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Just can’t find the correct syntax, I use this as data-id

<?php echo $agentsStuff[‘bizID’];?>1

What will be the correct syntax, I tried this but without success: <?php schema(‘echo $agentsStuff[‘bizID’]1’,10); ?>

thank you

Thanks, but the example you provided seems wrong, it should be something like this because first 10 stars have to appear , but with this setup I can’t append the sub-id “2” for the rating.

<?php schema($agentsStuff[‘bizID’],10,2);?>

I’m really lost with this one. Is there a way to add a sub-id to an array in this case and then use ,10 for ten stars?

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In php page my script using $xID = $_GET[‘xID’];, but not work at all!

Hi, Sandi, you says will be back on 12 January! Where are you?!

check your email. Sorry for the late response, was far far away. If you have more questions – contact me directly by email.

the script not complet !!! where is : JS , Config.php and more files …

This file is an extension for rating system which is written everywhere, even in title. the rating system itself must be purchased separately.


could you please help me to get the path in cakephp?

I have tried with no luck: include($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/fivestars/admin/extentions/snippets.php"); include_once("");

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thanks – you solved my issues!!!

Hello, In instructions your talking about the folder “extensions/” while in download files we have the folder “extentions” I think some could have error with this.

Yes, it’s misspelled, thank you for pointing out

Hello! i am having trouble with this, i am geting this error [10-Oct-2015 06:17:33 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: mysqli_error() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in /home2/public_html//rate/admin/extentions/snippets.php on line 227 any suggest please? Regards

I have been trying to contact this author 3 times now but with no reply. The top.php within this product is not working and is blank. I am needing this top.php to work as this is one of the main reasons for purchasing this. I hope I get some support soon or I will have to make a claim for a full refund to Envato. I hope you understand.

Also to add, I paid extra for support.

bonjour plug ça marche pas rating

Hello! He was interested in implementing this plug in to my web but not if really show Stars in the search. where you can do a test? I did it in wordpress

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where .sql file pls help

I want to use in JSON-LD format, is it supported?


Hello there id like you to answer a few questions if possible. 1. Can this feedback system be implemented in PHP (laravel) based website?

2. Can this be customized and turned into a user rating feedback system like ebay where buyer and seller leave one another feedback rating.

Please let me know. Thanks


1. Yes, it can be incorporated into PHP based website

2. In principal – yes. But as you can see there is no “comments” option, only rating. Moreover you will have to enable voting only for certain users (buyers), but it’s already easy to achieve, especially if you use PHP.


I tried it out but no luck this is the code: <?php include_once(“”); //include snippets.php BEFORE you use it schema(‘{{ }}’); //print rich snippets for item with ID = someItemID ?>

Please help Thanks

Does your plugin support display ratings on google search results?

its an extension for rating system Yes, it constructs rich snippets which google can read and display in search results