Vimeo Video Import to Prestashop

Vimeo Video Import to Prestashop

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   Vimeo embed module. This module lets you easily and quickly add Vimeo videos to your product pages, home page, left and right column.
    The simple way of integrating Vimeo videos into your store .This module helps you easily manage the growing complexity of Vimeo embedding. It is premium and outstanding Module for your store. This module will help you change your store, make it more professional and engaging. With this module you give users a better customer experience. “Vimeo Video Import to Prestashop” lets you quickly and easily display your most recent Vimeo videos in your store. Also this module will get more professional and usability your store. The superior solution of professional video presentations on your store. Vimeo Video Import to Prestashop fully mobile devices responsive, a must for any professional store.

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  • Responsive design.
  • Vimeo HTML5 video player support.
  • Multiple video embeds on the same page.
  • TechGasp Video Responsiveness, automatically sets the perfect video size both on desktops and mobile devices
  • Vimeo Player width and height Option id, title name module, width and height video.
  • Set your module position: Home Page and Right column, Left column.
  • HTML5 markup: scrubbed clean of bulk and infused with semantic power.
  • CSS3 galore: progressively enhanced styles reward modern browsers while staying lean.
  • Full documentation and 24/7 Technical Suppor.
  • Display title video.
  • Show the user’s byline on the video.
  • Show the user’s portrait on the video.
  • Enables or disables pausing this video when another video is played.
  • Play the video automatically on load. Note that this won’t work on some devices.
  • Enables or disables the badge on the video.
  • Play the video again when it reaches the end.
  • Specify the color of the video controls. Make sure that you don’t include the #.

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This plugin is supported. All you need to do is contact the developer through the Webtet e-mail or Webtet profile page.


10/01/2014 – v.0.1

Release module v.0.1

02/19/2015 – v.0.2

Added new hook on page product.
Added new configuration for this module:

10/16/2017 – v.1.0.2

Added compatibility with Prestashop 1.7 version

05/23/2018 – v.1.0.3

Added new version.
Added new documentation