Restaurant Esagono IOS Template

Restaurant Esagono IOS Template

Project Xcode 8, IOS-10, wrote in the latest installment in the Storyboard, compatible with iOS 8 & 9. Each app page and organized, with a separate folder in the Storyboard for a better organization and easy to edit. Icon, logo and details in PDF format editable with Illustrator colors and sizes (vector format). detailed support page, four video and several detailed images for editing.

Restaurant Esagono IOS Template - 1

app features:
• Home: Photo slider, Automatic background slide in sync with the photos of the central hexagon.
• Description Restaurant.
• Menu: Food, Wines & Dessert. Change menu, photos, description and price via json file, simple opening with textEdit.
• Reservation: Direct link to the web page of your restaurant reservations, or you can use the booking sites as “OpenTable”, “lafourchette” etc.
• Photo gallery: Organize your photo gallery with free Pixiese Backend.
• Events: Organize events with Tockify Backend free, from your desktop or from the app Hexagon. Also you find your event on the map.
• Contact: Restaurant info
• E-mail: users can send email to the restaurant
• Phone: Call the restaurant with one touch
• Website: directly to the website of your restaurant.
• Routes: reach the place with the help of routes
• Post Facebook.
• Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter & TripAdvisor.

Please read the product features and content of the Support Tab carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions about how it works please ask before purchasing and we will be glad to clear any Doubts you may have about the product. If you like this template we can modify it Depending on the needs of your Restaurant, Also For Those needing an extended list Restaurant These we can make additions or changes. Just contact us, our staff will reserved respond quickly, we can fill Also in the program and post it in the App Store for you. (This is all extra support)

Envato License:
Please respect the Envato licenses. If you’re going to sell this app on the App-store, you must purchase an extended license. If users are not going to pay for it, you can purchase the regular license.

If you like the quality of the product and you’re happy with the purchase leaves a rating and feedback it helps me improve my product, Thanks.