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Issues with this script:

1. Fix love/fav system , right now you can just continue clicking on fav button and it saves all of the votes for that lyrics , should be unqiue per user. 2. Fix plays , right now you can just click click click and add the fake plays as many you want , even you can use for loop in browser’s console.

Hello! Thanks for the report. I will fixed them in the next updates. Please keep in mind that this is the first version of Rhyme and more updates are comming soon. Thank you again!

PS. The next update brings fixes to all the issues you reported above. You should see it after the reviewal process. Thank you for all!

Hello, GLWS

I have some presale questions. 1.Does it support utf-8 kiralik characters letters? 2.Does it have position for ad banners?


Hello. Currently Rhyme does not have positions for ad banners but it will in the next update. Also thanks for thr suggestion! Thanks.

PS. It supports all utf-8 charachers. (meta charset provided)

PSS. Ad places have been added to Rhyme. The update needs approval though… :)

Demo not working ?

Hello! We’re trapped with some host problems, but we’ll solve them asap. Thanks and stay tunned!

PS. The link has been updated! You will be now able to check the demo. Sorry for the issue and have a nice day.

Demo please

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the demo URL issue. The demo link should now work. Thanks!

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you! :)


cbp70 Purchased

when will update with issues fixed be out ? i will purchase it then

Hello! Right now Rhyme is in the queue for an update that brings ad places. I will look into it and maybe this week a new update will come out. Please send me an e-mail with the issues you want to be fixed on: waterproofthemes@gmail.com. Thank you!

Hello again! The issues have been fixed and Rhyme is awaiting approval. Tomorrow I think it will be out. Thanks for everything and have a nice day!

Looks good.

Thank you! :)

Great Work! I wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you! :)

Hi again you make great updates, i have some suggestions

1. search need some changes. Example when search greatest you get Not found! but if you write the greatest then is work, is not user friendly because most users do not remember the entire title

2. mobile responsive need some fix because video disappear in small screen

3. do you have demo from admin or screenshot from admin?

4. rss or xml what about seo? how google index the pages?


Hello! I will look into your suggestions and I will come with new replies as developed. Thank you!

demo is not working