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will this plugin auto detect and apply rich snippets to my site?

No as I don’t know what you exactly mean by “auto detecting”? What should the plugin detect?

Hello, I need a rich card to my WooCommerce store. With this plugin can I show image, price, availability, etc? Is available? Thanks

As far as I know, WooCommerce has already a schema.org integration for products. No need for another plugin.

How many sites can be used?

The CodeCanyon license allows to use the product on one domain.


i’m very interested in purchase your plugin. Currently I’m using Listable theme, I wonder if the plugin would be compatible with the theme and the WP Job Manager plugin.

Thanks, Rafael

Hey Rafael, and thanks for your comment. Normally the plugin should not have any issues with any theme as it does not modify anything in the frontend. It just adds data in the JSON+LD format to the sourcecode but that is not visible to the enduser but readable by search engines. What do you want to achieve exactly?


I thought that was it how supposed to work. However some others Rich Snippets plugins added data at the front end. This was the main issue I was having.

I’m trying to add data only at the search engines and not at the front end of my listings and posts

If yours do not add any data at the front end, I will be more than happy to purchase your plugin.

Of course it needs to add data to the frontend (otherwise search engines would not find anything) but – as I wrote above – nothing is visible to the end user. But be careful: Although JSON+LD is the preferred format, you should not try to hide things. For example: search engines will may not show a star rating on search results if you don’t show a star rating anywhere on the page. One of my customers needed to add an image of stars to get it to work.

I’ve seen that you already purchased a copy of the plugin. Great! Please go back to me if you have any questions.

Many greetings

What configuration do you need? It’s automatic? Because the language is difficult and I already tried with another plugin and very difficult the configuration

Hey yaiko, checkout the video on How to setup a rich snippet.

Hi there. Pre-sale questions. 1. My website is using WPML. Is your plugin compatible? 2. My products in Woocommerce are dependant variations, so they have different prices. At the moment Google is not showing any price in snippets as Woocommerce automatically gives Google both max. and min. prices. Will it be possible with your plugin to set only the min. price for the rich snippet? 3. Is it possible to define the about page and contacts page with your plugin?

If you haven’t already decided if you want to go with WPML, I would recommend Multilingual-Press. It is free and not so heavy as WPML. My plugin would work with it out of the box.


we are already working on WPML. Even though the plugin you recommended is not working with Woocommerce as far as I know, and there are very few other plugins that are compatible with it. Don’t have any problems with WPML.

Great! ;) I wish you every success!

Hi Pre-sale enquiry please… I use Genesis themes which come with support for broad schema, such as CreativeWork. I thinking of using your plugin form more specific schema markup. For example many of my pages are ScholarlyArticles. Would using your plugin for more specific markup in this way deliver significantly better performance in the SERPS? Secondly, how does your plugin play with the markup provided by Genesis. Would it retain it and just supplement? Or overwrite it? Or…? Many thanks for your help

Hey giraffe33,

and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well. I will try to answer your questions below.

1) Would using your plugin for more specific markup in this way deliver significantly better performance in the SERPS?

Unfortunately I don’t know the exact algorithm search engines work with ;) So I cannot say anything about this. From a logical perspective I would say, yes. Because the more specific you can be with the stuff you present on your website, the better.

2) Secondly, how does your plugin play with the markup provided by Genesis.

My plugin does nothing with it as it cannot recognize external snippets. At the moment it can remove snippets generated by Yoast SEO and WooCommerce only. So what you can do is to totally deactivate any schemas generated by Genesis (if possible) and just create your own so that it exactly fits your needs.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Thanks very much for your reply. You might be interested that I’ve found a new plugin that removes schema markup from Genesis themes. https://wordpress.org/plugins/schema-removal/

Good to know! Thanks for sharing the link.

Hello, I have a question: Is it possible to disable this plugin only on AMP pages? I do not want AMP errors caused by the plugin, I just want to use the plugin in post not AMP Is it possible?

It depends on how you’re creating AMP pages. If you’re using Automattics AMP Plugin for WordPress, the custom JSON+LD snippets will be stripped out.

Hello wpbuddy,

Thanks for reply, I use AMP and AMP Revolution Plugins for AMP in my website: https://goo.gl/DZFZL1 I need a Rich Snippet that does not cause errors / conflicts in the AMP pages, if you have the option to be deactivated in AMP pages, it would be great. Is it possible with your software?

As I said: if you’re using Automattics AMP plugin, you don’t need to worry.

Hey, Let me explain my needs: I want to create a page in my business website business.com/review-us and just let the people leave a review positive/negative whateaver, like google guidelines tell us to do, but want that reviews submited in this page be markup with schema, just want to use this is a single page with that objective, this review plugin can do that? Thanks!

Hey vitorpitt, and thanks for your comment. So users should rate your business on a special page, right= Do you have a plugin for the rating feature running on your site? Or how do you achieve this functionality? Via the comments?

Hey, so yor answer is ‘rigth’ your plugin can do that? Dont understand the questions if I have plugin for rating…. :-/ I’m thinking in buy that one here if it fit my needs…

I’m not quite sure what you try to achieve. If you’re looking for a rating plugin that let users rate something on your site (in this case, your business) than this plugins is not the right one as it’s not a rating plugin. If you want to create a review rating on your page, than you can use it. However the plugin cannot automatically create reviews for you as this depends on how the reviews are collected (third party plugin / WordPress comments, etc.).

