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the items do not add to cart in demo> Please check


I have just checked it
It is working fine.
Please check this video:

Thank you.

I checked it on two computers. It works in firefox but does not work in chrome. In chrome even i checked in tablet. It works on mobile chrome. There is for sure some problem. Please check. I want to buy this script. Thanks


I got the issue now.
Actually it is having issues with the Frame which Envato is using to show our product. It is not product issue.
You can check the real website link:
It is working just fine

Thank you. Where are the two bottom files located exactly?

Got it

Thanks for letting me know

No worries!!

Have a nice day. Is there a multi restaurant version of this platform? I’ll buy it.

You mean, Admin can add multiple restaurants ?
Currently it is not available.

can you add call waiter feature

Thanks for the suggestions. I have taken this in note.

Hi, please let me know when PWA feature will be available. Thanks.

Hi promovisiontv,

I am sorry, we cannot promise about any ETA.
But we will bring one

Thank you.

can we print different dishes to different kitchen

Sorry, this feature is not available currently.
But I am not fully clear about the feature
Can you please elaborate it more
I would love to take this in future update note.

Is there a way to bulk import restaurants into the website, please?

Thank you.
I am also interested in your other script “PlusAgency”, will send you an email at

I have just sent you an email to

Please check your mail.
Thank you.

Hi. Do you plan to add time-specific menu capability, such as lunch-only menu? Many of our restaurant clients have lunch-only menu, and we’d like to recommend your app to them. Thanks!

Hi j007w,

I think you can add lunch only food items from this existing system
Can you please mention what extra features can be added for that purpose

Thank you.

Hi there. Thanks for your quick reply – just read it. What I meant is that whether a restaurant can add a lunch-menu that is only valid for ordering from, let’s say, 11PM to 2PM. In other words, a menu that is time-based so end users won’t be able to order lunch items during dinner time, for instance. Are you saying your product can do this already? Thanks again.

Sorry, no this is not available yet. But I can note this wonderful feature for future updates.
Thanks for the suggestions.


is there a VAT/TAX system in it?

Hi likedevelopment,

Yes , it has TAX option
You can add tax for each item category from Admin
Please watch this screenshot:

Thank you.

Hello I am interested in purchase your product, have some questions:

I want to use this script to sell meat, chicken, fish, but not as a restaurant, more as a store but with, delivery, online purchase, so can I change the al text related to “restaurant” to store?

Also, can recipes can be printed to in order to give them to customers?

Also, can I as admin or someone form my team can add a sale form dashboard? For example if someone comes to the store make the sale on the store.

Can you please explain a little more about notifications? I would like to know for example wen a new order is created how are we going to know that there is a new order? Is sound, pop up notification message? Or how.

Also, can you please tell me how does delivery system work?

Basically I need to have the option for customers order online, delivery system, print receipt, the option to sale in the store: example, if someone purchases on the store have the option to register a sale.

I am selling food but not as a restaurant need to change the word “restaurant” for other like “store”, one more important thing is:

because the order has to be sent as soon as is required I need a good notification system, not to be refreshing page as a pop-up message or something like that.

And other important thing, need the delivery system to be able to assign a person once the product is ready to send, he changes status to in delivery, then after is delivered change to complete, does it works like this?

Hi ,

=> Yes, you can change the words of the website from ‘Language Management’ in Admin

=> recipes are not shown here. We have generated a invoice of ordered foods which can be printed.

=> Sales cannot be added by Admin

=> On a new order, there will be a notification sound & a popup in Admin Panel. The orders will be auto refreshed to show the new order without page reload.

=> Sorry, delivery system does not work like that. You cannot assign to any person. You can change the status of the delivery.

Thank you

Hi i would like to clarify the following three points before purchasing: 1- your menu is supporting 2 language menu ( Arabic & English ) so the customer can choose between them 2- is it possible to have arabic version with RTL for the backend Also (Admin) where the user can change 3- whu when the customer scan the QR, he cant cahnge the menu language same as the website

Hi KreativDev, The sound looks good. the language dropdown after QR scan, is very important to me to purchase the software. the Admin RTL i can wait till you include in your next update or any time, it is not a major matter for me but it will be added value for you to get the middle east customers. once the drop down is done after the QR scan, notify me through email maged.fathi.abdelaziz@gmail i will buy on the same day.

the following is the QR Menu Link for English Version: can you share the arabic link till you build it as a dropdown language? and kindly tell me when can u build it

Hi magedfathiabdelaziz,

I am sorry this in demo version, we cannot change the default language
We will add dropdown in next update
I am sorry, I cannot promise about an update arrival date

Thank you.

Hi, is it possible to know when update with a PWA will come out? Thank you

I am sorry. I cannot give an date. But probably PWA will come as a different item which will be linked to Superv. In technical terms, PWA will use Superv API.

hiero69 Purchased

Hi, Some foods have very long preparation times You could add the option on some items so that the user has to order them at least two or one days in advance. Thank you.

Hi hiero69,

I think this can be done though the existing system ?
Do you have any suggestion what extra features can be implemented for that purpose ?

Thank you.

hiero69 Purchased

Hi, Each product may have an option for Order Limit on Time slot. If the customer selects the time, which time slot already crosses the order limit and try to place an order the customer will get a warning to change the time slot.

Thank you.

Hi hiero69,

Thanks for your suggestions
I noted it
Can you please share your mail address here
In future , If we add this feature , then we may need your help

Thank you.


AdiRasho Purchased

Hi, this prodect hat issu and cookies I try all the steps in the good way but until now not working there is aproblem with license if you can send me the projekt inbox it will be perfect (

Hi AdiRasho,

DO you mean, you are facing issue with the installation ?
In that case, you need to open a support ticket here:

Thank you.

Pre Sale Questions


It is auto print available now?

And is below scenarios possible?

Scenario 1 – Customer scan QR code to read the menu and order from the menu. The order will appear on the Waiter mobile app, with audio notification and push notification. The waiter click on the order to review and confirm with the customer. The waiter can edit the order if require. The waiter click approve, the order is auto print out from the kitchen printer. If the customer does not want to self order, they can request waiter from the QR code menu Request waiter button. Waiter will get a ping notification

Scenario 2 – Waiter can take order from the customer using waiter app and it will print out to kitchen printer.

Scenario 3 – Admin switch of require waiter to approve order. Customer will order from QR code, the order will auto print out into the kitchen printer.

Hi connectus,

I read all the features. Unfortunately, these are not available right now.
But I taken this in note
If possible we will try to implement

Thank you.

Hello is it possible to choose only some date and time, when guest choose to pick up? like in delivery?

Hi stevenminisini,

Currently this option is not available
But I have noted it for future update

Thank you.

Do i can add google adsense ?

Hi lordswolverine,

Sorry, this feature is not available currently
But I noted it
Hopefully we will add it in future updates.

Thank you.