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I commend you on using bootstrap.


bought it. let me install it and test.

there’s a typo in today’s riddle “Why did the turkey cross the raod? ” do i need to edit the sql file to correct the spelling ?*road if so where? if its a minor one i can let it slip but just in case there are other spelling mistakes…

There could be spelling mistakes as I have not written all these riddles. I am looking for a way to detect and correct spelling mistakes automatically. I will update you as soon as I found some way of doing that.


Great work again. I’m a huge fan of your framework


Is it possible to get a daily riddle embedded into my site without all the framework surrounding it? (I’m not a coder)

well without framework its not possible. But what I can do for you is: make a page in the application where you can get daily riddle and you can then embed it on your other sites by putting url in an iframe


<iframe src=””></iframe>

let me know, so that, I can add this for you.

So this would just be the riddle itself, without any interface around it, correct? If so, then yes I’d like to see that option.

To be clear, I don’t have a need for the riddle script immediately, but I do have a need for it eventually if you can provide this feature / mention how to do it in the instructions for when I do purchase.


Updates are approved

Thanks for adding this feature.

By chance have you added this feature to your Funny Jokes and Famous Quotes scripts or do you have plans to?

At a future point, I am going to be interested in all 3 scripts, unless you release one script that houses all 3 riddles, jokes, and quotes into 1 pack together in one script. In that cause it would be cool if this “API” rotated between them all.

Nice scripts, and I wouldn’t mind seeing addons that simply added more content to each.

well for now its been only added to riddles script as per your request. I liked your idea and I will pack all the 3 scripts together soon.


Tops :)

You just need to make this conform with the rest of your scripts ’’ ie ‘it does not throw out the front page’ People viewing the page get hit ’’ with one ‘quote? ’’ its not like the rest of your scripts ’’ i know u will sort it ’’ great script ’’ love all your work

thanks alot

Why does it run on php 5 – 5.2 Most scripts are running 5.3+ which makes it impossible to run this script on mu server without canceling out all others!

Any suggestions?

well it can run on 5.2+

Hello, how do I edit/change the site title ? Right now it says only “Funny jokes” on each page. Could you tell me which file should be edited?

i replied to your email please check

replied back. pls check !

inside any view file found in: themes/classic/views (e.g. themes/classic/views/site/index.php, which is for home page) you can put a php line like:

<?php $this->pageTitle = “you title goes here”; ?>


I would like to export your riddle database into Wordpress using the question as the title and the answer as the content to the post.

Would this be possible?

Also, where did you obtain your riddles from and is there any copyright issues?


Paul :-)

Hi, Well you can easily do this using phpmyadmin, no there wont be any copyright issues as the riddles were collected from public content.

Thank You

Hello is this script still available? I can’t access the demo it says 503 Service Unavailable.

its up again

Hi, looks very nice but one thing can it be made more seo friendly for example: page title says “Riddles” can this be made to show a snippet of the riddle as this is not good for search engines.

I have made the changes. It will be available when my update is approved. Probably in 1-2 days

hi dude..i use this script but is not work properly please contact me…

Admin,contact & see all riddles page is not work and give me error.if any have issue give solution.

fixed the issue.

thanks but how to do that?? next time i got issue i resolve that…it’s my email address:

Author, how are you?

1. Has the typo errors fix applied to automatically correct them in the riddles script? 2. Is there a way to add comments to the script for discussion? This option can be explored into something like visitors will only get to know the answer once they have posted their answer using comments section (just an idea) 3. How to add and publish categories for different riddles?

Thanks for answering as I look to buy this script for “Brain Games” site.

1) well typo cant be fixed manually 2) Nice idea I will keep it in mind. 3) From the admin panel.

I would recommend you to check the other script:

bought your other script :)

I want to purchase this but I have some questions.

1. Do you provide documentation for installing this script? 2. This script is going into a directory on my existing site. For example So, I need to add my site logo and include links to other part of the site in the menu. Can this be done easily? 3. Is there a way to embed Google Analytics code? This should be a default feature.


Yes the script comes with installation documentation. You can install it in a sub directory. Google Analytics code can also be easily embedded.

I try to login as admin and the message “Incorrect username or password” is always appearing. I’m sure that i use the correct password. I created a new user through register process with the same password with admin. I can login with this user, but when i make him admin through database (is_admin=1) i can’t. Could you please help me?


zoneme Purchased

There is no config.php file, why would you continue selling this if it doesn’t work?

config.php is automatically generated when you run the installer.