Foodilia - Food Delivery Android Solution

Foodilia - Food Delivery Android Solution


A complete Local shopping application. Applicable to food ordering, Grocery stores, Bakery or any other kind of local store.

Application has designed to be deployed and run easily with fewest commands as possible.

food delivery 1 food delivery 2 food delivery 3


  • A powerful CMS Adaptive to Main Provider Managers and Vendor
  • Define Vendor Categories and Vendors
  • Create managers for vendors to access their CMS
  • Define Item Categories & Items for vendors (Both Vendor & admin are able to do it)
  • Create User roles with restricted access to sections of the CMS
  • Order Deck makes management and assignment of orders to different players easy as one click
  • Define Deliverers of each vendor and their credentials for deliverer app to track orders (Deliverer App sold separately)
  • See system user’s information (Main Admin only)
  • Native Material Design 2.0 Mobile App for Ordering and payment of order.
  • Extensive Filter & Search for Vendors in Mobile App
  • Track order status from inside the app.
  • See Active Offers banners defined by Admin or Vendor in CMS.

What it offers more

  • Fast & Reliable tech stack (Node.js, Express.js,
  • CMS developed in Angular 9.0
  • Containerized using Docker which makes deployment easy as one command.
  • Security was a concern hence using the power of One-Time JWT authentication it offers standard for important socket paths without compromising on performance.


  • It would be easier to run the app on a Docker Ready environment. It would be possible to run the app on any other VPS as long as you have root access to install Docker.


  • Delivery Application (Link)

Live Demo