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Which Schema types does your plugin support? I am looking to apply the Job Posting schema to my pages.

Also, can your plugin support multiple schema per page? (ex. 3 job postings on one page for Google Job search tool)

Hey superfoodie, the plugin supports everything you can find on schema.org, even the extensions (see here.

And yes you can add multiple schemas per page.

Many greetings

Sorry can you please refund me asap and let we never ever talk about this plugin again, it can’t even delete it self in a proper way…

Could not fully remove the plugin rich-snippets-wordpress-plugin/rich-snippets-wordpress-plugin.php.

Hey there. Haha ;) Would you like to get a refund or do you want to make me helping you out? I thought you’ve deleted it already?

I did delete it already though, but happy your responding so quickly lets try if you can help me out, ok i go to global snippet – i try to add the organisation snip now if i select url the options are limited, i can’t even give in an url myself or am i overlooking something? Also if i add a global product snip the fields are limited i can’t find back any custom product fields or taxonomys to select for instance for brand or gtin. Or am i doing something wrong maybe?

Of course, that’s why I’m here for ;)

If you want to add an URL, you don’t need to select another schema type. Just select “Direct text input”. This should bring up a text field where you can enter whatever you want (in this case an URL).

For a product, try to follow this step-by-step guide. It is for WooCommerce products but’s closely the same if you want to set up your own (without the WooCommerce-specific things). What exact fields are you trying to add?

I don’t know if you do something wrong. It would be good to see a screenshot or a screencast of what you’re doing ;)


apnayaar Purchased

i want to use this one on Question answer site. https://rich-snippets.io/q-and-a/ follow this link guide line. but my posts not shown in rich snippet in google

Hey apnayaar,did you notice this article here? When do snippets show up on search results?. Does this answer your question?


lgambinid Purchased

I need support for Rich Snippets plugin. Support page doesn’t allow me to open a ticket !!

As you can read on the Support page for the Rich Snippet plugin, please send an email to support at wp-buddy dot com. It’s super easy ;)

Or just write a comment here ;)

does this plugin work with yandex? we are looking for an seo plugin that will work for both google and yandex

As far as I know Yandex uses the same schema.org structure and can read it, too.


flinch85 Purchased

Hi, do you offer a set up service? I’d like it all set up perfectly :)

Unfortunately I cannot offer such a service but I’m more then happy to answer your questions ;)

I checked in Yandex there are mistakes. can you fix the plugin for Yandex?


You can check in Yandex webmaster. https://webmaster.yandex.ru/tools/microtest/

First you need to register in Yandex and add your test site to Yandex webmaster. If you fix the plugin under Yandex we can buy your plugin for 30-50 sites over which we work.

that’s cool! we will buy then in the near future

You can give us a test version so that we can check the plug-in for compatibility?

Sorry, there is currently no test version.

Hello, this plugin is compatible with Live Composer ?? thanks

Hi there! ;) Unfortunately I don’t know what Live Composer is. Do you have a link to the plugin that you can share?