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Nice job, I like the idea you going for. Simple social interaction. Don’t bloat it up with to many additional features. Make that be a plugin option.

Take some time out and make a better material design, there are a few gui issues I noticed.

And don’t go to many hours without sleeping, it kills your brain cells won’t be any use if you slowly making yourself sick.

Gonna bookmark your script so I can follow future improvements and buy.


migration finished… video record in mp4/webm & stream tested earlier add and tested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H1sGexxMw4

Still NO update…But Hey, We Get Another Video! You Said You Were Finishing Migration 2 Weeks Ago? How About A Video Showing Us How To Get A Refund!!!

I’m working to do my best .. and no one is trying to do the same because of the level of difficulty. You paid for the script you purchased. As soon as you finish the update you will have the functions. Working alone sometimes we have to spend more time not to have unforeseen after the launch. The server that is online has never crashed and had no security bug in the last months because I gave due attention at the right time. Thank you for understanding

sir , iam tried for install it . i cannt do that js by windows give me tutorial install rethink js by windows ? i cannt buy again php coz already buy js file

Hi, I’m interested with it and would like to buy. Is it built on node.js server? what DB did you using, is it MongoDB? thanks.

Ah MySQL, sorry didn’t read the last paragraph on the item details.

i use postgresql

when u add live stream this apps ? is it possible unlimited broadcast ? which technology you using for live?

yes… i did,,on this update

i will update js tomorrow night and php saturday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK9WCfiD3mg

is it possible to integrate into an existing website?

please, will you integrate for me when i buy?

kind regards

we can talk…i need to undersantd better.. send a email to c.temer@outlook.com

i have sent you a mail, please check and reply


teste page of new version… i will release on next 48 hours.. some features are not add on test because im working localy… but stream etc are working fine.. all features of videos https://rtk-social.firebaseapp.com/#!/home

You’re doing good work, my friend. Don’t let the negative comments affect you. I know you’re trying hard. Keep up the good work! And, you are a very good person.

Thank you.

thax man..you are help me …its so hard keep push for quality

I understand man. Many people do not understand how tough it is to balance life and work and many things in a day. Don’t worry, you are doing really well. You have great work and great personality.

Good luck, God bless.

Hello, what version is prefered? PHP or JS? We are focused on node.js

js releases before php…..

Great, we have some custom tasks, can you help us with it? Yep, paid separately ofcourse.

Hello and Good Day, I have emailed you a note. I look forward to working with you to make this work for us.

Thank you in advance.

Mysql 5.7 not supported with cpanel users….