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so nice! good look with sales!.... be insteresting payment integration for next version!... great work.

Thank you Venewood, hopefully there are more comments with good suggestions for the next iteration.

What framework is this developed in?

This uses the simple MVC php framework as a base.

Can existing powerpoint presentation be converted for use? Or, can powerpoint slides be used, like the ones for sale on graphicriver?


Not at the moment, the presentations solely use the reveal.js framework for the slideshows, in time I would like to be able to add such support, but not at the moment

That would really be something to work towards.

I have a lot of nice powerpoint presentations that I would love to put on the web for my services.


Well until this feature is added, for what you are looking for you could always use adobe captivate. There is a much higher cost and it isn’t quite as elegant as reveal, but it will help you convert ppt to html5 without an issue.

why cant i select page transition , after saving it comes back to default

Sorry about that. When making the first fix I had messed up the other transitions. It is fixed now with the proper list of transitions. And as for canvas, that is a nice idea but it is quite a time consuming. Currently it uses summernote as an editor, but I have plans to make some changes so its more of a full page experience.

great, now there is no “page” transition option coming in there…

that has been removed as it is not an actual option in the presentation framework being used. It should not have been there, thank you for pointing it out.

This fixes talked about in the previous comments and implemented in the demo have been submitted.

Japanese langage can not be entered in the demo.

At this time there is no support for special characters. Some may work, but if they do not then they do not. Sorry for the inconvenience. It is something that may be addressed in the next release, but it isn’t a priority at this time.

I have a question, with the intention to buy.

But, I wonder if a low priority?

When this problem is not resolved, it will sad by international user.

what is the question? And yes international characters is considered a low priority at this point as it doesn’t cause errors and will not be an issue for many people. Again sorry for the inconvenience

Trying to install, follow instructions, but there is no sign of any sql file to import

have you downloaded the updated version that was pushed just after you purchased the item? that version should have the SQL files in the root of the zip file.

Just downloaded again. No sql file

Could I add motion background to a slide?

what do you mean motion background, a video?

I have tried to install this, uploaded the mysql and updated the htaccess file and the configuration but when I log in to the directory I get a blank.

I am sending you a private message with details and if you can have a look I would be grateful.

Thanks for your help and it is duly running. There is a problem when a slide is edited as it seems to loose previous data.

I have taken a look but everything seems to be working. I created a test project and added some slides and it did in fact create the slides. Could you explain the issue a bit more.

Any plans to make it work with swiping rather than the nav in the bottom right?

open it up on a phone or mobile device and it does work with swiping.

Hello , I bougth your revealease-presentation-creator , but i have one problem. Everything works fine , except the editor. the editor dosent even appear , and no error is raised , what could it be ?

Thank you for your help.

This is usually an error with the contents of a slide messing with the html of the editor. Could you show me the html of the slide that is causing the break?

Hi ! Thanks for your reply … ok, the problem is that the editor doesn’t appear … even in a new slide … Right now I’m working in my localhost, so I cannot send you the URL , I haven’t yet upload it to production because I’m not able to make it work ! Can I send you a print screen ?

yes of course you may and i will do what i can. sorry for the delayed response.

Hello :) I like this tool i would like to buy it but want to wait till next update.

When will that be ?

What are you looking for in an update? Also, sorry for the delayed response.


I bought revealease app.

Unfortunately I have a problems with instalation.

I renamed example.config.php to config.php and fixed data: //site address define(‘DIR’, ’/revealease1.0.1.2/’); //**Required

//set a default language define(‘LANGUAGE_CODE’, ‘pl’);

define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql');
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
define('DB_NAME', 'przem');
define('DB_USER', 'przem');
define('DB_PASS', 'admin');
define('PREFIX', '');

and finally .htaccess: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /revealease1.0.1.2/

& an error appeared : An error occured, The error has been reported.

Can U help me ?

Best regards

Hello, please send an email to and I will help you to get everything working. In the email can you make note of the actual location of the script on your host as well as what you have put for DIR. I would also like to apologize for the lateness.

Hello, is there any project to make the same tool for wordpress ?

no and sorry for the inconvenience

hello all, what is it you like and dislike about this product?

Can I see a demo of this? The link seems to be dead

Hello, I buy this script yesterday but I can’t understant how to install. The included manual is old and the package contains 2 database scripts but in config.php have only settings for one database. I send email to but I don’t receive answer yet. I also send message from contact form. Can someone help me?

How can i see the demo? i`m interested

1. What is the export file format and is it possible to convert to PowerPoint (ppt)?

2. Can you add music to slides?

Hi, I have problems installing Http:// I do not know if it’s the .htaccess