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Are you using Storyboard or XIB?

We are using both. Due to the fact that storyboard can handle complex UI’s orientation and orders. We used XIB to render it right.

For some who used XCode, and you might encounter some hang up in the storyboards or crashes while opening it, then that is the cause of abusing too much views inside the storyboard.

Does it have a php script inside?

No, it only needs a XML or JSON to be uploaded in the server.

Does it supports offline usage?

Yes, it does. All you need to do is connect the app for the first time, when the phone loses connection, it retrieves the data stored in your app and display it to the user. It doesnt need to connect to the internet all the time.

If it supports offline, does the images too in thumbnails and galleries?

Yes, the image were cached, which means it is not physically stored in the apps documents directory rather it is stored temporarily.

I updated the XML/ JSON but it has a problem and will not show appropriately in the app. What should I do?

You should validate your XML/JSON file, a lot of validators over the internet, search which one the best for you. Proper format are stored together when you purchased the app.

In what extent you provide support?

As what we have said, we will support you until the end of the world, like a bug fixes, installation error, or maybe a major update if it is intended to. Any strong modification of the code, like a heavy customization, I suggest contact us for freelance work. It is our pleasure to help you. :)

Does it support iPad?

No, it doesnt.

How fast you answer our queries?

As fast as we can, but please consider we tend to sleep sometimes. If that falls under our sleeping time, then expect a maximum of 10 hrs we answer your queries. :)

How to rename the project file?

Visit this link CLICK HERE

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