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Hi, after following the start guide in regards to firebase, I am just getting a blank page. Any thought on that? I added the api key the authdomain and the databaseURL but nothing.

thank you it worked..now the takeaway order doesn’t use the restaurant email instead it uses the customers email..any idea?

Nevermind I fixed it, just had to change the destination.email to restaurant.email in the order-processor


satsalou Author Team

Hi, correct. Happy you found the solution.

Hello, i want to buy your produkt and now i have a question – can i make 2 mobile apps to my bisiness websites? One of them is to sale limousines, and another is to sale restourant. Or your app is only added to one website? Thanks.


in addition to what satsalou mentioned you are having always the option to purchase the Extended license which grants you the permission to create an unlimited number of apps


satsalou Author Team

Kazan, you may be a little confused about the two licences (regular and extended) that you can buy. Please, let me clarify that if you want to create 2 end products you must buy 2 licences either regular or extended. The main difference between the two licences is that if you plan to sell your end product you must buy the extended licence instead of the regular one.

I understand, thanks

can i change this app to sell clothes instead of food? is it require high amount of coding skill to be able to do it?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, you could do that though it all depends on your coding skills. In general, this is not recommended for very inexperienced persons.

Hi – I am getting a blank white screen with 404 not found error for Firebaseio url on Android. Any way to fix this?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, did you set the Firebase permissions as described in the “Set Database Permissions” section in the Start Guide?

Just purchased. We are planning to use it as in-house order app. So how could we disable the ‘user address info’ and add ‘table number’ in the ‘ORDER page? Thanks.

Ok, I figure out the ‘Local’ means store the json files inside of phone app. But still don’t know how to store the images. How should I store the product images? For remote, I probably should upload them to firebase or Amazon, and change the url. I noticed the app is slow whenever it download the product images. What should I do? store them at ‘Local’? How can I store images at ‘Local’?

No response?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, we make our best to provide support in 24 hours from receiving your request so we hope our answer reaches you fast enough. Regarding your questions, it is up to you where you want to store the images. Of course, it needs to be a location somewhere in the files of the app. We already use misc folder for that reason as the app makes use of the JSON files in that folder when the data provider is “LOCAL”. However, there are two points that need your attention; 1. If you want to have all the product images locally in the app files, there is a chance that the app will increase in size a lot. 2. Wherever you decide to place your images, make sure that they are copied in the www folder during the build process. This is already configured in the Gruntfile.js file for the misc folder, thus, if you do not want to bother with that you can use the misc folder for storing your images.

Hello,I wanted to say that your application is fine and I congratulate you. But before I buy I would like to know if the admin panel is available in several languages. French for example. Does the finished product for Android and IOS account for one or two licenses to buy? Thanks for your answer


satsalou Author Team

Hi, this app uses Firebase as backend and, since this is a third-party backend, it cannot be translated into other languages. Also, each license you buy it refers to one END product. This means that if you create an app for one restaurant both Android and iOS versions are covered by the same license. However, if you want to make an app for a second restaurant, you must buy a second license.

My friend! I want to change email address which app used to send confirmation of order to costumer (now its support@appseed.io)... How to do it?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, you can change restaurant.email to destination.email for Dine In and Take Away methods, and restaurantEmail to deliveryData.email for Home Delivery in the restaurant-order-processor.js file under the scripts/delivery path.

This app is disappointing. I like the UI, but can I say this app is kind of useless?

The main thing for a restaurant is uploading and editing the food menu. But in order to do that, you need to create your all cat-a/b/c/d/e/f json files, find a place to store your json files, and a place to store the images (with url link), and then you have to go back to your source code to change all of your links.

Yes, you don’t need to know programming, but you have to repeat the above steps every time you need to add a single item in your food menu.

Hi, first thing first, let us thank you for gave a try to our product and share your experience with us.

This product is not designed to work with any particular back end system. Is a fully working mobile app ready to consume content for a set of different sources.

