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How do I add extra images to a slide?

Please check your email. I have send you new slider with 6 images and also define how you can add more images. thanks

Have just recently purchased Reverie Responsive CSS3 Slider. Like it a lot . Very Smooth and compact. BUT I cannot get the arrows to display. Please help.

Thanks. can you send me URL where you implement ?


I am just wondering if the slides move themselves with some timing in-between? In the demo, I must click for the images to move to the next and your write-up does not include any info on this. Can you please verify?

Thank you!

It didn’t slide automatically but in next update i will include this function as well. thanks

has the new animation functions been added yet?

Will add in next update. thanks

for setting more than 6 slides it’s a nightmare. Documentation doesn’t help at all!

How’s it going with implementing the timer function to change slides? You mentioned that you’d include this feature in the next update. That feature will make your slider even better! Thanks

Hi, yep but actually i am superb busy in other projects so that i still can’t release the new update But hope i will release new update. thanks

In your demo, the images are not keeping aspect ratio when resizing. Also, layers overlap the slider when at full screen.

Hope you can fix :)

could you please mention how to implement timer function to the project? as i see 2 other people are waiting for that feature. Its so important i think

I will try to add this new function soon. yep timer function is important and i will try to add it soon. Thanks

is it possible to add this feature this week? I know it is not the bug of your project but without time function slider is not meaningful. As you agreed that point for 3 times in the past. (10 months ago, 5 months ago and yesterday)

Yep i will try to add it before end of this week but can’t promise because now days i am little busy in different projects. I will try hard to get time and implement this new feature thanks

Hi I would like to thank you for your product but i have a question the current width of your slide is so big for my project how i can make the width of all slide and slide items fix to 550px

Hi, The slider is responsive and adjust it automatically but Can you please share me url please so that i can guide you properly. thanks

Hello. Does the slideshow have the auto functionality now? Thanks. ~ Justin

Hi, sorry it still haven’t auto functionality

Hi, do you plan to implement timer function?

Any update on the time functionality?

I am so sorry i don’t have any plan to update time functionality.

how to use only full width slider?

Hi, You simply need to remove the following CSS.




Ich habe Ihren Slider in einen xtc Modified Onlineshop eingebaut und bekomme Ihn leider nicht zum laufen. Können Sie mir da helfen?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hi, sorry for late reply. I got your message and i can see that it’s not working. Actually you are not implementing in right way. You need to add all the html code provide in index.html. You are add input radio inside div and span, you should need to add them without any div element.

<input id=”slide1” type=”radio” name=”wrapper” checked=”checked”>

Can you send me your server FTP and let me know what file you are adding ? May i can try to implement it for you.


Thanks for your help. One question I have , before the slider is integrated into the shop . Runs the slider automatically and has a mouse Over stop ???

Best wishes

Both these functions isn’t included in this slider.

Hello I bought your slider CSS, but I can not integrate it in full screen. Please, could you tell me what is the HTML code that I need to copy for this to work ? Thanks a lot for your help Best regards

Hello, You simple need to copy and past the HTML and CSS from downloaded files and then simple remove the following code from the HTML file.

<input checked=”checked” name=”view” id=”desktop” type=”radio”> <input name=”view” id=”tablet” type=”radio”> <input name=”view” id=”mobile” type=”radio”> <input name=”view” id=”fullwidth” type=”radio”>


Hello Thank you for your answer, but it does not work. I joined the following HTML code and the slider does not work, and it is not full screen :

<input checked=”checked” name=”view” id=”desktop” type=”radio”> <input name=”view” id=”tablet” type=”radio”> <input name=”view” id=”mobile” type=”radio”> <input name=”view” id=”fullwidth” type=”radio”>

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Thanks for your help Sorry :)) Best regards

Please give me your email address so that i can share you working example of full width version. Thanks.


My adress mail is :

Thanks you for your help

Best regards

Please check your email. Thanks.

Hello, How to start automatic slider playback thank you in advance

Hi, It’s not possible to make the slider automatic with CSS.

So I bought it for nothing, because it was indispensable

I am sorry about that but the items haven’t mention auto play function. You can check the demo and item details. Thanks.


tolkan Purchased

Hola, he descargado el plugin reverie slider y al cargarlo en wordpress da error. Utilizo la versión de wordpress 4.7. He probado en dos webs diferente y da error en los dos. Gracias

Can you explain in English Please. It’s look like you are asking for issue in wordpress but our plugin isn’t wordpress.


tolkan Purchased

Hello, I downloaded reverie slider to put slider on my wordpress web and it does not work. Error loading. What I can do?

you need to implement the CSS and give proper path. There may be confit with your wordpress theme. can i see the url


tolkan Purchased

The url is and the theme is Generatepress