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Hi Sir/Maam,

I am interested to purchased your application, however I have some few question before I purchase.

Will you give me the source code of the app?
Is it come with a server too?
How can I edit the menu and the price, image, etc?
Will you give a 1 week trial?

Thanks in advance for answering my question, I just notify if I have some question.


Joseph Tatel

Can you please clarify these question ASAP so I can buy your app (I will buy it as long as your answer all my question)

(1)Where does the app develop? the Mobile app and the Server. (2)You do you give the whole code from mobile up to server? (3)What database use? and how it work? (4)Will you do a tutorial guide on how to modify the app with picture is possible? (5)What application do I need to download to run the app? (6)How can I install the app using Intranet so it will be based on local server so that the app only work when you are in restaurant and connected to restaurant server. (7)Can I change the Login Image? and Icon? and can I also change the app name? (8)How can I be sure that this is not a scam? (9)Can I change currency to Philippine Peso?

okay sure 1.Both android and web App are developed in Eclipse IDE 2.Yes we provide whole source code when you buy 3.We use MYSQL database 4.there is no tutorial provided regarding modify app 5.You need Eclipse IDE, Apache Tomcat, xammp server for MYSQL and androidSDK 6.you can install intranet based too. 7.yes you can change anything you want to login image can be changed. 8.hahahahaha why are you saying this is a scam? 9.As i said you can change anything you want currency too.

About the development can I import it to android studio? And I wish when I purchase this app you will not left me hanging if I encounter problem.

hi i have purchased your app with backend and i can not figure it out how to use it

can you please help me to sort it out

i just need the apk and iso file i need the backend my local computer please email me abidkassam@gmail.com


installation for web admin panel is also provided in that file.

please check you email and get back to me

Sent you email

im interested to buy your app..but i have a question..how can i print the receipt on the printer


Thankyou for taking interest in our application you can generate recipt from billed orders and can print that recipt to your thermal printer

i wanna buy item but; how can translate to turkish how can edit apk

Hello, You can translate this to Turkish language you’ll get source code when you buy do you can edit anything you want.

does it have payment option like paypal?

No dear this app didn’t have PayPal option now but if you want to you can integrate in code.

We want to use this app for our customers to order online. We dont want waiter id and table id to show to customers, how do we manage it ?

Hello, Thankyou so much for taking interest in our application when you buy you’ll get complete source code so you can customise application for online order if you want or contact at Info@loadingworld.com for freelance work.

Pre Sale Question : is this app work with all the future Anroid version ? like android 7 is running,

Yes this app will work for all android versions.

Hello loadingworld, I liked your app a lot.I have few questions before buying it.Can you tell me 1. Technology used for admin panel is php or java 2. Also if i buy the product..will you help me installing the app. thanks

Hello, Thankyou so much for taking interest in our application and your answers are follow below. 1-Technology used for admin panel is JAVA (JSP) 2-i can send you installation guide(DOC or video)

Thanks again

Do you intend on creating any new features or updates… Does this work with the new ios?

Also, can there be multiple food options added to each food item? I have a client that every dish has additional food options. For instance, one pasta dish has 4 meat options all with different prices and also has vegetable options. Basically build your own dish

Hello, Right now we didn’t plan on adding new features and yes this work with ios 9

yes multiple food option can be added you need to contact info@loadingworld.com regarding custom work. Thanks

Hello, I have purchased this app right now. It seems that it is Eclipse code and no Android Studio project included. Could you please provide Android Studio code for this project, since I do not know anything about Eclipe! One other question, please, do you have a PHP code for backend site (for Android version..). Thank you very much for a fast help! I cannot try the code as long as you send me instructions and Android Studio code! Thanks!

Hello, I cannot full test you app!

I could import the app into android studio, everything is ok, I can buld apk.

I have problems setting the server (Apache Tomcat), I have a couple of questions, please: 1. I have already Apache HTTP server running (Apache 2.4.18 in wamp, NO Tomcat), how can I do to work with your files, is it possible with my Apache version (No Tomcat) 2. Which folders exactly do I have to copy inside htdocs folder? 3. If not possible to copy folders, is it possible to copy only the web_service folder from inside ios-code and use these webservices (of course without having the admin site..)

Many thanks in advance for helping me! Please answer, I cannot test you app! Thanks!

check email thanks :)

Does the project supports iOS 10

Hello, when you make update? thanks

Will update soon.

Hello, would you have the admin, php? Do you have any video how to install?

Hello, No we don’t have admin in php for video installation please provide your email or contact at info@loadingworld.com Thanks

Hello Loadingworld i just sent you an email.. and i am expecting a reply so that i could go on ahead to purchase the product. Thank you

Hello, Please check email thanks.

thanks, i got your mail, and i asked one more question, but i haven’t gotten your reply yet.

Hi Loadingworld. I sent you an email for installation problem, no response. I installed MySQL, Tomcat and Eclipse. I also created database ‘Restaurant’, but how can I run the RestarantAdmin and RestaurantMobile application? I put them into Eclipse and try to ‘Run As’ server application, get many errors. Please help!

Email: garretDOTzhangAThotmailDOTcom

I am quite new for MySQL/TomCat server development. I would appreciate if you can provide a step by step installation guide. The one in the package is too general for me to follow. Thanks.

sent you email

hello, that is for demonstration purpose please contact info@loadingworld.com if you are looking for a QR app. Thanks

Hello guys.. i already purchased the software yesterday. and when i tried to run it in my xcode i got a couple of errors i need help please.

Please contact or share your email address at info@loadingworld.com Thanks

Please check your email thanks.

Hi, I want to buy your code. but can you convert for make it for IOS 10 & Swift 3?

Hello, Thank you so much for taking interest in our application yes that can be possible please contact info@loadingworld.com regarding conversion.


Arch1e Purchased

Ow my god, why i didnt check the comments before buy! :( Is there a Admin panel in php or not gonna happen? I only buy the product for the admin.

please check your email Thanks