Discussion on Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Reviewer WordPress Plugin

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Hi there! This looks really awesome!—My question: is the plugin fully translateable frontend/backend after WordPress standards?

Thanks, Dave :)

Hi evoG!

Thanks for your feedback! This is great :)—However, what I meant, is the whole plugin itself, all strings in the backend, settings page and metaboxes on edit screens. I am from Germany and my clients speak no English, so I need everything to be translateable into German. So when they put content in that all texts from your plugin are in German for them then via language file.

And if there are any frontend strings beyond the labels and such, those also need to be translateable.

I mean the .mo/.po files stuff…. :)

Thanks again, Dave :)

No the .mo/.po files are not supported yet. The plugin has some config files for all admin plugin labels you can edit. I’ll provide you the support you need to change all labels. Please write me from the private message method, when you are ready.

The new update is up! :)

Looks great and appears to be something I’ve been looking for, but I couldn’t tell from the screenshots if you’re restricted on the number of areas in which you’re grading… I only see 3 or 4 bars on each of the examples, could I have 10 bars if I wanted to?

Yes, each template can have unlimited number of items for review. You can decide the number of scores for your review, the range of the scores you want to apply and so on. Completely customizable.

Does this comply with the google search results for reviewed pages? IE will it show the stars on a google search?

No yet, I’ll add it next update! Thanks for the idea.

The new update is up! :)

Liking what I’m seeing. Please let me when it’s compatible with Google Rich Snippets.

Ok! You can follow me on Twitter of updates. Thanks for comment.

I like the format, any plans of making something like this into a front end plugin where users rate themselves?


Yes I’ll try to add it in the next update.

great, looking forward for it!

The new update is up! :)

I would like to see a sample of the good and bad sections…

the good section seemed very narrow, making it look messy if several and long text sentences were added…

The good and bad stuff have the aim for a short recap about the review. Themes will be adapt for any size of text you insert inside.

Very useful if users can rate, @idkzhang +1

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to add it in the next update.

Congrats for your plugin. Am interested to buy it and I want to make some question before I do that.

1. Does it support multi site (wp mu)?

2. Can you give to the admin the ability to save a set of categories? If you have more than 1 it is a pain in the butt to have to retype them for every review.

3. Can we create a multi review with criterias and instead of stars can we add any different image that we want in a different review category?

4. Comparison table feature eg: ?

5. Can you add the ability with multi criteria user voting on comment form (similar like this: ) or make a new plugin for this that integrades with this plugin so on the total user score on your review box shows the overall score from comments?

6. Does it support the plugin w3tc?

The new update is up! :)

Unfortunatelly I can’t see the new update on the live preview. Can you please send me a link?

The live preview works again

This is such an awesome plugin! Visually stunning, well designed. And very practical :) Bookmarked.

Thanks so much! :D

I am excited to use this! Looks Great.

I’m getting an error trying to activate:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in my-site/reviewer.php on line 104

wp3.6, tried both an ftp and zip install. Cheers

I’m sorry but this is a PHP problem. You need PHP 5.3+ to work. I’ll update the plugin today. Now I think you are using PHP 5.2 but if you upgrade your php version to 5.3 the plugin will work! :)

The plugin was now updated! Please install the new fresh copy of the plugin. And do not forget to rate it! :)

Please for support request send me a private message. Do not comment on this page. Thank You.

Great work with even more potential!

I suggest to implement the possibilty to change the colors of the avarage box according to certain values. i.e at a full rating of 10 I could use green from 10 down to 6, orange from 5 to 4 and red from 3 to 1. This would allow the user to get an immediate strong visual impression of the rating!

Currently I have to use a neutral color like grey, otherwise the viewer become confused…

Ideas: possibility to change the text for “good stuff”, “bad stuff”, “score”, change all fonts, styles, sizes and colors individually for all texts and images.

The next update will do that! :)

Great, thanks! Until than, I’ll change the files manually ;)

Is there a way to make this so that registered users can submit a review on a post? So instead of the comments section they can add their review?

No yet. It’s a great feature for a future update!

is this a possibility? Just curious as if it isn’t I would like to code this functionality myself as I am a pretty impatient person :)

I think that I’ll add this feature next month.


is the plugin retina ready? Use it graphics or something like font awesome?

Implents it automatically google rich snippets?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Tobias

So, you use no graphics for the stars? How long to wait for the next update?

I use graphic stars but they are optimized for hi-res screen. I’ve planned two updates:

1. The next week in which I’ll add full theme customization (labels, colors, font size …), plugin localization and I’ll improved reviews manger.

2. The next three week in which I’ll add your feature request, reviews comparison and more feature.

The new update is up! :)

One question before my studio buy.
Is it possible to call just the review result into the loop?
The idea:
1. Create an article with a complete review. (for example like this )
2. Then in my index.php, I call just the article image and review result (8 scores).

Really impress with your work.

I understand what is the result you want. I think the feature is very easy to implement: the plugin save the reviews data for each posts inside a post meta, so inside the loop you can get these data and display what you need.

Great! Last question:
If we buy the extended license, is it possible to use this plugin on our future theme?

Thanks for your answer.

yes, the extended license allows to redistribute the plugin. I’ve planned two updates about the plugin one this next week and one for the next three weeks. The updates will improve the plugin with some interesting features.

Hi there, Does this plugin allow registered users to submit reviews?

Hi, no for this version. Maybe in a future one.

Great update, good work!

One question: if you change the color for differnet scores it would be great to specify the values for every color. In my case there is a review score 7 out of ten and it is weighted as medium, but in my reviews it already should be GREAT. And not italic maybe :)

In my opinion I would also like not to change the color of the NAME of the score box, but the color of the BOX itself.

Thanks, I’ll add possibility to change the percentage of high, medium, low scores in the next update.

I’m loving the plugin, One question would it be possible to include user ratings where the overall score of all user rating get calculated into one rating.

In this version there is no the user rating feature. This a future version I’ll implement.

Thats Good news. Is there an expected date for that release.

I’m preparing a new version. It will take two weeks probably.

Does this plugin support rich snippets / structured data for its reviews?

I’m preparing a new version that will support rich snippets. Others new features in next release: reviews comparisons, users rating, localization support and much more.

Yes, I’m eagerly awaiting rich snippets support as well as others apparently from these comments. Looks like a great plugin for a visually appealing / dynamic rating system of the ones I have been researching recently. So much additional potential still to come with your next release and beyond as far as features / customization with colors, layouts etc. I will purchase upon your next release with snippets support. Is the only way to know when you have new releases to follow you on twitter or is there another way? Thank you.

Just for now follow me on twitter to get updates. :)

The new update is up! :)