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how many website can instal this plugin with regular license ?

On one domain. Please see Regular license terms from CodeCanyon.

Hello, is possible to let the plugin reads automatically the product properties (woocommerce)? price,image,name,etc.. without fill all again all any time i change sometimething? ty..

Hey there, you can use some variables that are mentioned on the FAQ page.


Hey actually in my theme rating/review rich snippet already there but i want product one and author not adding product one … if i purchase your plugin then i can use product one ?

but i am afraid that already in my theme rating snippets are there in codes and if i use additional one then may be it will be issue ..

2. as i have already raing sytem in my theme so i dont want more rating sytem to my site in frontend . so can this plugin works internally without showing on my site pages ?

Hey there, this plugin allows you to crate your own shortcodes using HTML plus schema.org data. This also means that you do not necessarily need to use the rating. It always depends what you want to achieve.

Many greetings

Hi, I am already using ConvertPlug on my blog http://emoneyindeed.com Looking forward to use Rich snippets plugin, just want to make sure If I use it on my blog will the rich snippets show in google search results.

Hey there. What’s the question you want to ask? ;)

I simply want to know that if I buy and use this plugin for reviews on my blog, does this plugin guarantees that my post will show rich snippets (stars) in google search results.

Unfortunately no-one can guarantee that rich snippets show up for you as this is totally up to Google and it’s algorithm. What we can do is to provide a code that you can use so that it should show up. You can even test it to make sure that there are no errors.

Hope this helps.

Pre-purchase question

I need only to set reader review with star in my blog post(hopping that google display them). Can I do this, and where I can see a demo about this ?

I am not interesting about editor review or rate.

Take look at my WordPress Comment Rating plugin. Maybe this is what you’ve searched for.


Hello there,

I need the reader vote my post. As you can see here


Can I do it with this plugin ?

Or I am confused about this plugin functionalities.

Tx for your help

To keep it short: no you can’t. This plugin helps you to set up Rich Snippets by using schema.org syntax. It has no functionalities where users can rate things

Hope this helps.

Will this work with Divi 3.0? I already have it built so I cannot use the child theme you sell?


Hey there!

Of course this works with Divi 3.0. However it has not the same features as the child theme. The child theme creates schema.org syntax for the whole website, headers, articles, sidebars and it’s sub-elements like wordCount, authors, timestamps and a lot more. This is definitely not possible with a plugin at that time. By the way: you can install and activate the child theme without any problems. Because it’s based on Divi everything you have built should stay the same.

Hope this helps.

ok thanks. Yeah I have already created a child theme with lots of custom coding. But I am probably going to buy the child theme for the future as I am loving Divi. Thanks so much!


Hello. i faild. i cannot create a rich snippet. and all filled fields are not saving. Whats the problem???

Hey BartBombaklaCoder, and thanks for your comment.

What shortcode do you try to use? What exactly do you mean by “all filled fields are not saving?



I need to know. Is there any shortcode i can add to some page in order to display the star rating system on it?

Once ive done it… I understand google will display that rating on the search results.

Am I correct?


Hey there, the plugin allows you to create your own shortcodes. After installing it the first time it’ll set up some examples for you. One of the examples shows how a star rating can be set up. You can use it to show the star rating in search results. However please note that it’s up to you if and when Google shows the stars in their search results for your site.

Hope this helps.

Hi all, looks like a great tool, I would like to make sure that it works fine combined with Yoast in wordpress for my site http://www.cheerbnb.com before I buy it, thank you in advance, Alessandro

Hey Allessandro, and thanks for your comment. What exact question do you have?



I have testimonials on my site using my themes integration. Is it possible to add Rich Snippets to content already added on page. E.g. JSON format in header?

Hey pcwd,

unfortunately this is not possible with this plugin.


Hello! It can be used for WooCommerce? Should read the price and comments by default WooCommerce with ratings? Thanks

Hey genuxio, WooCommerce already uses schema.org for products and ratings. No need for another plugin.


Hi, Does the plugin supports “book” and “audio” schema types? thanks

Hey there, and thanks for your comment.

If you’re familiar with schema.org and HTML in general you can build it yourself. However there is no such example delivered with the plugin.

Hope this helps.

Hi developers,

I am enjoying this plugin from past few months. I just wanted to know how can I include schema for News Articles ?

Thanks in advance

Hey youngnawab, and thanks for your comment. Good to hear that you like the plugin.

If you want a full integration of the Article syntax then I have to tell you that it needs a more deeper integration into your theme. This is nothing a plugin can do for you at this point in time. Here is why.

Or do you looking into something different?


1.) I still use a wp plug in called “shortcodes ultimate” – it creates also an extra tab on the left side of the backend named “Shortcodes” – are there any issues known between shortcodes ultimate and this rich snippets plugin? 2.) it is possible to add pictures within this rich snippet plugin? 3.) where does it appear then in front end? can I place the shortcode in an extra tab (for instance custom tab of woocommerce). Thanks and greettings from Germany, Marcel

Hi wpbuddy, thanks for your quick reply. So here is the link to “shortcodes ultimate” https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/ it does some animations and very useful other things. Greetings from Germany, Marcel

Hey Marcel again,

thanks for sharing the link. It seems that they’re not conflicting each other as long as you’re not using the same shortcode names. As far as I’ve seen, the Shortcodes-Ultimate Plugin also prefixes every shortcode. Perfect.

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot!

Hi ! It will work with the plugin “Visual Composer”?

Hey there. What would you like to achieve?

Hi! Place on page…!

Sorry, I don’t understand what “place on page” means.

The Rich Snippet Plugin generates shortcodes. So if Visual Composer can transform those shortcodes, everything should work just fine ;)


Seems like your demo-page is brocken – please check it!

Hey deeluuxe, many thanks for the hint. Much appreciate it! ;)

Hi, I want to purchase your Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin. I want to be sure that it’s work with website RTL language? I am using WPML plugin. Please advise, Daniel https://dbrownstudio.com/

Hey there, and thanks for your comment. I’m not quite sure if it works with RTL language as I don’t normally use it (and because I can’t read it and so I cannot verify if it works). I guess as long as WordPress can handle RTL language within shortcodes it should do the job.

Hope this helps.

structure data error on the review on product
I have copied your example, but Google give this error

84.95 CAD (The property 84.95 CAD is not a valid price specification. Learn more about http://schema.org/price.)

The priceCurrency field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
i have tried many hours, but it does not work, it is just giving errors!!!

I am still trying and it is not working!!!

i will wait another 24 hours to hear from you