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its the same as your hotel template.just reskinned? why should i buy this one.

Hello, Thank your for your comment. The menu is the same but is a different functionality, and developed for the restaurant not for hotels. Too see the functionality reed the descriptions. If you do not like it do not buy it.

I like your projects and may purchase this one. A tip for future projects might be to include a video page. I noticed a lot of Apps focus on images and galleries which is fine, but I’m sure if one adds video capabilities it could help differentiate and take your Apps to the next level. If I buy this, I’ll be adding my own video extension, but just thought I’d make a recommendation. Thanks and again nice job on the clean looking Apps.

Hi, thanks for your comment good observation, I like your idea, the port to add this functionality in a future update. Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I bought your app today and it’s 95% perfect. The photos in the Menu section come and go when you scroll up and down. It then takes a few seconds for them to populate back into the menu. It’s probably because they are constantly being pulled from the XML file? Not sure, but other than that one thing everything else is great. Thanks very much.

Hi, thank you. the app is 100% the XML file is located outside of the app in your server it will be a second charge for the photos also it depends on the size of the photos that you enter the server. You can see this in the “video preview” in this page Envato. If you have any questions please contact us at support contact@unostile.com

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi thank you very much!!

hello there! have you got something similar for wordpress..i’e as a plugin/widget?

Hi, no only for Xcode.


Is this written in Objective-C or Swift?


Xcode 6 Objective-C no Swift. De nada!

is it possible for u to add shopping cart to it.. we will pay separately for it?

Contact me here thanks contact@unostile.com

hello guys , i did not find the tutorial video . can you please help ?

You can find video and images to change the template folder support. For other questions send me an email to contac@unostile.com Thanks

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing this licence. Quick question – is it possible to add multiple locations on the map? Such as having several branches for the same restaurant chain? Thanks!

..sent an email to support with other questions. Thanks!

Yes it’s possible

For other questions send me an email to contact@unostile.com Thanks


Great app – Please can i run it on the iPad and can be add the images and prices update throw admin panel or online,

Please advise me


Thank you! The application can be clearly seen sull’iPad, however, it was not made for this. The application can be updated online with a simple XML that you will find in the project. Other questions contact@unostile.com

Your support tab is not showing. I’d like to understand the external dependencies before buying. Any future thoughts of using CloudKit as the backend? It has a natural ability for a rough admin utility (upload files, change descriptions of data, real time integration, etc.). Please let me know if that is something you’re already planning so I don’t reinvent the wheel.

Change, Price, Photo and description via simple XML files, Contact me here thanks contact@unostile.com

Hi,, thanx for your nice template,, can i change the slider menu image from the XML also,,??

hi, thanks!! sorry for the delay, I was on vacation, the menu of the slider images are changed from Xcode, not from XML. Other questions contact me here thanks contact@unostile.com

Hello i would like to buy this template but need a little bit changes and also upgrade it to xcode 8 and ios 10.1 atleast

Hi no problem I will contact with you immediately.

please its a urgent need contact me asap

Also looking for a newer version of xcode and ios

you send me an email to contact@unostile.com, I will send you the Xcode 8 version. Thank you

Hi Is it possible to have this app in Arabic language RTL design

Thank you

is this compatible with xcode 8.0 ??