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dear how can i fix this error ?? Could not build Objective-C module ‘GoogleMobileAds’

There is no option for push notification un-register. Sorry about that. Cheers!

can i disable it from capabilities ??? and how to change app name

Please take a look at my UserGuide. There is one section about it.

Strange Question! Where do you setup the backend? I already delivery backend source code. Moreover, I already provided for UserGuide also for installation and configuration. So, have you setup backend on your server? Which URLs are using at config.swift file? Cheers!

i just want to know if it in code or back end

Those content are coming from Backend via API call. Cheers!

Hi, can a restaurant has own logo and generate as its own app and put this on itunes?

Thanks for your reaching out. Yes, you could do like this and one of our client app are available on Apple App Store. Cheers!

reservation needs to be improved. number of people should be added. Number of people should be limited.

Noted with thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

Do I have to buy two iOS and Android app to have same backend? Because I would like to have backend as well as both platform apps.

Thanks for your reaching out. Yes, it is working as single for both platforms. Cheers!

Hi there, clients can pay with PayPal, ProntoPago, cards?

Thanks for your reaching out. Unfortunately, those Payment gateways are not available in our app. It is only support for Stripe. Cheers!

If I have three restaurants across the region, in which way I could obtain an app for every of them. Shoudl I buy 3 Regular licensee or 1 Extended?

Thanks for your reaching out. If you need to buy like 3 apps instance, please buy with only 1 extended license. Cheers!

Hello, i want to buy your app bro, but what is the different between regular and extended license ?

I’ll buy your app for my restaurant so i’ve to modify that app, like the logo, menu, database table, etc, “could i do that with regular license ? or i’ve to buy the extended license ?” Thank you

yeah, but how can the owner make sure that the customer has paid their order through the ATM or BANK Transfer ?

yeah, but how can the owner make sure that the customer has paid their order through the ATM or BANK Transfer ?

It is depend on the bank for how they notify to owner. Some banks are using email and sms notification. Cheers!

Сan I fill the application with content from Xml or json?

Thanks for your reaching out. Content from backend so you can manage from backend. Here is the demo backend

URL : http://www.panacea-soft.com/restaurateur-demo/index.php/login

Username : admin Password : admin