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Is it possible for you to embed a YouTube on the wordpress blog to show up instead of an image at the top? Then rotate to go full screen?

Hello. Basically is possible, can you send me an email with your wordpress website at we@swepps.com. Thanks.

Hi, I need inappbrower.

1, Webview 2, Appbrowser 3, External browers

Please tell me the steps.

Hello. You should install cordova in app browser plugin: cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser And after that you should add your link like this: in your angular functions file you should have a function $scope.openExternalInApp = function(url) { var ref = cordova.InAppBrowser.open(url, ‘_blank’, ‘location=yes’); } And inside your template pages:

Hello, what is the url of the documentation?

Also, on the home view you have this:
<ion-view view-title='<img src="img/logo.png" height="20" class="pt5" />' hide-back-button='true'>

This seems like an error, what did you want to put there?

Nevermind, it was a typo error I made :), it was not showing the logo because of it, it was showing the actual html code

Ok great!


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Hi, you are talking about user management area from Firebase.. is it possible to get user details from wordpress site instead (Buddypress profile would be a must) I know there are some API to play around. Thanks !

Hello. Yes, is possible, you can send an email at we@swepps.com and we will give you a time and cost estimate for your task. Thanks.


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Hello SweetApps Team, i bought this template app a few days ago and now try to get it running. Some of the dependencies are not running. Getting some 404 and “AdMob is not defined”. Please provide me an installation guide or something like that. Thanks!


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Hello, thanks for the quick reply. I will look into this. Thanks!


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Hello again, i am still getting errors.

Uncaught ReferenceError: AdMob is not defined http://localhost:8100/img/users/%7B%7Bitem.img%7D%7D Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Hello. Yes, is correct. Admob is not working on a localhost. It suppose to work on a real device. Let me know if there is anything else. Thanks.


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Hi, played around with your app, but unable to compile for iOS with last XCode : I have an error Cordova/CDVViewController.h file not found

OK. Create a new app and replace the www folder with the one in the app. Install the plugins from the plugins folder and let me know. Thanks.


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Did that, no build error now. Thank you !

Ok, glad to hear that. Thank you for your patience. Let me know if you have other issues.

`Wordpress API is not getting connected. Not able to retrieve posts from blog. I installed JSON API plugin in wordpress admin. And changed the url in services.js file. But still not able to get posts.

Please help

Hello Email Sent. Please fix as soon as possible.

Hello, we@swepps.com – email is getting bounced

Hello Swepps – when send an email, its getting bounced. Let me know your skype id or gnail. Can you please sort it out. I saw even in your demo i am not able to see wordpress getting connected. If you couldnt sort let me know.

Hi, presale question

My intention is to develope an app for a business directory i have on wordpress


How easy could be to extract the listings in my website and place them as a wordpress feed?

this is a listing example


hi, can we disable login. why your demo app asking for login even if i already login. does this support offline reading

why demo app stucks on wordpress post loading msg

hello, login and register database using wordpress or just other server?

firebase only.

Hey there! The documentation linked in the description is dead, could you provide and updated link or a zip of the documentation files? Thanks!

Hello. The server is down, no way to recover the documentation unfortunately. You can easily work with the template if you know HTML, CSS, AngularJS and Ionic framework. Anyway we are working on re-doing the docs, until than, you can ask help from our team, or you can get a refund. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello there! I am having an issue with the inapp browser. I have links embedded in the wordpress feed and I need those links to use the phones native browser and NOT the inapp browser… When I click on the links, I am taking to a browser within the app that doesn’t have a back button or any other way of getting back to the app itself. In order to get back to the app, you must close the entire app and start over… What’s a quick and easy fix for this?

Hi, any update on the documentation? Having some trouble implementing push notifications

your demo apps stuck loading on wordpress feed

not a valid template. “npm WARN app@1.1.1 No repository field. npm WARN app@1.1.1 No license field.”