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Good evening, when checking the search console, I found these errors: the thing is not a type of goal considered valid for the property reviewed. How to solve the problem?

hey, interested in your product, but can someone reply to someone else’s review?just a simple reply, no rating. thats a key feature im looking for

Hi, I am very impressed with the design and functionality of your plugin described on your pages. However, I am concerned by the many issues your customers have brought up in the review section that show no sign (posts) of being resolved, like Google Snippets functionality not working properly. If I would have seen a response from you (the dev) to those issues on the reviews stating that the problems will be or have been addressed I would be confident enough to place my order, but as it stands, I’m left wondering if there are issues with the plugin. evoG can you confirm if the Google Snippets functionality works properly and if you are still actively keeping the plugin up to date? Thanks.

Why did the plugin suddenly tell me to register it after it was working fine and says I have exceeded the number of copies for my license.

sales question- Can we disable the user rating or it is a mandatory one??

Hi, Yes, you can disable user rating if you want to use just the the post author review

Hello! The String “show” for widget long text is not translatable :( can you fix this?

Hi there Thank you for the great plugin. I have a reviews page where people submit their reviews. I would like all the reviews to features on a different page. I cannot seem to get any shortcake to work. The only way I can get reviews to feed to a different page is through Wordpress widget. Can some one please help me with the correct shortcake? Thank you!

Also, the ajax show more feature on the user reviews widget does not expand. It redirects to a different page.

Hi, many unanswered comments here.

Is there still support for this plugin? I have already written here and also by mail and never received an answer. I would like to know if the plugin is still being developed? I think the plugin is actually good, but if the plugin is not working properly or not well programmed then that’s not good.

I’d like to know if you can expect an update soon and also that the code will be improved and RichSnippet funktiniert or if you should report this plugin and should better look for another.

Although I think the plugin is really good, because you first have a review box and all the data created and then in the posts only need to insert the box. But if the plugin does not work properly, nobody can do it.

I would be very happy to receive an answer.

This developer is very lazy

Two months back everyone has reported about Google Snippets not showing in Google and he said he is going to fix it.

Still no update, Google Snippets are the main to any Review and Rating Plugins. He leaved it to solve the main issue.


is this support RTL? if not, how can i make it support it?

and if you would, i can translate it for you to arabic


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Suggestion: it will be helpful if users can edit and delete reviews from Front-end

the communication from this author is non existent. I want a refund as this plugin does not do what it is suppose to and the author does not help even though I have 6 months support.

Hey when is the next sale? Did i miss the cyber monday/black friday sales? Or can i still give you my money?! Also, can you please add affiliate button where visitors can click to visit products and we make some sales from the affiliate! haha

Does this plugin work with extra / divi theme ?

I want that user can only review the post at once after that It cant review the other post or other pages

Please help! How is the “Top rated boxes by users” worked out?

Support have informed me it is just the amount of reviews

Hi there,

I found these errors: the thing is not a type of goal considered valid for the property reviewed.

How to solve the problem? Is there any update?

Thanks and happy 2020!

I have sent a support ticket about two weeks ago and still haven’t any response…what is happening?

I have raise a support ticket from 2 weeks but didn’t get reply till now


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How to disable all plugin files-functions at frontend completely (to not load on pages etc) and leave it only at dashboard?