Revenge of the Villains

Revenge of the Villains

This is a top down action game. You will have to play the role of a zombie here unlike the other games. Move sneaking from human (AI bots) who have guns and ready to shot you down. Find the bomb planting zone to plant the bomb. Successful explosion of the bomb kills all the humans and gives you a win of the level. As you are a zombie and you need to spread virus constantly you lose your health as time passes. So make sure to drink some bloods or eat some rotten fleshes to stay fit.

Demo APK

Please download the demo apk from here

Watch Gameplay Video

Watch the Gameplay video of this game on youtube


  • Google Admob integrated.
  • On Screen Virtual Joystick Control.
  • Deadly AI Bots to shot you down to death.
  • Cool Effects For example: Cars leaving smokes, Fires, Blood and much more.
  • Easy Customization. For example to set up your own Admob ID, all you need is just to change a variable.
  • Reskin almost everything by just drag and drop.
  • Lots of details, Natural and Interactive Animations. Like leaves falling from tree, checkpoint flag animation, dust creation on ball roll on platform and many more…
  • Multiple Levels – all with addicting puzzles.
  • Lots of Death.
  • Camera Shake effect, Screen Blood Splatter effect, funny ball breaks down into pieces on death etc…
  • Interact with almost everything in the game world… like breaking a wooden box, activating different keys to solve puzzles etc.
  • Powered by Unity Game Engine. Single Project multiple builds – Android, iOS, Windows phone, web etc.
  • Easy and effective documentation with example screenshots for every steps and video tutorials.

What you will get on buying…

  1. The Complete Project that includes:
    • The Source Codes
    • Game Sprites, Images and Animations
    • Sound Effects
  2. Videos tutorial for every steps. Yes for every steps.
  3. Complete Documentation.
  4. Our complete support for up and running this project on your machine.