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Looks good in the screenshots,

but I think a live preview will increase your sales.


Very cool and unique! Welcome to CC And good luck ;)

Hey! This is awesome – just a heads up- with the iPad the preview works a lot better outside of the codeCanyon ifame

Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it’s a viewport issue, I’ll have to see if adding a line of CSS to it will remedy it.

how can we customize the slider according to the size,i couldn’t find that option in the preview by viewing the source. Also in the files included there isn’t any document with instructions of resizing the images. Please let me know, resizing is important for me to get convinced in buying this slider.

Hi, I’m glad that you asked. I wanted to make resizing this as easy as possible for people. The sizes I tried to keep out of the javascript.

In the instructions provided with this slider, there is a help file. Under the CSS section, there are two form fields, height and width. The fields are for the size that you would like your slider.

Once you enter your sizes, I have a javascript that will do all of the calculations for you, and renders out the CSS that will make the slider work.

The calculator also outputs a template using Canvas, that you can use to know the size to make your images. The template also shows you the areas of your images to design in.

I also have a video instructions of how you can use the template to setup your PSD …

Anyway in case let me know if that is specific enough, or any other questions that you may have. Thanks again for your interest.

Hello this slider is very nice, is it possible to put this slider in joomla site?

The slider is made just using html, css and javascript. The html of the slider is pretty simple, you just need an area where you can paste a couple of divs, but you will also need a link to jQuery, the JavaScript function file and a CSS file.

The slider is not inherently built for Joomla, so we can’t guarantee how much effort it will take to get it installed. After reading a couple of Joomla articles sounds like it is possible, but you will have to edit some PHP if you want it to be part of a module.

Fresh looked slider realization idea! Bookmarked…

HI thanks for this slider – works perfect – I am not a coder I use a wysiwyg program (Xara) and I got it to work – but one thing I am struggling with is I cant get it to work in IE 6 or 8 but works fine in chrome – not tried firefox as i dont have it installed – any ideas ? why it doesnt work in IE ??


hi again just installed the latest firefox and the slider shows but it does,nt rotate the pictures just replaces them instantly but the titles slide as they should ??? – - – ??


hi is doesnt matter ive taken it down – I’m thinkinng I will turn website into a wordpress on so I will shelve your slider for another project

Thanks anyway

are you planning on making your slider into a WP plugin ??

Hi Webz4All,

I sent you the updated files to your email, please let me know if they are working now, I’ll have to update the download files, to reorder the CSS transitions on line 254 of style.css, it seems as though moz was getting overwritten by webkit and this is what was causing the error.

Please let me know if the problem persists, as I’ll be updating the download to correct this problem.

Thanks again for your purchase!

Oh, and yes… I have intention of making this into a Wordpress plugin, but it will be a some time before everything is ironed out.

I’ve bought this. But it’s not working on xhtml. Would you advice me???

This was not designed with xhtml in mind, and it seems that xhtml has some coding that needs to be done to specifically make javascript and javascript libraries (Like jQuery in this case) to work. This may be a good place to start for familiarizing yourself with the issue.

I personally have never had a reason to work with xhtml, so I’m not sure of the depth that is needed to work in it.

To answer your question, I have found people using inline scripts instead of external javascript files has helped to solve some problems.

The first place I would try would be getting jQuery to work (or making sure it works), there are plenty of people who have raised jQuery and xhtml as an issue.

Typing $ and hitting Enter in the console is the easiest way to check if it is loaded. (However, it will most likely just give you an error in the console saying $ is undefined before you even get to that point.)

From there I would probably try to make the scripts that are required for the pacakage inline. As described in this article:

Again, I’ve never worked in xhtml, but those seem like the two initial issues to look into. I’m also not sure if CSS has other requirements or not when it comes to xhtml but that would be worth checking as well.

Any errors that pop-up in the console may give further hints on the issues.

good work, all the best for your sales !