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Interesting plugin, but can it generate also a mockup from different pages? Now it’s showing always the same page on every device (which makes sense for testing), but would be great if there is an option to generate a mock up presentation purpose so each device can show a different page based on URL given.

Is it also possible to use own mockup templates?

Good idea, I will implement that feature too.

Interesting release an embed url Mockup created so as to send e-mail to the customer, as in previews vine dynamized. Thank you

Ok good idea, will be added on the feature list too.

Cool and interesting plugin!

1. Can the generated mockup be saved as a jpeg or png or any kind of picture? On the demo it doesnt have this feature.

2. Anyway this can be monetized so that users can access after paying through woocommerce?

The demo can generate screenshot from the first 3 presets with mShots API. The other presets are not supported by mShots because it does not support CSS3 Matrix3d property. Though, you can quickly create a region screenshot with Mac and with windows there are tons of browser plugins to create a screenshot. I’m working on a way to find more API to generate a screenshot from the generated mockup url, but most of them are not free and some of them don’t support Matrix3d css. Pagepeeker does work in “free mode” with watermark http://www.createmockup.com/gallery/pagepeeker/ right-click the image and see the image url generated from their API If you want users to pay a fee, for accessing the tool you can try: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-pay-per-post/ https://www.woothemes.com/products/woocommerce-memberships/ http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-membership/8746370

Ok. So do I need to download any other plugins for your plugin to work? I am not familiar with mShots or Pagekeeper. If I use your plugin as is now, I understand I can generate all the mockups as in your demo, but only the first three style results are downloadable….is this correct?

Hi, no extra plugins needed. Exactly, the Wordpress mShots API does only the first 3 presets. Pagepeeker does all, but is not implemented yet and has a watermark. On the demo gallery you can see the pagekeer examples. You can do this too.


Great idea. Bookmarked a plugin for clients! GLWS!

Sincerely, Igor

P.S. What does beta demos mean? Are they working / available?

Haha It’s beta for some preset mockups, not all browsers support 3D CSS translations. the 2D are working fine.

Hello again

Can users generate the mockups without being logged in? I mean after buying, not on demo.


Well yes that could be done. I will try to add an option in the next update. But you can always remove the login check in the plugin.

if(isset($options[login_required])) { if (is_user_logged_in()) { // logged in content $output .= ' <a class="inputbutton button" href="javascript:;"><i class="fa fa-cloud-upload fa-2" /> Load/Update</a></label> '; } else { // not logged in content $output .= '<div class="createAccount">Please login to Generate Mockups for Free!</div>'; } } else {

Thanks for adding the option. Purchased

Hi. How is this plugin different from the mockups generated directly from your demo website? I asked because I see that I can register on your website and generate mockups which I can then download and save to my desktop. What additional feature(s)/benefits do users get by using this plugin that they don’t get by just using your website directly to generate the mockups?

Please don’t get me wrong, I am planning on purchasing your plugin as I see a lot of value in what it offers for me to showcase my work on my website, I just want to know what else I am getting.

Additionally, I noticed a few folks here have suggested features which you seem open to implement for your next release but it’s been over a month now and there doesn’t seem to be any update on when we can expect to see those things.

Also, I personally will like to know if this plugin can display live urls in it instead of just static web images, so that visitors can interact with the page right inside of the device mockups as if they are viewing the site on the respective devices in their possession. That will be a huge and outstanding value-add for this plugin. Any chance with that?

Thanks and keep up the great work. I have added this plugin to my favorite in anticipation of your response.

no response for more than a month?

its not working for me https://goo.gl/yPdxFD

Hi Svipic, I was on Holiday until 18 August so I could not give support. What is the problem with the plugin. It looks like your theme is not rendering the shortcode. So How can I see what the problem is. The theme has been tested and developed with the default Wordpress themes. Twenty ten, eleven, twelve thirteen,..sixteen.

Please email me or give access to your Wordpress Admin so I can have a look.

fantastic work ! all the best for your sales



Can’t see product in action, have to login. Do you have an open demo???

After entering url I get 403 forbidden.

Hello! We must login to test. Possible to test without login? Thanks!

Just create a free account :)

Register donc work.

I just registered a new account. http://www.createmockup.com/wp-login.php?action=register Make sure you set a password on the email you receive.

Hi, is there support? I want to buy it, but i am not sure…thank you

Yes, what you need to know?

7 months later is not that kind of support i am looking for LOL..thank you.

Why you ask support without asking a question. Of course there is support, https://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-website-tester-mockup-screenshot-generator/16358105/support

Your plugin looks awesome. Does it just give the tool in your demo or can we use the tool to insert live screenshots into a page. I mean, I would find great to be able to put the navigable preview as it is with my choosen settings and url into my portfolio. As for the screenshots part, maybe you didn’t search enough, I found one free few years ago to build a tool for public bug reporting and it was awesome… my demo is down as the project is in standby but I’m going to look into our specs notes if I can find the tech again

Hi you can use the generated image url

Hello, Can we add more mockup? If yes it will be necessary to touch the FTP or we can configure our own mockup on the plugin then the screens will be put automatically?

No at this time there is no functionality to add new mockup screens, I’ll try to make this in V2, but it not easy to develop that :)

Hi, I send you a mail at 17 feb. 2018. Can you please reply? Thanks

No that is not possible to integrate that other PHP framework Yii. It’s made for Wordpress

Ok thanks, but is that possible to install wordpress on a sub-domain and create a hyperlink to the orginal page?

Hi, I get this when I try to install it

The link you followed has expired.

Please try again.

How do you install? Please send me email through contact form on my profile page. thanks.