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When using the PHP admin console, I’m getting this error… Fatal error: Class ‘Constants’ not found in /nfs/c11/h02/mnt/197458/domains/www.domain.com/html/application/DB_Connect.php on line 22

I don’t know what’s wrong…

Hi, the problem is in the outdated handler. Email us your FTP account here mangasaurgames@gmail.com. We will help you fix the issue.

Hello dear,

When switched from XML to JSON app doesn’t get the data (from your server) kindly check and advise please

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your fast response, unfortunately still get no data :(

my json file is working now… may be because some entries in yours… Thank you dear

Hi, yes. That is the testing server prone to problems because it isnt for deployment and managed by different users using the backend. Welcome.

i need tab bar v pls

Hi, the old tab bar version is removed due to perfomance issue.

i need to work offline and using the json and xml inside the project file ?

how do ?

We have replied you in the email.

Hi there, is this admin backend the same from the android app? or I’ll have to update both separately?

Hi, yes. One backend for both.

Hello, it there the last update workink for ios9? thanks

Hi, latest update working on iOS 9.

Your app looks very promising, on top that there is an android app for it too.

Can it be that both apps are using the same database so updates are made only in one database but reflected in both apps (iOS and Android) at the same time?


Both apps uses the same database.

Is there a way to change the default radius amount in settings to a lower amount?

Yes, set this to NO in the Config.h


cgymer Purchased

Hi there Looks good, but on OSX El Capitan, PHP 5.5.38, there is no mcrypt_encrypt function. Error Call to undefined function mcrypt_encrypt() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/restaurantfinder/application/Extras.php on line 66

I could try to install the extensions for this function, but do you have an alternative? Thanks

Hi there is no mcrypt_encrypt because it is not enabled.

In your localhost, try pasting this in the URL


CTRL + F then Paste “mcrypt”

You will see the portion for mcrypt support = ENABLED