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hello i will buy if you make it supports arabic (rtl) and Android studio

thank you , but if you can mak it work on android studio

Seny again

thank you very very much

If i buy this application you can let write the reply RTL

Yes I will provide

can you put a demo apk in version arabic RTL, if it’s right i well bay it

Hi, Please mail me I will sent apk Thanks

Hello, when i was tring to use bomb or remove letter its crashing app. Android 7.0, Galaxy S7 Edge, can u fix it ? I want to buy this.

Was u check problem ?

Sent mail

Please wnter your email. Thanks.

Hello, i need speak with u as soon as possible using any chat or skype or email, but as soon as possible please. U will earn some money.

Please mail me via user profile here. Thanks

please i want to type lettres from the right to the left .

You mean?

is it possible to make IAP to buy coins?

Yes possible

Hello sir i need android studio version is it possible?

Yes after buy I will provide. Thanks

hi sir can you help me to solve this problem please the characters shows from left to right wen user add them

i want to make characters show from right to left this photo explain what i want please see it


thanks any way and have a good day

Yes possible but did you buy app?

Hello gKcrop, i will but this item when you replay me - i need it to support arabic & english - answers start from rtl & possibility to make it ltr “i hope if u add it to string to be easy for change when i want” - android stud code - i want to display text and also Image in the Question filed “i need the possibility to choose “

if u agree whit that i bought the items when u answer me Thnx

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