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when you will update? thanks


hey will update soon.

hai… i interest with this aplication, but how i can change curency ?

please check your email Thanks.

costumer can add his address with map location ?

Sir this feature isn’t In this application right now .

Hi, I’ve purchased but I can’t get the Admin interface installed? is it PHP?

Hello sir, This app is in jsp not developed in php so you need to import using eclipse iDE build and run or upload to any Java tomcat server.


madarit Purchased

I’ve purchased but I can’t get code for PHP and my server hosting not support jsp file . what i will do now ?

Hello, Thankyou for purchasing and this app is in jsp if you want information regarding php version you can contact at info@loadingworld.com

Can it except other currencies? How do you install the system? Can you set up the installation and if so how much ?

Hey, Yes currency can be changed also for installation contact info@loadingworld.com


AbbKiga Purchased

Hello, any soon update? or even another new restaurant app? i trust your code. Thanks

Please check your email thanks


AbbKiga Purchased

where is that pro version?!

Please follow email for more details. Thanks

plz check ur email… my email id-jsharanya@yahoo.com. plz send me the full installation procedure.

sent you email.

Are there any new updates coming soon. It’s been a while since this was released, an update would be great.

Thank you

Hello, Thanks for asking yes there will be an update soon :)

i recently bought your app. the only problem i am having as of now is to import the sdwebimage framework again. could you guide me through it since the documentation didnt provide enough guidance

Hello, can you please tell me your license code because i didn’t see you in buyer list Thanks.

Hi, i would like to know more details about the setting up the whole project and is there any possibility, if you can help me in customization the product?? looking forward to hear, tq

Hey, You need Apache tomcat server with mysql to setup this project web backend in you pc localhost that also work intranet based using static IP address. Yes I can do customization if needed please contact info@loadingworld.com regarding this Thanks.

hello my friend u there

hey, yes i’m here


AbbKiga Purchased

Hello, Whats new in the update?

Update/Migrate Android App Eclipse to Android Studio. Upgrade IOS app for Latest IOS versions Change Currency Sign to Dollar Adjustments some minor issues in web backend


AbbKiga Purchased

Thanks a lot, Very Important

Is there a provision to support other languages than English?

Not now but that will be added in future update.

This is absolutely app that I’m looking for, but I have some question before I decide to buy it.

First, can I edit the app with Android Studio 3.0? Second, can I edit the information of Admin Panel page? And the page is my own?

Thank you,


Hello, yes you can edit this app with android studio and can also change admin panel whatever modification you want to do because when you buy you’ll get complete source code.Thanks

Great! I’ll buy it right. I love the way you work. Responded is very fast. Thanks :D

You’re welcome

Do you plan to invest in improving control panel and app design? the system and the ap is very simple and easy to use, but its appearance is very ugly and old-fashioned. I think if it was more beautiful it would sell a lot more. I am UI / UX Interface Designer if you want I can help improve this

Thanks for your suggestion I’ll keep that in mind :)

This app is very cool. I think I need this app, but does it have notification sound for call waiter?

Yes this application have sound notification for call waiter.

Thank you for replying. I’ll have it now.

Hello there! I’m very interested about this app, but I want to create another one that looks the same this app. I’m looking for someone to help me do that. Are you available for hiring?

We also do freelance work

sent Email you. Thanks

check your email thanks :)

Hello there… i am looking for ios and android app aswell for my restaurant so people can order food for delivery or collection is that something that i can do with this code that youre selling? Also will it run on a normal linux server ?

hello, thank you for contacting us, yes this app can be customize for app delivery you can get complete source code when you buy it. this app runs on Apache tomcat server that can be install on Linux server from your hosting provider. Thanks :)