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Hi -

Using this plugin, can you start with one image and end with another? So picture 1 > animation > picture 2. Possible?

Hi, no I’m sorry. You can just animate one image at a time

Hello, I do not get it to work me, I have given css in “101054” and does nothing ¿prodrias help me?   url: http://orientadorweb.com/doblem2/doblem-audiovisuales-06-04/ Thank you

le he dado idI have given to the image id: “11504”

Is there any chance that this support private?

Hi, sure, as described in the docs this is the link of our helpdesk: https://megalocode.freshdesk.com/ Please have a look at your browser javascript console. The error is cause by another code outside our plugin. I think this prevent Pieces to work correctly

hi, will this work for slideshows?

I was thinking that maybe there is a short code or something to just use this plugin to sequence in and out of multiple images, like a slideshow….

No, I’m sorry. The basic usage is the one shown in our video (on our website). There’s also the possibility to use it via jquery selector, as described in the docs, but there’s no way to interact with other javascript code

ok. Cool. Thanks for the update.