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Hi I have a few questions before I purchase

1. in your demo page if I go to highlight any words or click and move the mouse from left to right the menu pops out. Will I be able to disable this feature? It seems like a bug to me

2. the search box inside the menu does that search the site or just the menu?

Thank you.

Hi, Here are you answers.

1. Yes , its possible to disable. 2. The search is functional.

Thank you :)

It’s compatible with Wordpress 3.1.2?

Hi, yes it is . :)

Can you make it so i can navigate the 2nd and 3rd level menu items with just TAB and Arrow keys on the keyboard? And when 1st level is selected with keyboard, dropdown should be visible as well. Basically users should be able to navigate with their keyboard without needing a mouse.

Please let me know if you can, i will purchase it right away.

Thanks, Z

The live demo does not show this plugin

Live demo is infected with malware according to MalwareBytes software, be warned. (URL: )

your live demo is not loading