There are many ways to take the best of this app. Prepare the catalog and pack the related files within the app and provide an offline experience. Connect the app with an existing back end system, by using the structure of the json files as a point if reference. Use Firebase. All these while are providing a great flexibility, are requiring you to take care of the back end schema and infrastructure.

On the flip side of that we are providing a similar solution covered by our back end system we have developed.


According to your description this seems a more reasonable choice for you. Please follow the related link and create a free account in our back end. The you could evaluate it and share again your feedback with us.

Bear also in mind that if this app, you have purchased, is not covering your needs you could ask for a full refund. This is supported by envato. We could handled also manually through PayPal.

Thank you again Stavros


redan Purchased



satsalou Author Team

Hi, I am not sure if I understand your comment. Could you try to rephrase, please?

Hi, does the app support any credit card payment or Paypal? If doesn’t, can you provide the service to add the feature on?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, the app does not provide any card payment. However, if you are interested in implementing such a feature, we do provide a card payment example with Stripe in our Barebone Ionic app https://codecanyon.net/item/barebone-ionic-full-application/11565196

Does this use TypeScript or pure JS?

Hi, this app uses pure JS.

Hi, can I ask you a few questions ?

1. Are you using ionic and cordova to build this app ?

2. Can I edit the coding to change the food menu ?

3. Can I change the coding of the firebase or do you providing the source code of the database ?

4. If someone order the foods, can the restaurant print the order receipt ?

Hi, thanks for your interest in buying our product.
1. This app is based on Cordova and Ionic. Thus, you can use either Cordova CLI or Ionic CLI to build it.
2. You can edit any part of the code and adapt it to your needs.
3. This app uses Firebase as a backend/database. We provide an example JSON file with sample data to import in your Firebase project as a starting point. You can alter this file to include your own data or use the Firebase UI to make any changes to your data.
4. The app sends the order to the business email. You could print the order from the email using the browser’s print functionality.

hi, i am unable to setup the application. when i run ./install.sh command, after a while, i get the following error

....../package.json: Unexpected token ] in JSON at position 3430 Warning: Task “build” not found. Use—force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

Please i need help with this.

tried your suggestion, now i get this error Warning:/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.0/usr/lib/ruby/2.0.0/universal-darwin15/rbconfig.rb:213: warning: Insecure world writable dir /usr/local in PATH, mode 040777 Error: File to import not found or unreadable: ../bower_components/ionic/scss/ionic. on line 67 of app/styles/main.scss Use --trace for backtrace. Use --force to continue. Aborted due to warnings.
There’s also this message Warning: Task "platform:add:ios" failed. Use --force to continue.

Please, run “bower install” and share the output with us.

Do you guys have any plans to update this to ionic 2 or create a new product similar to this with ionic 2?

Hi, Ionic 2 has been stable for a few months now.

Hi, Ionic 2 is still in its RC stage. Yesterday they released RC6 version. Please, find more details in their official Github repo: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/

Actually, few hours after RC6 released, Ionic 2.0 final release was announced too.

Hi, Could you please advise me if your app supporting RTL mode or not?

Thank you,


satsalou Author Team

Hi, this app does not have the infrastructure to support multiple languages. However, you could follow the tutorial below to add it: https://medium.com/appseed-io/internationalize-and-localize-your-ionic-application-e16b4db1907b. Nevertheless, you will need to make one extra step in order to add RTL support. A tutorial on this is the following one: https://coderwall.com/p/jl3zyw/angular-internationalisation-adding-rtl-support

hai,,,, how to i can try the admin panel ?

i try order in aplication, restaurant is closed…


satsalou Author Team

Hi, this is because the opening hours of the demo restaurant have been set so you placed your order outside its opening hours. This is just to demonstrate the feature of not allowing the user to place their orders when the restaurant is closed. Also, this app uses Firebase as its backend. In order to learn more on how to use Firebase, please, download the Start Guide and read the”Firebase” section. You can find the Start Guide on the “Item details” tab: https://codecanyon.net/item/restaurant-ionic-full-application-with-firebase-backend/14680675