revolution - complete Ionic app

revolution - complete Ionic app

Push Notifications and Admob added!

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Meet revolution

Complete app, ready to be published, based on Ionic Framework and external libraries like Firebase, Wordpress, Google News Feed, Google Maps, Open Weather, Google Ads and Push Notifications.


  • Push Notifications Service ( Documentation here )
  • Firebase user management
    • Login
    • Register
    • Forgot Password
    • Profile
  • Home screen with Owl Carousel, Custom tabs and accordions, and custom design elements.
  • Google News Feed
    • Sources list
    • Article list
    • Open article in external view
  • Wordpress API
    • Categories
    • Posts list
    • Single article view
    • Share article
  • Firebase starter
    • Great way to learn how to include Firebase (Angularfire library)
    • Firebase object – realtime update
    • Firebase array – realtime update
  • Chat (firebase / Angularfire)
    • Post message as Anonymous
    • Register/Login to post private message
  • Youtube API
    • Display channel videos list
    • Single video screen and details
  • Weather API
  • Google Maps (Angular ng-maps)
  • Custom elements
  • Device plugins
    • Toast message
    • Rate my app dialog (iOS)
    • Barcode scanner
    • Device info
  • Contact page sample with real map background and contact form design
  • Right side menu Notification sample (template)
    • Swipe to remove, edit, share
    • Re-arrange and remove buttons
  • Google Admob
  • To be added soon

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