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Wow! Definitely one of the fastest and easiest to use builder for WP! Well done guys!

Hey, We’re very happy to know you like & trust our plugin. Enjoy Rexpansive Builder :)

Aaaaarg, buy, don´t buy, buy? Don´t really need it. But it´s sooooo sweet. Bought!

First of all, great choice buddy!!! Everybody deserve rexpansive builder!!

Regarding your problem, textFill has a limitation of reading the url, it does not read the https; now, however, we made sure that each url is accepted! Soon we relase the update.

Meanwhile, write to support https://neweb.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new to immediately get the updated plugin that resolves your problem.

Thank you for your feedback!

Good work and enjoy Rexpansive Builder!


Great to hear, thanks.

Fixed :-)

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales ;)


Very simple to use … Like too much this drag & drop feature!

Exact! No more need to enter columns or rows in those annoying windows!

“Simplicity is the ultimate perfection”

Leonardo da Vinci

Please help me understand. If I have a clean install of WP with its default theme. I can install and activate this plugin. Use the page builder to build any type of page at all. What about the theme? are the pages from the builder constraint by the theme????

Hi, sure you can use Rexpansive Builder with any theme you have; you can, for any specific page, activate or not the builder; also, by the admin panel, you can choose to activate Rexpansive Builder for any custom post type you have.

If you have other questions, feel free to write us to our support following this link https://neweb.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

Good day and enjoy Rexpansive Builder!


Does it have some sort of lazy loading if one has a lot of pictures to show? And can you change the lightbox to let’s say fancy box?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, no, currently is not present any type of lazy loading for the pictures.

No, you can’t change the lightbox on the photos; we use Photoswipe, that is fine, since let’s you spread to zoom an image, pinch to close a gallery, to swipe vertical to close a gallery, to swipe horizontal to switch the items, and mostly, the visualization on mobile is great! You can obtain more information following this link http://photoswipe.com/. We wondered why would you change it?

Thanks for your feedback, let us know what you think and good day.

can you sopport shortcodes?

Last questions before i Buy, this funtion with Divi theme? and can i put layers on top or only overlays?

can i put widgets?

Hi, we never test it with Divi Theme, but we think you cannot do it.

However, if you want to try it we can give you our test version of plugin, very limited, created only for compatibility purpose.

Just send a request to our support following this link: https://neweb.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

About the widgets, if they are built with a shortcode, you can insert the shortcode inside a block.


i am intrested for buy it,and my cuestion is: this plugin will grow, i mean in new updates new things will be added or this is it. I ask becose i buy some builder plugin in past and some of this do realy great job and evolved to “best friend for wp” becose how time pass they add new things to their plugin. Thanx.

I buy it and i hope that this plugin will be discontinued after 6 month. And now i’m going to play with it a litlle bit :)

I hope you meant “I hope that this plugin will NOT stopped”, right? :)

If you think it was fun to play with Rexpansive Builder, we appreciate it very much your own rating :)

Yeah “not stopped”, i have to many staff opened :) i hope that this plugin will be long time project! I try more or less all plugins what you can finde not only here i speak obout all plugin on internet. Trust me i tray more or less all(i buy 37 plugin for wp building becose some of my customers want ….........). I will give review after i try it on all what i have (from Divi, Themify…..... to my wp themes) and we will see!

Hi there – would you have a test demo page to try out first? Many thanks

Hi! For this type of request please write to our support https://neweb.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new


great tool but as soon as I activate it all my admin interface scripts (ajax) not working any more…like tabs…

Hi! For this type of request please write to our support https://neweb.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new


Seems a nice work! GLWS!


Great Work. GLWS!


Support for custom post types? Custom taxonomies? thanks for your reply.

Hi regarding the custom post types they are supported; Rexpansive builder can be enabled for the post type you want (post, page, ...) through the settings page. Regarding the custom taxonomies we do not understand well what you mean: custom taxonomies depend on the Theme you have installed, while the plugin handles the contents for the pages. What do you mean precisely? Regards

Bummer, doesnt work on Elegant Themes Divi theme or Themify’s Ultra theme.

I confirm what you say, Rexpansive Builder does not work on Elegant Themes Divi theme, Themify’s Ultra theme and all the themes that have a built-in page builder.

Rexpansive Builder works on all themes that included standard pages without third party builders.

Bummer….thanks for letting me know

hello, looks great. question: I only need a drag and drop function for one page. logged in users can drag and drop widget areas on one page only – on front end only. no text edit. no image editing/adding – just re-organising areas on the page and saving that. Is this plugin what I need?

Hello, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, in this moment, our plugin don’t allow you to work on front end, but on backend.


in the WP backend the “updater” claims, that an update to 1.0.11 is available, but here on envato there´s only 1.0.9.

Guess I´ll have to wait or are there any other ways to update?


Ok thanks for the tip, we understand the problem. You can download the updated file from the link “All files & documentation”. We are solving the problem, so that the download will become available from the link “Installable Wordpress files only”.

Got it :-) All files = 1.0.11, plugin only = 1.0.9

I know and I’ve just sent the updated files for all sections (example: “plugin only”) :o) Thanks!

Layout collapse occurs in Rexpansive Page builder(For Google Chrome front end). When I look at the website from the front end, FireFox and IE browsers look like the management screen, but when viewed in Google Chrome, the layout will collapse without being lined up side by side. OS is Windows 7, WordPress version is 4.8. Google Chrome is the latest version.Please tell me if there is any solution.

Hi, for this type of request please write to our support https://neweb.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new



joed777 Purchased

Just purchased the plugin and can’t wait to take it for a test drive. It looks like an amazing product and I’m surprised you don’t have a lot more sales. Good luck with it and please keep updating it until the entire Envato community realizes what they’re missing out on :-)

Hello! Thank you for your congratulations!!! The sales of Rexpansive are going very well, because having our products set as “A Non-Exclusive Envato Author” allows us to make sales even outside the Envato community…

In fact, Rexpansive is sold by other sources such as: our official website, other marketplaces, WordPress.org for the free version, marketers …).

Do not worry about updates! For us it’s the most important thing, indeed lately the plugin has become more robust and did not need many significant updates and I wanted to remind you that for any clarification you can contact our support on https://neweb.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

We believe a lot in Rexpansive and every day we get stronger thanks to the hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world.

Gradatim Ferociter