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Hi, a very nice plugin. Only before the animation starts, I get a short view of the shortcode on my website when used with a separator. Any suggestions?


Hi, thanks for purchasing! Could you please open a ticket on our helpdesk ( providing us with the page url or even better a temporary admin account for your WP dashboard?

Hi, Can you please review again how to achieve font formatting with inline CSS?

Hi, I’ve answered to your email with a working example

That solution with he code worked great. Thank you so much Megalocode!

I’m glad! If you need further support please let me know, Tom


I want to animate a list of phrases in sequence

Is this possible?


Hi, please take a look at the example 4 here:

Hello can I animate the text in my homepage slider images using your plugin?

Hi, no I’m sorry, it can’t interact with sliders

Hello. Got a few questions before I purchase: 1. Does this plugin work well with Divi ? 2. Can I animate only one word within a line of text ? All the examples show a full line of text being animated. I only want to animate the last word. 3. You have very fancy animations, but I’d like a simple IN animation where the word fades into place from the bottom and fades out to the top. Is that available ?

Hello, thanks for your interest. I don’t know the Divi theme but in general it works with every one. You can animate any kind of text, also just a word inside a long text. Those are the only animations, I’m sorry, but changing speed and stagger you can change them to fit your needs. Please try them here:

Hello, I wish to know if it still works for wordpress 4.8.2. Its amazing !

Hi, thanks for your words! Yes, it works, just updated the details page

pre sale question: Can I use ’’Page Title’’, and ‘Post Title’’ ?

Hi, the plugin can be used in two ways: 1) with the WP text editor; this allows you to only edit the texts in the page body, 2) with a jQuery selector; this requires you to know jQuery but allows you to animate all texts, titles inluded

I was looking for a way to curve text without animation.. maybe an idea for a futur improvement? Like this.

Many thanks for your suggestion!

Presale Question: Is this plugin compatible with current version of Wordpress (4.9.4) and is it compatible with Revolution Slider?

Hi, thanks for your interest. It’s compatible with all versions but I don’t think it’s compatible with RV. Anyway you could try purchasing it and in case it doesn’t fit your needs you can issue a refund and I’ll process it with no questions


enigmanic Purchased

I just purchased this plugin so I can rotate one word in a sentence. However, I’m noticing that it adds a line break, so I can’t have any words before it. (Words after the rotating text seem to work). I sent in a ticket already, but hoping someone has advice on how to fix it.

Answered on the helpdesk