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Hello, can i use this app for a foodtruck locator? if thats the case, can you program a login for the foodtrucks to update menu, pictures,current location? mail me to: antorcha.uy@gmail.com thx

Hi, yes, email us first for record purposes. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

hello i like your app. I want to open application with the map. First screen=map. Is it possible?

Yes, possible but needs code modification.

Hello good, the application works perfectly, less on one thing. When from the app I hit the button to call by phone in some restaurant, nothing happens and the app is blocked. I need help…

Hi, we will check on it.

Do you have an updated app demo file? Your link ( http://bit.ly/2eAkagi ) is not version 1.6 but version 1.0 .

Hi, we will check the version.

hello, I set up the db and files, but cant login , where is the admin password? I try to chnge the password in the db and I could. also I got white page after login, thanks


My fault , sorry ignore this messege, regards

Hi before i buy this app,i want ask you a few question. 1)This app can edit using android studio 2)This app can change the list view 3)this app can change the logo , layout color 4)Can you add the reviews ?

Thank you

Hi, reviews can be done via freelance work only.

Can you teach me how to do change list view

What you mean changing the listview?