Restaurateur Android (Full Application For Restaurant Platform)

Restaurateur Android (Full Application For Restaurant Platform)

Please be aware for “Extended License” of “Envato”

Release Note

Version : 1.0.7
Released Date : 1 Aug 2017
1) Bug Fixed for Add To Cart Logic
2) Bug Fixed for missing image for category, sub category and item.

#Effected Files For Android Studio
- modified:   restaurateur/
- modified:   activities/
- modified:   restaurateur/activities/
- modified:   restaurateur/activities/
- modified:   restaurateur/adapters/
- modified:   restaurateur/utilities/
- modified:   restaurateur/utilities/
- modified:   res/layout/activity_detail.xml
- modified:   res/values/strings.xml
- new : restaurateur/models/

Effected Files For Backend
- modified:   application/controllers/rest/items.php
- modified:   application/controllers/rest/shops.php
- modified:   application/controllers/rest/transactions.php
- modified:   application/models/attribute_detail.php
- modified:   application/models/feed.php
- modified:   application/views/transactions/list.php
- modified:   application/views/transactions/search.php

** These 2 new images are import to put uploads folder
- uploads/image_not_found_big.png
- uploads/image_not_found_small.png
Version : 1.0.6
Released Date : 12 Jun 2017
1) Fixed Sorting bug on Sub Category Page(Mobile).
2) Fixed for only one category crash(Mobile).
3) Fixed for gallery image popup navigation(Backend).

#Effected Files For Android
modified:   activities/
modified:   activities/
modified:   adapters/
modified:   adapters/
modified:   fragments/
deleted:    fragments/

#Effected Files For Backend
modified:   application/controllers/fileupload.php
modified:   application/views/items/gallery.php
Version : 1.0.5
Released Date : 6 May 2017
1) Total Amount With Item Attribute Calculation Bug Fixed
2) Favourite Items with Duplicate Data Bug Fixed
Version : 1.0.4
Released Date : 14 Mar 2017
1) Offline Data Caching (New Feature)
2) Animations & Transitions (New Feature)
3) Sorting (New Feature)
4) About App Page (New Feature)
5) Theme Based With 4 colors available (New Feature)
6) Other minor improvement for UI alignment.

Note : According those new features and improvement, most of files are effected.
Version : 1.0.3
Released Date : 13 Mar 2017
- Fixed for Stripe Dependency Version
Version : 1.0.2
Released Date : 12 Jan 2017
- System User Permission fixed from Backend
Version : 1.0.1
Released Date : 3 Jan 2017
1) Fix for Stripe Payment Integration because Stripe updated their policy. 
Version : 1.0.0
Released Date : 22 Aug 2016
# Android Application Features
1. Android Studio Application and supports for Android 4, 5,  6
2. Responsive solution for Android Phones and Tablets
3. Not only for Single Restaurant but also support for Multiple Restaurants
4. Start with Restaurants List (or) Map View
5. Search Using Keywords at Restaurants List  
6. Location Search Based on Current Location at MapView 
7. News Feed Slider For Selected Restaurateur 
8. Browse Categories, Sub Categories and Item Details Information
9. Item Attributes such as sizes or colors with different additional price
10. Add To Cart, Basket Management, Checkout For Food Ordering Feature
11. Payment Options (Stripe, Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer)
12. Normal Percentage Discount
13. Coupon Discount at Checkout Process
14. Shipping Method with flat rate
15. Reservation Feature to make the booking
16. User Profile to manage their information
17. Transactions History by Login User
18. Favourite Items from restaurant
19. Item Likes, Reviews, Stars Rating, Inquiries for User Feedback
20. Social Share on Facebook,Twitter and whatever by using Share Intent
21. Firebase Push Notification(FCM)
22. Able to change your own language at String Config File 
23. Firebase Analytics 
24. Firebase Crash Reporting

# Backend Features
1. Super Admin can manage for all restaurants from the system
2. Different restaurant with own admin account to manage only their restaurant
3. Categories, Sub Categories, Items CRUD for each resturant
4. Item attributes CRUD to support different attribute with different additional price
5. Normal percentage discounts CRUD
6. Coupon Discounts CRUD
7. News Feeds CRUD for promotions and discount information
8. Manage user feedback for Likes, Reviews, Ratings, Favourites, Inquiries, Contact Message
9. Reservation Management
10. Transactions Report
11. Data Analytics Using Google Chart API
12. Language config file for localization
13. Sending Push Notification From Backend
14. Location Picker Map Integration  

# APIs Integration
1. Using RestFul API
2. Using JSON to transfer data in between Mobile App and Backend 


Q) Will work with Eclipse?
A) No. Because this application is using gradle and Android Studio.

Q) Is it complied with Material Design?

Q) What kind of Android versions are backward compatibility?
A)Yes, App is not only support for latest Android5 & 6 but also will work with Android 3 and Android 4 as backward compatibility.

Q) How is Push Notification?
A)Yes, there is push notification feature using Firebase. User can register their device token from App then Super Admin User could send Push Message from Backend to all those registered devices.

Q) It is included Backend & API as together?
A)Yes, you can manage all content from Backend and then RESTFul API will transfer data in between App and Backend.

Q) Do I need to know programming to modify the app?
A)Yes especially Android Java and CodeIgniter.

Q) Will you do online/remote support at user working environment?
A)No, you may need to setup yourself for your working environment.

All those features are ready to start and good enough for your full application development and customization. If you want to know more about it, please drop message to

Found Any Bugs? No worry at all. Please report to Appreciates it.

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