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Tean, I’m using this product, still under support. I’m currently only using vimeo videos on it. I am using a 100% screen version as well. The quality looks great on chrome but the video looks terrible on internet explorer V11. However if I go to vimeo.com on IE the same video looks fine. I checked dev screen and both IE and chrome are showing a ‘Full-Page-Player’ class under the body div. Anything in the code or API that would affect video quality on IE? Is that a known problem? I;ve tried the site on two different windows computers. Its possible I’m a version update behind.Thanks.

There was a hd setting in user vimeo account: https://vimeo.com/forums/api/topic:268251 but they have removed it, as they constantly change things. Currently, this cannot be done without code modification in this plugin by adding quality parameter.

I spoke with Vimeo API support and they said IE is a known problem defaulting to 360p and they are working on it.

Ok, thanks for the input.

Hello, I have install Responsive Video Gallery HTML5 YouTube Vimeo. (Item ID: 2918602 Item Purchase Code:0b6356b5-1af2-465e-82b1-46f6b8950eaa). Very nice item, by the way.

In webpage www.rinconcete.com/page2.html you can see I cannot have fullscreen in the first player made with Responsive Video Gallery, in contrast with the youtube iframe you can see in the second player in the same webpage. Apparently the visor did not open complety.

I have only changed some details in CSS style (colors, etc), but none in Js.

Could you help me?. Thankyou.

Why doesnt html1 get css I mentioned in fullscreen? If I replicate same layout on my side (wrap player in absolute overflow hidden div) I get the same results. Besides, try making page without Web Page Maker.

The question is why the player I purchase to not behave itself like others. In my opinion it is not a question to used or not Web Page Maker. I do not know to make webpages in other way. Sorry, but If I had known that it does not worked with WPM I would have not bought it.

I have asked several times why doesnt html1 get that css?

Hello. I bought the Responsive Video Player HTML5 Youtube Vimeo and all of a sudden it has stopped working. I can no longer load the youtube playlist or any youtube playlist for that matter. Can you please me figure this out?......here is the link to the site with the player and error. http://keene-innovations.com/customers/sellbuyrealestate/index.asp#/playlist16/youtube_playlist1


You need to contact us from the account you have purchased the file.

Hello…..I am logged into the account I used to purchase the Responsive Video Player HTML5 Youtube Vimeo. For some strange reason this player can no longer play the playlists I assign to it. Could you please help me?.......here is the link to the website with the player and the error that keeps showing up. Thank You. http://keene-innovations.com/customers/sellbuyrealestate/index.asp#/playlist16/youtube_playlist1


Please renew your item support and contact us here: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

Did something change with the code?.....My playlist no longer shows up. Here is the data path I have been using for YouTube videos div class=”playlistNonSelected” data-address=”youtube_playlist” data-type=’youtube_playlist’ data-path=”PLVuWDYMh2aLN6u6Eac30urixZJ7bDfkB0” data-limit=”12” data-sort=”position”

This is the error I am getting: There was an error retrieving youtube data: No Longer Available. Any idea why?

Please, how could I make longer the text I put among this script . Normaly, it only allow you to put a very short phrase. Thank you


Inside main jquery file this part shortens description so it fits into playlist item, you will have to remove that:

var desc = _item.description_short ? _item.description_short : description;
if(desc.length>50)desc=desc.substr(0,50)+'...';//limit desciption

Hi, I put the new 2 names of 2 playlist in each player in the body and mach with the active playlist on the head, like you could see in http://www.rinconcete.com/prueba2.html, but it hasn’t work. What I did wrong?

Send a private message, I will provide you the example you need.

Im back….....help please.


We have answered your email.

Please, how could I put in the same page the single player and the playlist player? Thanks


To use multiple players in the same page check _index_buttons_multiple.html demo included in the package.

What I am trying to do is to use one single player (without playlist) and other player with playlit. In the _index_buttons_multiple.html both players have the same playlist. How, in this case, could I use diferents playlist? Thanks


<div id="playlist_list">

you put the playlists you need, then link them over activePlaylist setting, each player point to the playlist it wants to load.