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hi this looks very nice, i am curious to know if users can pay to post? I don’t see option in demo and if it had this option i will buy it

The current version doesn’t include that feature, sorry.

Sorry, i broke script ”<script>alert(“ups, xss”);</script>. Check XSS :)

Where did that happen? I don’t see it broken.

Hi, I need a user review module for my vacation rental site. Would I be able to integrate the Rikisimo php module into my html website?

I need it so as to have guests registered and not to insert their reviews. I also have current reviews that I would need to insert myself. Would this be possible?

Would I need to check if my hosting supports cakePHP? Sorry but I am moderately experienced in software/hosting standards.

Also would the php script be customisable so as to insert other fields.


The script is fully customisable but you’ll certainly need some html and php knowledge.


I need to create an application that allows me to present awards to people who have first sent a message with a photo and hashtag to facebook, twitter or instagram.

Messages must be moderated before being public.

Can I solve it with your application? Any ideas?


Nope, ,sorry. This script doesn’t do what you want, I guess you’ll have to look for a different solution.

how to disable the cache in the application ??

You can do that in the app/Config/core.php file. See the cakephp documentation if you need more information about this.

Why i get permissoin denied error message when i try signup.please check at my website

It seems to be an issue with cakesocket, it’s probably due to a server misconfiguration or your hosting not allowing connections to external services.

Where do I find the sql for installation to create the necessary tables to use after I create my database

Just use the installer, it will create the needed tables. If you prefer to install it manually, please check the documentation.

Cool, thanks worked great.

I’m trying to add in Google Analytics, which file would I use and where should I put the code.

Is there a way to have all the items be displayed alphabetically from a-z instead of in the order in which the items were entered when clicking on a specific location or doing a search on a specific location?

You’ll need to change the code a bit. If you know some php it should be quite easy, you will need to edit the listings controller.

Great, that worked, I just had to go to line 19 in that controller and tweak the code changing the (‘Listing.created’ => ‘desc’) to (‘’ => ‘asc’).

I wanted to add a field in so that when a new listing is entered there is also an option to put additional code in for advertising but only for that specific listing and only to show up on that specific listings page, not on the main page when someone does a search. Do you know what the sql code would be to add that in and what files I would need update to have that displayed only on the individual listing page itself.

You’ll need to modify the listings controller, the listings view template and probably the listings model too. Also make sure to modify the database tables as needed.

I was able to add in the field using your instructions, cool, thx.

I’ve been able to add in a new field but I want the new field to be able to accept html code(like the header and footer options in the settings panel) and I want the user to have the option to click on the image. I’m trying to create individual ads with images for each location. When I try to make the field accept both links and images it’s not working correctly. The new field I created is aspace and it works if I use the helper to accept only links or images but not both. This is the code that I tried to use in view.ctp

if($listing‘Listing’) { $ad = $this->Html->image($listing‘Listing’); echo $this->Html->link($ad,array(‘escape’ => false)); } Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to use links and images in the same field try just echoing it in the view, using the helper probably won’t work as you noted.

However, as this is custom code and I’m not sure I understood what you want to do, you may want to check the cakephp documentation instead. Otherwise feel free to email me if you need help, I could do your customisations as a freelance project.