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are this pluguin work for my web site of book ? http://www.descargarlibrosgratis.biz

Unfortunately I’m not able to make everyones HTML code for every site. I’m sure you can understand that. However if you find it too difficult I would suggest to wait buying it as we’re currently working on version 2 which will make things much easier (no coding needed anymore). Unfortunately there is no fixed release date yet.


I will wait and check , wen its out ? thanks

As I wrote above. There is no timeline at the moment.

Hi WPBuddy, can this plugin be used with Wordpress Multisite?

Hey there. If course, it can be used in multi sites as well. It must be activated and configured on each site separately.


K, great thanks so much :)

Hello! I want to have star rating and a picture showing up next to my site in google searches. Does your app allow me to choose the rating?

Is it possible for the users to rate the content somewhere near the comment section?

my website is www.victoriemini.com

thnak you very much for your attention

Hey there, here are your answers:

1) Yes, you can achieve to have star ratings by integrating a review (on a product).

2) In most cases pictures will only show up on a recipe snippet.

3) The plugin is not a rating plugin.

Note that rich snippets will only show up when Google think they can help the user. There is no guarantee that they will show up on your search results.

Hope this helps.

Can you tell me why and how your plugin is better than “WP SEO Structured Data Schema (FREE Plugin) by KCSEOPro”? That one seems a lot easier and faster to set up and use? Is your plugin better bc it allows different types of info to be displayed on different pages? Why is there no “Local Business” category in your tags or even in your “Set Up Instructions Page”? Why there are no up-to-date video tutorials about your plugin? and what are the future of your plugins Features? I made a purchase and It seems a bit more time consuming and harder than Free Plugins out there like the one I mentioned above? Also your “Review” tag in your plugin is giving error messages in Structured Data Analysis by saying “itemtype=” http://schema.org/PrettyContent ” value doesn’t exist. I am not sure what the proper URL is but it was default one under “Review Tag” can you please run a test on your default code of “Review” tag. I am a bit confused and a bit upset for spending $20 on very complicated plugin that has outdated video tutorials and errors in default code of tags.

If you can make this happen – then I believe more people will buy your plugin and it could probably cost more. I would easily pay $40 to $50 per license of that type of plugin.


Please take our advice here on how your future update would be soo awesome and totally worth of purchasing it more by us and other individuals – by including some of our recommended features in your future updates:

1. Have the same set up like “WP SEO Structured Data Schema (FREE Plugin) by KCSEOPro” has but with automated functions (see line… below)

2. Each Rich Snippets Data Can Be Filled Out Individually on each page below the body in WordPress.

3. Include Import/Export of Bulk Date of Rich Snippets to Assign them in Bulk to Each Post.

4. Allow Import of Bulk Keywords – Location Keywords (copy/paste keywords or import through Excel file) make your plugin automatically include different Location Keywords into fields of “Locations” of “LocalBusiness” category into different pages.

5. Allow Import of All Names of Songs, Videos, Products etc.. tags to assign to all pages, automatically, through Excel, (obviously person would have to fill out URLs in Excel to assign all that to each individually, however – if title of the page matches the URL exactly and identically then it could be super easy for bulk functions)

6. Include Images for Bulk uploads too, in Excel, towards each page. Images could be uploaded as “image-name.jpg” from excel to be assigned to each page separately for LocalBusiness and other Categories that are currently allowed in Rich Snippets.

7. Build-in within your plugin embed your YouTube Channel that automatically displays video tutorials and technical solutions / and tutorials. Basically YouTube Playlist embedded in one of your plugin’s settings pages/tabs.

8. Allow disable/enable certain tags/fields if possible.

9. Allow Default Information to fill out fields for pages automatically if user cannot work with Excel and will be exhausted filling out stuff individually. So Default info will fill it out once user fills Default section at least once per entire site.

10. Hopefully your Serial Number that Activates your plugin can also have a function and feature of Automated Plugin Update so that users don’t have to download/upload or FTP any updates manually. API connection of Serial can have a feature of releasing and updating plugins automatically or with approval of administrator in WordPress.

If you can make this happen – then I believe more people will buy your plugin and it could probably cost more. I would easily pay $40 to $50 per license of that type of plugin.


Hey there, and thanks for your input. Some of your posts above are empty (I don’t know why) but I think you wanted to add what you’ve wrote via email, right?

Btw, the plugin has an automatic upgrade. Just enter your purchase code on the settings page and you’re ready to go ;)

Thanks for your input and many greetings

Hello, i need a ItemList ( http://schema.org/ItemListOrderAscending ) for my movie site and Movie Item List Rich Snippet… is it possible with your plugin?

Hey there, and thanks for your comment.

Yes, it’s possible. However you need to write the code yourself as it’s not included in the list of examples which are shipped with the plugin. Once your code is up and running you can use it anywhere on your WordPress site where shortcodes are accepted.