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Hi there, I have interest to buy your app. Could you please explain what tools I need to get it going? Is there any paid tools or services used in your code? Also, I’d like to know your apps for Android, iOS and WPs have different code? Many thanks.

Contact us by private message or mail (there is on main page of this product).

Hi, I’ve sent an email to contact@invedion. Is that right to write to? Many thanks.

Hi… I bought your app… I am trying to add jquery mobile to the app but i get issues. Once i include the jquery.mobile-1.3.2.min.js the app is not working correctly.

Sorry but you are not our client here.
“demetrioucy has not purchased the item.”

I purchased the android version

If you purchased Android and write in iOS product = problem :)


I have forgot the password for the admin area and can’t figure out how to reset it ?

Why is there not this functionality ?

Contact with our support by mail from PDF.

Hi, any app update is coming out? Does this app support push notifications? Thank you Tony

Hi, this app doesn’t need any updates. In your config.xml file you setup only latest version of phonegap build and you have everything what’s new in this area :) pn only by plugin installation.

Hi, Can we upload to apple store and apple so that user can download it from there ?

Yes you can :) and in step by step guide of this product you have description how to publish.

Good news for you :) check offer description and have a nice day :) https://codecanyon.net/item/restaurant-app-with-cms-ios/8170683?ref=INVEDION

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION

Hello! Im interested to buy this app but can it be multilenguage? for example can i have Italian and English lenguage?

App use only one language (so you can create English or Italian). If you want change language in app you have to add this option (we may in the future add this option in an update).

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION

Hello, just before buying the plugin, I am not developer, can you please help me to brand as per my restaurant and host for me. is it available in IOS and android?

Contact us by mail (on main page of this product on photo) or by private message and describe what you need – we do branding. We have both version iOS and Android.



hey! i was wondering< how do we edit this? in what software? i have xcode so would i be able to edit it there or which application would i have to run it on to edit it

Because this is Phonegap you only need any html editor or typical notepad and when your app is ready you zip all the files and upload it to free Adobe Phonegap Build page where server gerate for you ipa file in few seconds.