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Is it possible to preview the site. At this time, the screenshots shown are more applicable for a regular hardware retail shop, than a restaurant.

The script can be used for a restaurant or any small business that needs to keep track of sales. I have just created a demo page. Username and password is demo/demo. You can check it out here:

how abt printing recipts with each order :)

Yes, I have been thinking about adding this feature in a future update. Something simple like a date, list of items purchased, quantity and a total.

and even saving customer info

this looks great ! very useful :)

Wow. Very clever. I might buy this in the future.

if this intergrated with woocommerce – I would buy this instantly.

Hi. This is an interesting idea. Can you expand on it a little bit?

Hi great work, Before i buy can this script be modify just for only shopping list created by user only let me asap thanks..

this is intended to be used by the sales person or the servers to mark the sale


I love the idea of this plugin. I was recently asked by a client to make an ecommerce website that would act as a point of sales for their mobile sales team. Any member of the mobile sales team would be able to, while at trade shows, easily sell customers products with great tracking and reporting abilities.

I decided to do it with woocommerce but alot of customization has been needed. If this were a woocommerce plugin I believe it would be an instant success. Their is nothing like it on the market. Please see my proof of concept site to see more of what I mean. Send me an email through my profile page if you are interested in collaborating some more on this idea.

Proof of Concept Site:

I sent you a message.

Hi, your link is not working.

I am also very interested to find out more on what trafficprints was mentioning. Please let me know if it’s possible to work on this?


The demo link? It should be working, I just checked it. After you login you should see the Resto plugin on the left menu panel. Send me a PM for more info.


I like your online Rest Website, Just quick question before I buy,

How I can connect to Ms Access Database, I have two tables “Menu” and “Order Table”

I don,t need any payment option Just simple need to send order. I need to use local Intranet its a Small restaurant which already have Point of sale system. but I am looking to add couple of android tablets just for taking a order at table which send to my MS Access Database “order table” that table will send live info to Kitchen and POS.

Its just a kind of this copy my Menu info to cart and send back to order Table. So it will help waiter to take order and integrated to MY POS database. See how you can help me.


The “demo” user and password is not working. I need to try this plugin. Thanks

“demo” user and password is not working. I need to try this plugin. Thanks

Hey, so i tried your demo and was really excited for the simplicity, but, it’s just not working, in general at all. It’s not letting me add anything. I’d like to request a refund for this item if I can. Thanks for your help.


I am sorry this does not work out for you. You can create a new refund request and I will approve it. It is explained how to do it here: