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Any plans for an Android version?

Yes sure we are trying to push in this week


Where does it fetch the data from ?

It’s from google api

Can I make this app find restaurants specific to an ethnic group. Like searching for Indian restaurants

Yes for that need to create custom api

what is the cost for a custom api? can you do it?

yes i can do it check your mail

Is this app ad ready. I am looking to buy this app if you can answer soon. Send me the response to fazalnabi@247techforce.com

Yes sure

were do i find the documentation for the product. Do I need to install it on my server?

Yes you will need to install on your server and this not in the document because its for all restaurant which on google api

okay I am buying it. If i have a problem installing to the server, do you have support for that?

I’ll support within existing bundle api not third party API but you can create api which response exact like given.

Hi, can you please email me about doing a custom api for specific restuarant search

Also what are the review functionality like, can a user upload images of dishes?



Hello, You will need to create your own with same response which is not provided in this app. But you can do modification as per your requirement.



Do you have app in App Store or video preview?

Is this for restaurants worldwide?

What do you mean by we need to host on our server? Do you give instructions? Can you send documentation please? Thanks

Hello, This app is use for worldwide and it’ll use google api for that. No need to host any api but if you want to make custom your own then it’s require more modification.



Do you have app store link? How is working? and This sourecode still working Right? I mean no change in google api. Right?


I have not put on store, Its working based on longitude and latitude and populate result using google api. You will need to create your own api key need to changes thats it detail given in document.

3 questions below. Thank you. - Where is the api? - How do you upload the api to a server? - How do you connect the api to the app?

This app working on google api and populate result based on that no need to setup server and host api . But if you want to build custom app with own api you can create and host to your server this thing not with this app. Let me know if you need any more help.

Hi is iOS version written in swift or in c? Using Xcode? Thanks

Its in Objective C using Xcode

Hi, i want to but this code, it looks nice and i have 2 questions: 1. Are intersetetial Admob ads included? 2. can i change the app to search instead of restaurants, Hotels or Banks? Thanks Ofer

You will need to customize and add another ad.

Good Work. can you customise to have an advanced rate and review of restaurants and their services and what would be the cost estimate for this and to create custom api. for specific list of restaurants in my area thank you


First thanks for appreciate, I can create custom api but i have few question so you can contact me from my profile page there is option email appzforest.

I need this app! But can i use this app for other kind of shop like drugstore? let me know and thanks.

This app work based on google api for that you will need to create your own api and database then it’ll work.

Thanks for reply, but not understand. What i need to change in api? is not enough example add 10 drugstores in database, giving, name address and/or coordinates (if coords are not calculated using address), description? Need works also in api? Thanks

That data need to store in database and need to create custom api to call data from your server. That api need to integrate with app.

1. Does this app work for other country like us, Mexico, Canada Europe etc. 2. Does this app shows waiting time( some restaurant are busy need to wait to get a table) 3. Displays Restaurant Menu 4. Can reserve table? 5. Display deal of the day etc

great thanks!

do you demo i can test?

As I told that require to create custom app so its not available. Because require to create from scratch.