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Over the last two weeks, desktop script has a mistake. Form part does not appear, but form appears on mobile. On the other hand no problems with Opera, but there is the problem with Chrome and Windows Edge. We expect you to fix and update it.

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strange…some browser not. i am working on it to fix. i wll let you know

fixed…i will update. meanwhile…open style.css and add width:100% here #review_container { background-color:#fff; box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); -webkit-border-radius: 10px; -moz-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px; overflow:hidden; z-index:9; position:relative; width:100%; }

OK, that’s solved. Very thanks.

There is an error, when “required” prints on avatar, then we are not able to select that specific avatar on which “required” was printed, kindly resolve this issue

hello…try with this changes open css/style.css and change these lines .avatar-selector input:active +.avatar-img{opacity:1;} .avatar-selector input:checked +.avatar-img{ opacity:1; } INTO .avatar-selector input:active ~.avatar-img{opacity:1;} .avatar-selector input:checked ~.avatar-img{ opacity:1; } <code /></code>

Hello, this works with RTL languages? thanks

hello…no i am sorry

Hi, Did your script support Thai language?

Hi, will this work with godaddy? Thanks


Nice work im using it but ive got a problem with it. When im trying to put a form in the wizzard the “next” & “previous” buttons doesn’t work anymore..?

Any ideas?

<div class="step"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-3"> <p class="lead"> Betalen Middels IDEAL </p> <p> Hier rechts ziet u een overzicht van onze prijzen bla di bla. </p> </div> <div class="col-md-8 col-md-offset-1"> <h4>AFREKENEN - IDEAL</h4> <br /> <?php include('config/config.php'); include('controllers/idealController.php'); $ideal = new idealController(); $issuers = $ideal->getIssuers(); ?> <p> Normally, when you've selected iDEAL as a payment method then you should be able to select the iDEAL issuer during the checkout process. This page simulates that page and would normally be the payment selection or checkout page. </p> <br /> <br /> <img src="" /> <p>You have selected iDEAL, please select your issuer and start your transaction</p> <form action="<?php echo BASE_URL ?>controllers/idealController.php?task=directTransaction" method="GET"> <?php echo $issuers; ?> <br /> <br /> <input type="submit" value="Start transaction" class="submitbutton"/> </form> <br /> </div> </div><!-- end row --> </div><!-- end step-->

If i comment the <form></form> then the wizzard will work …

the issue can be fixed: 1)try to add these param to your form tag <form name="example-1" id="wrapped" method="POST"> 2) or maybe the problem is because the form action link is passed via js to avoid spam…open js/functions.js and try to remove this line (line 60 aprox) $('form#wrapped').attr('action', 'review_send_1.php'); then there is an hidden input field in the html always to avoid span: <input id="website" name="website" type="text" value=""> try to remove the control from the wizard function in js/functions.js…delete these lines if ($('input#website').val().length != 0) { return false; }

3) or can caused by your php inlcudes/controllers that i don’t know which html produce


Thanks for your reply i know what the problem is but now the issue is how to fix it the not working is because i have </form> on their if i remove it the wizzard wil work..

None of your ideas worked..

every time i click an avatar it scrolls page to top. Anyway to do with without it scrolling to the top?

hello…try to add these lines of code at the bottom of your page before the body tag close

<script> $('.data-list-2 label').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); var For = $(this).attr('for'); $('#' + For).trigger('click'); }); </script>

e26 Purchased

Can you help me with the required fields? This is the demo link where you can check my code: http://www.web-agency.napoli.it/reviewer/

I have 2 problems:

In this form, the required fields are not working properly on the steps: 2/3

In the step 5, where users must select one of the required options: 1) / 2) / 3) in order to open a form), can I put the class “required”? and how and where?

Thank you!

hello…also if this can be considered customization, here how to fix 1) the steps 2 and 3 doesn’t works because the names of the radio are wrong…note that name and id must to be unique and equal if you use radio inputs (now retro is repeated 2) note that this line must to be one…i see that is repeated <input id="website" name="website" type="text" value=""> 3) step 5 an example how must to be <input type="text" name="nome e cognome" id="fullname" class="form-control required" placeholder="Nome e cognome*">


<ul class="data-list"> <li><input type="text" name="Collo1" id="Collo1" class="form-control required" placeholder="Collo"></li> <li><input type="text" name="Polso1" id="Polso1" class="form-control required" placeholder="Polso"></li> <li><input type="text" name="Spalle1" id="Spalle1" class="form-control required" placeholder="Spalle"></li> ..... </ul> and then <tr> <td style="position:relative"><strong>seleziona la misura </strong>>></td> <td style="position:relative"><input name="misura" type="radio" value="37"></td> <td style="position:relative"><input class="required" name="misura1" type="radio" value="38"></td> <td style="position:relative"><input class="required" name="misura1" type="radio" value="39"></td> <td style="position:relative"><input class="required" name="misura1" type="radio" value="40"></td> .... </tr> then create a class for the label error for the inputs above td label.error { top:-15px; left:-90px; }

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You are great! Thank you!

Hi, I couldnt define my gmail mail adress in order to recieve review results into my Gmail mailbox. Can you please tell me which codes must I add to define mail user, mail password into the review_send.PHP file? I couldnt find anything describing this in the document files on the “Reviewer”. Thanks in advance for a quick reply. ;)

Is this a fully functional script? How does it work? Thanks


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which confirmed reviews? comments do not appear. where it is possible to remove reviews?

Hi 1) + 2) reviews comes by email and then you have to put them manually on the html page


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http://mektep-astana.kz/index_2.html Next (Вперед) button don’t work, please help

it’ because this page i full of unclosed tags….in particular the first wizard step where you add the review. i suggest to start from scratch with a new clean index and copy and paste the code from index_2 step by step. all the best


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Hi Im getting a Internal Server Error when I hit the final submit button. website http://customerservice.thenairobihosp.org/

Hi..for this type of error/issue you should contact your hosting provider.all the best

Hello, thanks for the form, its really handy… Is there anyway of removing all the steps and having the submit button on first step.

hi, it’s a bit long. it need to remove the wizard system and transform the template in a simple email form.


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This looks like a great template but Last Update is done on the 12th of September 2015. Hmmm. Will there be updates?

I’m very interested to buy but not with so few updates. Can you let me know if the template is still maintained. Any new versions in the future?

Cheers, Marc

thank you, yes the item is still maintained. any more updates because the item does not have bugs or bugs reported from buyers. i will update the item in april, i will update the js libraries and some minor css improvements