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In a multiple restaurant way how do restaurants get notified of orders?

Thanks for your purchased the app. Each restaurant got their own basket for checkout. So, when user submit order, it will notify to that restaurant only. Cheers!

Thanks… but how are they notified…email? text message? push notification?

Just email notify. Cheers!

You can easily make those emails go to one place parse them and send to 1 dashboard

Thanks for your reaching out. Sorry, I don’t get it what do you mean? Cheers!

How can I change the title on the home page ? anyone know ?

Thanks for your purchased the app. Could you show me as printscreen? Cheers!

Hi, Is it possible to have this app in Arabic language RTL design

Please update

Thanks for your reaching out. Honestly, I never tried for RTL design so it is hard to say for me. Sorry about that. Cheers!

Hello! I just read a tutorial on how to submit an app to App Store. It looks like there a lot of steps to do this and anything can go wrong. Do you a working example of some who used your product and published in the App Store? I run a wordpress with woocommerce website for my restaurant and I have zero experience with mobile apps. First I tried to find a mobile app on codecanyon that can connect to my woocommerce. I found something but the reviews were bad so I don’t intend to buy any of that products. I have two separate locations that I own, each with separate products to order so I think your product is ok for my needs. It looks very outdated and ugly but I guess it can do the job to let people order food from my delivery business. I’m concerned because there is ios 10.2.1 and I guess your product don’t support that. Or dose it? Also, I would like to know if it’s responsive. So users can use it on iphone 5, 6, 7 (standard or Plus models). Also, do you include full documentation from the point I buy your product > install it on my web host (I don’t own a VPS, just a normal low budget shared host) > customize the app with my business logo, name, colors > submit the app to AppStore? Also, are there other costs to achieve to publish the app other then buying your product? Thank you!

Thanks for your reaching out.

I don’t have the tutorial for app store submit process. You can take a look at Youtube and there are a lot of videos. Actually, the background concept is same although the app is different. You can try according those concept but please take note you might have apple developer account to publish on App Store.

My app support for iOS 10 and able to run on iPhones5,6,7 but app won’t work very outdated iOS version like iOS7.

My backend is should be fine with normal shared hosting. I am using DreamHost If you use other shared hosting, please make sure to enable CURL and SSL.

I could able to customize for logo, name, colors but not ok to submit app store for you.

There is no hidden cost but you need to buy apple developer account if you want to publish on App Store. It is not related with me.


Giving warnings when i run this App, *1 Response is fail. load all shops *1 Response is fail.

how can i get rid of this issue and other warnings ? please suggest

Thanks for your purchased the app. I believed that you didn’t provide correct API URL at Config.swift file. Actually, I already mentioned inside my UserGuide. Please take a look and try accordingly. Cheers!

Sure ,will have a look and get back on this , thanks

the back-end is showing a blank page! already created the database and updated the database.php file with database credentials. I’m using xampp- latest release.

Thanks for your purchased the app. Have you uploaded successfully for all files for backend? Actually, my backend didn’t use any special setting like .htaccess. So if your environment can run for default CodeIgniter, my backend also able to work well. Cheers!

Hi , can you please advise what value we need to enter in this code :

let dbName = "panacea.restaurateur"

My App is functioning properly but i am not sure if this will cause any issue ?

Please suggest

this issue occurs very randomly , i just asked to see if have missed anything , surely will send you a video record for this which can explain this more clearly and probably you can provide me more insight , thanks

I cannot find an option to upload video ? .....I have emailed it your email id teamps.is.cool@gmail.com

please check


Hey, I already saw your video. Actually, it is depend on your internet connection and device performance also. There is response time out value for server API call at my application. You could adjust that variable “static var timeoutInterval = 5” at Config.swift


Is this swift 3 compatible?

Thanks for your reaching out. Yes, it is support for Swift3. If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers!