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I really liked this one! If you made one for joomla as well, I will be the first to purchase ;)

Thanks for the input… I don’t know if I will make one for joomla but if i do it i will tell you!

I went to the site, followed the instructions, but didn’t see it working. I’m using Chrome for OSX just incase.

You didn’t follow the exact instructions then because the plugin works and it has been tested by me on all browsers and by other people.

You can even revisit the website now…. and the pop will show 1.

Let me know…

I visited live preview, I like the idea. Just I would like to see what this box shows if someone missed some posts, title and link to the post?

can you upload some screenshots or just change some posts on the box for default?

Rezash… on the website you will see a test account and you can go and make posts and see the plugin…

You also have settings where you can set up the pop up to be shown with an animation effect on all pages or just on homepage or no animation.

If you want an easy solution just check out this video where I talk a bit about it and i also show you a demo:!

Thanks for responding, great plugin. Bookmarked for purchase.

How can we change the position and colour of the display box and perhaps add a heading message in the box…a number showing may not be that informative

The title can be modified in the settings so check the plugin’s settings!

The plugin can’t do more than what actually does now! Future versions will include your inquiries but at the moment no…

Good idea. Thanks.

Does the plugin work with custom post types and taxonomies?

Taxonomies… that won’t be a problem because the plugin will take the link of the post, no matter what it is.

41 people got this and installed it on their websites and they didn’t have any problems related to the plugin so it works like a charm.

Great plugin so far, two things that would make me get it is if there was a way to ‘clear all notifications’, or at least to close them out one by one so the user doesn’t have them following them the whole time.

Second, let me put some additional code in place of the link.

Second and a half, if you could add more options for color selection from the admin panel and beautify it a bit, this would be a plugin I use regularly and fully.

Thanks. Keep up the great work.

The 2nd point isn’t available but the first one, if i understand correctly is already in place:

1. all the links dissapear after a set time, so the users won’t see the links (the same links) every time they return on the website. 2. the links dissapear one by one after each link is visited.

Thanks for your input.

it works without need of registration? ...just with the cookie? thanks


Yes… the user doesn’t need to register and the plugin works just by using the installed cookie.


It seems that plugin stopped working without changing anything. Anny clue what should i do?

Will update the plugin shortly… Try using that one and get back to me then