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I have changed Email to mine in config file. But as admin i am not receiving order details on email.

However customer is receiving email

Hello mahmoodali2

Can you check in

App / Containers / SubmitScreen.js
the code around line 130.

It should be like this

"to": [
              "email": Config.sendToEmail

Also there is new version with admin order managment.

Hi, I downloaded the apk file on my smartphone it does not work.

Hello jeanmarc974

Can you explain me the problem. Because we just tested the app and all looks ok.

Any news on the admin panel or wiring the app into a payment gateway to do online ordering from the device? Thanks so much project looks fantastic!

Hello geoc3

The Admin panel is created. You can see the demo. Payment will be in next version releasing soon.

It will be PayPal payments.

Hello I’ve already sent your an email but not yet answers so i try here :-). Just 3 questions

- when will you release the next version (with Paypal gateway payment) ?

- is it possible to have the possibility to put options on food item : for example, if i have a pizza , i want to add extra ingredients (+1 $ each) and to add spicy oil ( free), is it possible to set up my menu like this ? same problem with a menu, for example i have a menu and i want the customer to choose option 1 (the appetizer), option 2 (the pizza) , option 3 (the drink) and all theses options for free cause it’s included in the menu price, see what i mean. cause many food items in restaurant have options or extra (see menus, pizzas, ...) it would be very useful to have this feature in the new version .

- is it possible to add Stripe payment cause it’s cheaper than paypal :-)

many thanks for your answers Regards

Hello Pizzeria42

Strange, we do get and replied on the email. Anyway here are the answers.

  1. We just finished android implementation, working on ios, this week we will release the update. So next wek will be available on CC
  2. Unfortunately no, although simple for humans, it is difficult to be coded
  3. No, at the moment we don’t have the plans to integrate Stripe, since the react module is available for ios only

Hi thanks for your quick answers.

2 – it would be very useful to add this feature cause i think that every restaurant need this feature (having option (free or paid) on a food item). could you please think about it ? :) you surely will have more buyers :)

have a nice day regards

Thanks for the suggestion.

We would surly look into that.

Hello I am interested in getting your app and wanted to know if I can use Stripe to receive payments

Hello cperez90008

Unfortunately no, Stripe is not supported.

In few days we will have the PayPal option available.

Thanks for the interest in the app.

Does this come bundled with your FireAdmin? The full source code?

Yes tomscholz

This app comes with the FireAdmin. Full Source code.


nuw4n Purchased

Hello, i’m almost decided to buy you the code, if i do, can you assist me in modify the backend firebase a little bit? i want to add more things on the order’s form and of course in the backend.

Hello nuw4n

Pls email me. I will reply with guides.

Thanks for the purchase.


nuw4n Purchased

Man over a week and i’m waiting a reply, i have a bug and you have not replyed me.

My name is Simon.

What is happening???

Hi, How well documented is this app template? Will coding be necessary to make simple changes like images text etc.?

Hi, what can i do with [authorizationPushKey] in Firebaseadmin/setting.js ?

I couldn’t find any guide in your Docs https://mobidonia.gitbooks.io/restaurantapptemplate/content/config.html

Can you help me?

this app doesn’t compile easily, and when sending via test flight it doesn’t load any of the content from Firebase. Buyer beware!

Hi, I have purchased this item already, can you please make branding for me?


Do you even support your product?

there is no support, and product doesn’t compile. instructions/documentation is limited at best