my money

file without documentation or video. not accordance with description

seller not response until now. dont buy this template :(