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Thanks for the great work, Just wanted to know before buying it if its an mobile application or its a website for mobile devices. Thank you

Hello, This is a complete application for iphone.


what are the requirements to update and customize this app? I have a restaurant

Hello, to modify the application you must have a Mac and Xcode.

If you need an application for your restaurant, we also work as a freelancer, with distribution on the AppStore included.

Contact us at

Where to change the text from the menu items? Like pizza etc??

Hi, use the StoryBoard.. Regards

hello. with this application, is it possible to make reservations online?

Hi, this app is going well on ios 7? Regards.

Hi, no for now… Sorry

Hello, is there a push notification in the app Thanks

Hello everyone, we apologize to all if no one has replied lately. We had some problems.

Many thanks to all those who appreciate our files.

Hello, is it working with iOS 7? Thanks

Hello, is it working with iOS 7? Thanks

Great app.

Few questions tho.

1. Can the reserve seats part be , select email booking or text booking.

2. If text booking ( SMS ) be used, could you show us how. Plus could you code this feature including the select option to allow users to choose email or SMS your booking. I will pay.

3. I have mac and I have Xcode, but no idea how to use. I think I need dev licence to publish an app. Can you provide some links.

My best mate loves your app, so I wanna build it for him. I am assuming I can change every facet. Is it avail on android too? Not that it matters enormously.

Keep up great work, Australia

Couple of questions;

1. Can I add more Menu items? 2. Any possibility of getting this app for iPad?

It is a Great App, look wonderful 99%, except the prices are not align, easy task for you. Further it would be more better if this App can be Edit by external XML file, such as Menu’s, Header, Color, Tel, Address and etc. I will sure come back to see you next App. :-) Such as some of the App’s on Envato with Marketing like this: “no need to open FlashBuilder! Everything is configurable via XML”

Questions. 1. Does this app work for other country like us, Mexico, Canada Europe etc. 2. Does this app shows waiting time( some restaurant are busy need to wait to get a table) 3. Displays Restaurant Menu 4. Can reserve table? 5. Display deal of the day etc 6. Does it show near by restaurant?

hello do you also have android version

android version?

hi do you have loyal points for customer as if customer buys he get points then he can use this point to get a discount ‘thanks