Hope this helps.


wphub Purchased

hi i need to ask few questions before buying this.

after the enable of this plugin, it only displays on google search engine, will it also show summary on product pages like this? i don't need to be displayed on product items pages. http://prntscr.com/h5k2bm

Hey wphup. To make it short: No, it does not. You currently have to do that yourself.

I’ve bought 2 licences now for this plugin as the first one didn’t seem to work and of course you bind the purchase code to the plugin.

When it comes to adding a schema it spins around as though it is fetching the information and then does nothing, I’ve tried this several times with 2 different websites, etc.

Any ideas as I don’t really want to have to buy a third licence.

Hey rhysadams, and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well today. There is no need to buy multiple licenses for one domain. You only need one for every domain. If you need more information on the license please see this Envato page.

Back to your question: Please directly contact support directly via E-Mail on [info at wp-buddy dot com]. Don’t forget to include your Envato username, the license code and of course the domain where you’re using the product.

I’m sure they will sort this out for you ;)


presale question.

I have a blog with over 300post, will this plugin automatically fixed its way around the previous post or I will have to do that manually?

Hey there, and thanks for your mail. I hope you’re doing well today. The plugin allows you to set up so called “global snippets” that are automatically included on the posts you’ve selected.

Any other question? Please don’t hesitate to ask



tylerofTX Purchased


Nice Plugin but i havent been able to use the plugin. The plugin breaks my Css each time i install. Any solution to this problem? Thanks

Hey mate, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that you’ve problems using the plugin. Normally it shouldn’t break your CSS as it does not include any CSS in your sites.

Do you have some more information for me so that I can verify the issue? What theme are you using? Is it a free one? If yes, can you provide the link? What plugins are you using?

Many greetings


tylerofTX Purchased

On activating the plugin. My Latest Post automatically switches to LIST from the usual GRID.

Am using a Theme called Unspoken http://www.lovelytemplates.com/wordpress-theme/unspoken. Pretty Old i must say, but i believe the DIV function could be the reason.

Okay, unfortunately I cannot test a bought theme. Can you please get in touch with me via email on support at wp-buddy dot com? Thanks

I want to display post or page Last Updated date in search snippet instead published date. Is It Possible?

Yes, currently Google shows the date when a post uses the Article snippet. However (as always) this is totally up to the search engines.


deeluuxe Purchased

Hi! When trying to add a snippet on a https page the plugin displays cURL error 28: Resolving timed out after 5528 milliseconds – what does this mean? Best regards, Jan

Hey Jan, and thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that you’ve got a time out for the request. Can you try it again now?

Many greetings

The plugin breaks the Fusion Builder of Avada theme. The click button to activate the fusion builder is visible but nothing happens on clicking on it. If i remove your plugin, the fusion builder is activate by default and works as expected. Please help?

Hey kirtimansharma, and thanks for your comment and your mail and your refund request ;) There is really no need to contact me via multiple channels as you can be sure I will go back to you as soon as I can ;)

Unfortunately I’m not able to test themes that are only available for purchase. Do you know if the Fusion Builder is included into the theme or is it a plugin that I can download for free?

Many greetings

Hi Wpbuddy, Fusion builder is a part of the theme – “Avada” – please check the theme. https://themeforest.net/item/avada-responsive-multipurpose-theme/2833226

It is only the number 1 best selling them for many years on Themeforest of Envato market, the same place where I bought your plugin from. As of today the sales of Avada is 371,596. If your plugin starts working without error on this theme alone, your potential market increase considerably just by writing in description that the plugin works with Adava, and it will also help me.

The theme or included Fusion builder is not free. Please consider talking to the author of the theme. They have been very helpful to me, I am sure they will help you test the plugin on their theme being on the same market.

Thanks and Regards

Hey kirtimansharma, cool. Thanks for the information. I will check that out and go back to you as soon as I know more.


hendridm Purchased

I just purchased this and may purchase another for a different site. It seems like a very nice plugin.

However, I assume that there is no way to activate it on a development domain?

I develop my sites locally (ex: mydomain.dev or mydomain.local) and push/sync file/data changes to the live site (ex: mydomain.com). It would be disappointing if I can’t use it on my development instance of the site.

Is there a way that I can do this without trying to null it on my development instance? I’d rather not do that and it would cause headaches with updates.

Thank you, Daniel

EDIT: Also, it would be nice if I could link http://schema.org/ratingCount to a post meta field rather than come up with a hack to modify a direct text input value.

EDIT 2: It appears that “og:image” and “og:image:secure_url” are pointing to the first image in the post content rather than the post’s featured image. Is there a way to (easily) change that? I would like it to match the value of “twitter:image”, which is showing a link to the featured image.


hendridm Purchased

(Please ignore my edits, they were apparently from a different plugin – brain fart. I am still curious about the development instance activation issue. Thanks.)

Hey Daniel, and thanks for your comment and your hint about the local dev domains. You should now be able to use the plugin on .dev, .local and .test domains. Yepeee! ;)

If you have already activated a dev domain, please let me know which one it was so that I can remove it on my side. That’s necessary so that you can activate it again on one of your live sites.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask ;)

Many greetings

hi! i have 3 question

1. i have a site with 800+ post… is posible bulk all the post into the rich sniped or i need 1 by 1?

2. this work for recipes and/or post?

3. why i should buy your richsnipped plugin and not others like the more popular?

Hey chinonet, thanks for your comments. Please see the answers below: 1) Yes, there is an option called “Global Rich Snippets” which allows you to do exactly that.

2) You can add recipe snippets as well, yes. Or what exactly do you mean / what would you like to achieve?

3) There are alternatives? ;)

If you have any other questions, please let me know.