Discussion on Revealer – Navigation popup for WordPress links

Discussion on Revealer – Navigation popup for WordPress links

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Is it tested and compatible with WP 6.3?

Could you pls explain on this: “Built-in interface for binding the plugin to categories and single pages”?


Hello! The Revealer is compatible with the WP 6.3.

The plugin has Assignments settings which allows you to use the plugin only on certain pages, category pages or depending on other conditions.

Hello any new updates ? DOES this product still work and will be updated regularly?

Hello! The plugin works correctly, compatible with the last WordPress version and is updated if required.


D3xxter Purchased

Is this plugin compatible with your ‘Smoother’ plugin? Won’t their simultaneous operation cause any problems?

Hello! The Revealer and Smoother plugin do not have any compatibility issues.

I’ve been waiting for 5 days to get a response to my support ticket. I can’t use your plugin for client sites if its not supported as claimed: “This author’s response time can be up to 2 business days.” Check my badge – I’m a 10 year member here, not a hobbyist. If you want a meaningful number of sales, you need to support people like me – especially when we initially purchase your product and it doesn’t work.

Hello! We responded to all your requests within 1 business day, please check your spam folder.

In your request, you are talking about a problem with the background color, duplicate the answer below:
Styles of the theme or some third-party plugins overwrite the styles of our plugin. To solve the issue you can try to add the style below to the Revealer>Custom CSS

.tippy-content{ display: flex; }

You are correct. Sorry for the post.

Hi, Can I enable Revealer for mobile? Thanks.

Hello! It is available for mobile. Just hold the link as when copying and you will see the tooltip.

I can’t exclude specific URL with the Latest Revealer 3.3.0 – When I add “paste” a specific URL assignments in the “Exclude” area nothing happen. This works only for pages but no for specific post URL.

Hello, the problem seems be related to WordPress 6.0, is the plugin compatible with WP 6.0 ?

I changed from Matching Method “Any” to “All” and everything seems to be working again…

The plugin is compatible with WordPress 6.0. If the problem persists, please contact us via with all details.

Hello, I download it from envato elements, how can I get updates?

To access the update, simply download your item again to get the most up-to-date version.

I can’t find the item anymore in ee. Can you send the link to the page? Thanks

Sorry, as figured out, the Revealer has been removed from the Envato Elements. Now it is available only on codecanyon.

How to excluded Pages and let script run only on Posts? I see there is an option only for post/page.

Hi, you can disable the plugin for a certain post type via the Assignments tab settings –

Awesome Everything works like a charm now!


I am searching for a plugin which can open a new window without url bar and tool bar and other bars. Actually i have a wordpress examination / test website and in popup footer i would like to have exam buttons like Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3 etc so that if i click on any exam button in footer it opens in a popup window or in uper frame / window.

can i do that with this plugin ?

Hi, can it be work on mobile device? Could revealer work with single touch and double touch to open the post? I will buy immediately if it can.

Hi! We can do this, but it will create an accessibility problem. How to make the user understand that double-touch will lead to a click on the link? ... Now I think such a solution will simply increase the bounce rate of your site on the mobiles and tablets.

Hi there, you can try this by installing Wikipedia app. Any link with single touch will show a small popup . If user want to read, they will click open new tab or read more. If user don’t want to read, click closing or anywhere to close popup.

Thanks a lot for the idea. We will consider adding this feature.

version 3.0.1 is available but still | Tested upto: v5.7.2 not WordPress 5.8

WP Dashboard / Plugins this version was not tested up to WordPress 5.8

Its also say updated 23 October 2020

This is some kind of non-standard WordPress functionality, most likely you are using some kind of plugin to display this information. Unfortunately, this plugin does not work correctly. The rating 10/10 looks especially strange, because on Envato the rating cannot be more than 5 stars. And link Status: Available also looks strange… May I ask you where is it available? Where does this link lead to?

I still couldn’t figure out how to make this plugin work, sent you a support email

Hello! We have already mailed you.

Hello, interested in the plugin but there is no updates lately, when is the next one?

and can it open any faster the popup?

Hello! The next update will be when the list of fixes is formed. For now, it is difficult to specify any time frame. The animation delay can’t be adjusted in plugin settings, it can be associated with the server response time.


Can we tell the plugin to work on ‘selected links only’ and not ALL links on a page?


Hello! You can enter specific selectors to determine which links to use the Revealer for.

Hi, I’m interested in this plug-in but I want to check few things before purchasing it.
1. Does it display a tooltip on the linked image?
2. What could be displayed on a tooltip when the text linked to woocommerce product page?

Hello! 1. Yes, the tooltip can be displayed for the image
2. The tooltips can also be displayed on links in product pages if you specify the appropriate selectors in the plugin settings


Question, How can I set the color and font of the title?

Hello! All available style settings are in the Design tab of the plugin settings Please use custom css styles for more detailed customization.

Hi I downloaded and installed the plugin, but I couldn’t figure out how to create the realer pop up with a link, Please Help!

Ok found it, was easier than I thought

Ok, let us know if you have any questions.

Hi guys!

Pre-purchase question time.

Firstly, will this plugin work on ALL themes, as I’ve found that ‘wordpress tooltips’, ‘tippy’, ‘shortcodes ultimate’, and a couple of others DON’T work, leaving me with only the Creative Minds plugin that you need to create a glossary for, to show the tooltips..

Secondly, I’ve just bought ‘Link Whisper’, so I’ve got loads of internal links now, and would like a way to show a tooltip ‘on hover’ over those links.

Also, is there is a global default of showing tooltips for ALL links, but having tried a plugin recently that did this, I had to remove it as it was showing tooltips for the menu items.

For further info, I’m using the WPExplorer ‘Total’ theme from themeforest, with WP Rocket to minify javascript and css with a sticky menu.

Thanks for any info!

Hello! Please read about the plugin compatibility
The Revealer use the tippy library, so if this library does not work on your theme the plugin will not work correctly.

Ok, thanks for replying.

Hello. I downloaded your plugin on Elements. I hope it is not forbidden. I understand that I can only activate it after purchase? Question, how do I make it pop up faster like in the wiki? Thanks.

Hello! The pop up appearance speed may depend on different things like server characteristics, processing speed of various requests, getting info from WordPress and animation also takes some time. We can’t speed it up on our side.

What about its compatibility with greek characters?

The selectors are installed by default after installing the plugin, which indicate to which links the tooltip popups will be applied. Selectors setting are individual for every WordPress theme. However, in most cases, use “article p a” selector to display popups in the content of the article. You can use a specific class for your links and specify they in the selector field to apply pop ups to a specific group of links.

Got it – thanks for your explanation.

However, Im looking forward to auto create links in a content that has no links at all.

Lets say that my content’s HTML code is:

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

and a tag exists in tags’ taxonomy, named ‘printing’.

Will this plugin convert the HTML code of the article from the previously mentioned, to:

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the <a href="">printing</a> and typesetting industry.

in auto pilot?

I’m afraid you misunderstood the purpose of this plugin. The plugin displays popups tooltip for internal links(already added by admin) of the site content, it does not convert the code and does not add links.


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