Ribbon Wrap - CSS3 Hover Animation

Ribbon Wrap - CSS3 Hover Animation

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Follow me and keep an eye out for HTML5 video player in this style soon!

Ribbon Wrap – much more than a hover effect

You hover over the element, the ribbon slides out from behind it and wraps around. CSS ribbons finally move.

There are endless possibilities with this CSS3 tool. It’s super easy to implement and has plenty of preset colours and styles (but customising is simple!).

Make sure to view the video preview to fully understand how cool this thing is!

What can I use it for?

Titles & descriptions of images

Ribbon Wrap can be used as a beautiful hover effect for image descriptions, photo credits, illustration titles, or whatever else you can think of!

Mix it in with content

Ribbon Wrap can be treated as in inline element to be part of the usual flow of content, or can be positioned in a way to cover content when it’s hovered. Using Ribbon Wrap’s static mode, it can be treated as a more “traditional” CSS ribbon without any animation.

Social strip

Have a strip of social media icons slide over your chosen element when hovered.

Tool strip

Tool-style icons can be used instead. There’s even a vertical setting.


  • Pure CSS3 animations
  • 8 colour variations – Easy to make your own!
  • 5 extra styles to go with colours
  • 3 speed settings
  • Super simple markup
  • Fantastically stable and flexible – Can be added to almost any pre-existing design
  • Degrades gracefully in browsers that don’t support CSS3 transitions
  • Tiny filesize, the core CSS file is only 13.7kb!
  • Packaged with a set of 19 icons (in both dark and light variations) plus a blank icon
  • Font sizes and fonts determined purely by your own CSS
  • CSS files split into “core” (13.7kb) and “colors” (48.5kb) allowing for easier filesize optimisation
  • Works automatically with any width – perfect for responsive and fluid layouts!
  • Fantastic documentation which includes 6 different fully commented example files (each containing multiple examples).

Browser Support

  • Chrome: Full Animation
  • Safari: Full Animation
  • Firefox: Full Animation
  • Opera: Full Animation
  • IE8, IE9: No Animation, ribbons appear instantly when hovered

Compatible with Ribbon Player

This item is compatible with Ribbon Player, an HTML5 video player that uses the same ribbon animation. Details on how to combine are included in the documentation of Ribbon Player.

BigFat – Single Page Filterable Portfolio HTML5

Make sure to check out BigFat, my HTML template which uses elements similar to Ribbon Wrap. Please note that these two items cannot be combined.


Preview Credits

Template Credits

* Harry Tennant is a personal friend of mine and has given me permission to use his work in this way.


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