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ok if you wait the plataform is dont.. ad im testing with diego contreras before release

Oh the comment is agin on review, man i was helping you first on buying you trhee licences, but manay month ago and there is nothing all your customers said the same thinks, man i was asking for the three refund that is all; I ask evanto to see all the comment, and i make all the sreen capture, of this , now i will make all my possible to have my money back, Youtube, forum, community, that is make a long month that you are playing, and nothing arrive, all the time promise, no update, nothing, so give me my money back for everything, thanks

I know everyone is butthurt over the update but lets be honest Half-Life 3 is in a longer wait.

last test with users on private server

tryzombie.. i dont know if everbody understand…i delayed because i made the twitter…not like not look like…its a server cluster ready with suport 300k online users/instance… im doing this for the people who belive on my work.. and to promote my work…because i really 24h on this

has full comunication usin typed arrays… and just 48kb to load first page… use dynamic data… has ads system impression organic system…thats im doing…

can you help me install on my hosting??

just sent an email!


thx who helped on tests today… only detail required to change is the size of stream scream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqhaD5FWHrs

teste page of new version… i will release on next 48 hours.. some features are not add on test because im working localy… but stream etc are working fine.. all features of videos https://rtk-social.firebaseapp.com/#!/home

sorry, this new demo link is working more bad then the old version..

ok, send new link when its done :)

other point.. u can see yout on stream on post.. just on modal.. to avoid webcam loop

i will sleep now but i can finish tomorrow…

Update ?

sefa … im working to finish today.. send message on skype

i will sleep now but i can finish tomorrow…

tomorrow is again two days ago

dude.. the program is currently finished..i will send to review and estart to change the instance.. im justing think if i will keep on google or change to aws

put the app i will deploy

Hello, When your new release is coming. Is your script is sure ?

yes is sure…i can sure is all tailored…. my technology.. next version like you can see on new test will rise thel level of social apps

OK, but when exactly ? Thanks a lot

im waiting the registered domain.. 48 houts… need https to webca

im out, sorry… everyday the same and no update.. have a good time byby

you are welcome

Y ahora dices que cuando lo actualices el precio subirá, todo eso para engañar la gente para que compre. Y eres un auténtico mentiroso. Y he visto el demo que tienes en Google y es la misma mierda. Solo digo a la gente quiere comprar este script que no lo hagan, porque no vale una mierda y nunca tendréis una actualización ni apoyo. Espero que te sienta bien mis 40$ pero aquí ya estas acabado…....

you will like the new version… the problem was you dont have the computer to run the code… is dificult handle you say this is my fault… my priority is the best application.. each release… and i will make this hard as need.

1-Work hosting shared? 2-Have app native android?

new link have more error is old

its a test server…dont have major of pages…i will change the review after aprove

the test is only for stream and video features

Need your help to make it work. I have tried everything!

i can help. new version is on pg 9.5

haha, still no update here after 10000 time saying tomorrow tomorrow tomorow..

Update is un queue for review, is now up to envato to aprove it and let you have your update.

Hi, i would like to buy your twitter script but loads of problems viewing on mobile browsers… can you fix them?

Really a shame nothing really works on your twitter script how is this script allowed to be published for sale!!!!!! :(