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hi , can you implement cash on delivery , as this is my only issue to go with your app , thank you very much

In the demo data base as default value for cartCODAvailable is false, that is why you can not view the cash on delivery payment option. So thanks for remark. We will solve this. If you want we can send you a screenshot to make you sure that cash on delivery really exist?

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Thank you for clearing this matter, i believe you have that option ,My concern is my customer insist for testing it out before making the payment for the source code. i will be waiting for for that 100 much thanks and regards


Now cash on delivery is set to true, you can test the app http://appify.mobidonia.com/index.php?app=restaurant and to see you and your clients how it looks like.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Hi can i use this app like just menu idont want the app by shop the food online???

Hello azizkapo,

1.Yes you can, you only have to change in firebase the value of isShopping from true to false. 2.Yes, in our app we already had implemented RTL. In firebase there is a variable called isRTL just turn this value from false to true.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Thank you did you have online demo not screen shot?? so i can look att the app??

Yes we have preview of the app, so please download Expo on your computer, and login with our user account. username:mobidonia password:AppPreview and then choose restaurant app.

Or if you have android phone you can download from play store Expo Client and scan the QR code from here https://expo.io/@dimovdaniel/uniexpoapp.

Hello, I need help, I can’t get my app running, after setting up Firebase and Firestore schema. It always errors out on expo when navigating from MasterScreen -> Lits Of items Screen -> selected item, then its erroring out as soon as you select any single item.

Your help would be appreciated.

Regards, Irfan

Hello Irfan

What we will need is just the connections string to your FirebaseDB. ( the one you have in “src/config/app.js” at start ).

Pls send them here by raising a ticket. https://mobidonia.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

This way we will be able to reproduce the problem directly with your data.


can you provide us with an apk so we can test it and if there is an admin account, it will be perfect

Hi as206em, You can test our product this way -Download Expo Client from Play Store or App Store and after that sign in using this username and password.

username: mobidonia, password: AppPreview

If you have other question please feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

I would need a multi restaurant app. You will have some done?

Hello RodriguezJ93

Thanks for the interest. Well at the moment this in not on our road map. Although we where planing this, we decide not to do it for some time.

Got my admin panel working fine on localhost, but for some reason the App Design & Navigation are just blank…Any ideas?

Replied on the ticket :)

Hello, I want to buy the template but in some opinions it says it does not work and does not support it. What support do you offer.

Hello mesophoyx, You can test our app and see what option do we have for the restaurant app https://expo.io/@mobidonia/uniexpoapp. Please just download Expo client on your computer and login with this user and password: user: mobidonia pass: AppPreview

If you have other question feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Hi – I can’t get the app to load in Expo. I’ve submitted a support ticket but no one has gotten back to me. Can you please respond?

Respond on the ticket.

i need this app but it mus as the same functionality as uberEat (Admin panel, restaurant panel, delivery man app, end customer app) with firebase backend. i can pay additionnal cost my mail is nd.emaneviny@gmail.com