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MrMilan Purchased

Please Decrypt view.php because i can’t change text button name (Add Restourant) Wrong Spelling

send me cpanel details on freaktemplate@gmail.com. its working perfectly just issues about configuration with server.


MrMilan Purchased

already send all issues.please check your mail and reply fast.

Did you received reply ?

Hi there, I see you have a great job but I wanted to login to your demo server for looking into backend and found that the link is broken! Could you kindly check? Many thanks!

Sorry i can not allow access but you can check videos, its same

will you provide full code for both? like application and server?

by making some changes can i upload it to playstore?

Pre purchase questions;

  • How can I modify template of app with my own logo, translation etc
  • What requirements are there for hosting the backend
  • Is backend compatible with data-import, f. ex .csv import?
  • Can this backend also communicate with a website?

1. When you purchase app, you will get help documentation within it,
2. PHP server with
3. No
4. Need customisation for this

On your app the user can book a table. Now can a client order a pick up from the menu of the restaurant selected??? I am fine to pay extra. Let me know please. abdelhosni@gmail.com

Order pickup is not there, for that you need to add customisation

Sql Error when importing the database file

Also google sign in doesnt work

I emailed you problems with the app

for google signin you need to create another key as per your package name, i will reply on mail

Hi I bought from you this program but there are many problems and it would be correct if you helped solve these problems

yes sure, take screen shot of errors and send me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

I send it to your freaktemplate@gmail.com

Hi can you add on for commssion…i mean admin can charger each order..

mail me your detailed concept on freaktemplate@gmail.com i will check and reply.

Hello, I want to buy the app from Ios and Android, but I would like to know how much would cost a web to communicate with the app to serve as a back end, so anyone who registers on the web and announces replicate in the app

send me more details for customisation on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Hola, quiero saber si la App esta en español y si los restaurantes salen por ubicación

No the app is in english, but you can convert to spanish


Mahkam Purchased

Hi, sorry the demo test apk is not working, i installed it but it is not workin correctly

i will check and let you know


Mahkam Purchased

When i launch demo apk it says “there is no data”, and when i try to authorise it says “the id or password is incorrect”

there is issue with my domain, please update admin panel in your domain and run app, its working, there is no issue in code,

if you need any help installing in your server, mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with cpanel details.

Hi, I send you an email about the doubts of the APP and I have not received a response. My question is if I can add the munu and place an order

You need to customise application for menu and place order, if you are technical enough to do this, otherwise mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation request.

SQL Error at install: #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tbl_food` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, ’ at line 14

Wrote you the server details per email! :-)

Did you recieve? Kind regards,

Please respond to our ticket, urgent… No support on this? Kind regards,

hi i bought this app recently and i need some customization?

mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation,
Sorry for late reply i was on festival (diwali) vacation,

Hi, in the APP the Categories underneath the picture/slideshow are not shown? Only orange and grey background is shown and no text (category) on Item detail page…

Provide me your admin panel details on freaktemplate@gmail.com i will check,

Please respond! Bugs in this Android Version that needs to be solved..

did you send me mail ? currently i have only one support ticket left in my mail with Martin,

Guys please create manual how to change miles to km. Today we bought the IOS Version and IOS is in Kilometer and Android in Miles! That makes no sense…Please inform us how we can change this.We need both in Kilometer not miles…

as both have same admin panel, if you want to use miles upload android admin panel on your server, and in iOS only change the word km to miles in code, you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for more information,

No we need kilometers in both apps! Where can we change?

Thats what i m saying, admin is common for both android and iOS, use admin with km and change label from miles to km.

i have problem with backend, i uploaded all files to my server connected to db but when i login the url shows the index.php (means its connected) but still shows the log in page , it does not go through??/ and also i would like to integrate the deal of the day as customization i need your feedback on that ASAP? tnx

sure i can add customisation, for error its seems database is not connected, check config.php file, or mail me cpanel details on freaktemplate@gmail.com i will check and resolved ASAP.

I sent you cpanel details on your email .have you received it?


ivawen Purchased

can you reply please i have problems with back end cannot login ??? check your email please

Can you add one more functionality to this existing one.(1) it should display the menu of restaurant and the users can select the items from that restaurant and it should display the approximate bill according to the selected items…...can you add these to the existing one

Please respond….it’s very urgent