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I love your player! I haqve two problems…

(1) I’m having trouble getting the thumbnails to size correctly when using Vimeo. (see example at: http://videoaudio.media/CCFA_Videos/VideoGalleryPlayer.html).

(20 Also when I place it in an iframe the sides of the video also get cut off a little. You can best see this within the first video. Look on the left side (vs just viewing the player html file) and also notice the resize button in the Vimeo video is truncated. The truncation appears top be on all sides.


1. Your thumbs originally have black stripes in them: https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/629948028_100x75.jpg?r=pad

if this is what you meant?, so you cant get rid of the is black part. Maybe you could apply different css to thumbs so that the black part bets masked. (if you know hat all thumbs are going to have this black bar above and below)

2. I dont see any truncate in your video. Its impossible also because video comes from Vimeo iframe and no code can influence content inside the iframe which comes from different domain.

remove the r-pad from the end of the thumbnail url and you get the correct thumbnail. https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/629948028_100x75.jpg? can i access this in your code to fix?

Answered below.

Hi, I’m using this for a long time. Just today, we find out it couldn’t load the videos from Vimeo Channels. I have updated it to the latest code and it is still not working. Here is the playlist page: http://www.icahk.org/video_gallery/icahktv_outreach_reports.html Here is the Vimeo Channel that I would like to show in that page: https://vimeo.com/channels/797460 Do you know how I could fix it? Thanks and best regards, Lydia

Strange, console shows this message combing from Vimeo:

{"body":{"error":"You have been banned.","link":null,"developer_message":"You have been banned. Contact vimeo support for more information.","error_code":3500},"status":403,"headers":{"Server":"nginx","Content-Type":"application\/vnd.vimeo.error+json","ETag":"\"58742b21-b1\"","X-Banned-IP":"","Via":"1.1 varnish","Fastly-Debug-Digest":"13bb252f15d6a900b8945c636c1467031c85e96930b2bff124a63c633e908d67","Content-Length":"177","Accept-Ranges":"bytes","Date":"Mon, 08 May 2017 12","Connection":"keep-alive","X-Served-By":"cache-iad2127-IAD, cache-hkg6821-HKG","X-Cache":"MISS, MISS","X-Cache-Hits":"0, 0","X-Timer":"S1494245538.263673,VS0,VE217"}}
Is everything all right with your Vimeo account? I havent seen this before.

Oh! I don’t know. We always set to Anyone for “Who can watch this video?” and Anywhere for “Where can this video be embedded?”

We can embed single Vimeo video directly like this page: https://www.icahk.org/the-healing-rooms

Here is another channel that uses the Responsive Video Gallery player http://www.icahk.org/video_gallery/icahktv_testimonies.html but not working.

can this work with a custom html page? and does it auto refresh the collection i have it set to in vimeo?

Here is wordpress version of this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/video-player-html5-youtube-vimeo-wp-plugin/10826072

Exchange is not possible unfortunately.

can you give a step by step breakdown to get this working on a custom page with a vimeo collection?

Instructions are included with the download package.

If this is not enough, we can offer compete setup on your website for a custom fee.

I’m sorry I thought this was a wordpress plugin…

I won’t use this plugin unfortunately. Would it be possible to get a refund please for that purshase ?

Thanks François


does it support Vimeo channel?

thanks a lot!


Yes, please check item description for more details.

Please go to http://videoaudio.media/CCFA_Videos/VideoGalleryPlayer_00.html. You will see that the Vimeo provided thumbnails are squeezed down. I can even upload a 1920×1080 version and the problem still happens.

What am I doing wrong?

Ok, I see them now.

This r=pad is actually present everywhere (even if I try other videos than yours), you can see it here in their api playground:


Click make call.

Then you can see thumbnail urls having r=pad

I could manually remove this from the code (I am not sure why this happens), I cant find anything in their documentation about it.

I will see if I can get a response from their staff.

thank you

I dont think they will be staff response from vimeo, if you want I can edit you the code so it removes this part from url. Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

How does the elimination of the Vimeo advanced API affect this product? I use it on our website and I will need to know what to change to make sure it continues to work. Thanks.


Do you have issues with your current player?

All playlist options are still the same, this can be tested in vimeo api playground:



Hello, yesterday we received the following from Vimeo. Does it affect the script in any way?

How to tell if you are affected: Look at your API requests or API libraries. If any of the following are true, you will need to move to the new API:

1. Are your requests going to http://vimeo.com/api/rest/v2?

2. Are you using our official PHP library and interacting with the API like this: $vimeo->call(‘vimeo.videos.getUploaded’);?

3. Does your authentication require a client ID, client secret, token, and token secret?


This requires code modification inside main plugin file (aprvp), around:

var color = '?color=00adef',
        badge = '&badge=0',
        byline = '&byline=0',
        portrait = '&portrait=0',
        title = '&title=0',
        autopause = '&autopause=0',
        loop = '&loop=0';

I think title and byline need to be 1 instead of 0.

Excellent!! It works perfectly. Thanks for the support

Ok. Please leave 5 star rating for our support.

Hi there, I am concerned with the upcoming changes for the vimeo API. What do I need to update in my current installation so my galleries don’t stop working? Thanks.

OK, in this file (old code which is live now) I am pulling the same album and look at what I get. http://videos2.pas.org/_deploy/ensemblealbum.html. This loads all 72 videos

Send a private message, I think I have a solution for you.

Okay, just sent you a message. Thanks!

Muy buenos días Podrian ayudarme con algun tutorial paso a paso el como trabajar Responsive Video Gallery HTML5 YouTube


Please use only English language.

Documentation is included in the package with all demo examples.

I have a site that went live today and because of the design (not yours or mine) I can get error messages appearing. IS it possible to turn the error messages off?

go to: http://www.crohnscolitisfoundation.org/research/clinical-trials-community/why-should-i-participate.html AND immediately select a different page in the list on the left. Sometimes the error messages pops up and disappears and other times it stay visible onto of the new page. The design of the main page needs to be reworked so that only one video or player is accessible at a time but for now this is the coding I have to live with. A toggle of error messages ON/OFF (even if it is a file I need to replace) would solve the problem for now.

I cant replicate it now, however there are some alert statements in the code if this is what you mean. I guess this could be rewritten this to console.log instead.

That would work. I can then change the file back once we fix the design on our end.


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Hi there, I face problem again with Vimeo. I have downloaded the latest code. However, the testing HTML for Vimeo doesn’t work. I have added the Vimeo access info in includes/vimeo.acc.php and changed the data-path to the channel I would like to show. http://www.icahk.org/video_player/index_buttons_100_test.html However, the videos are not showing. How could I know whether it is Vimeo’s API problems or the new codes have the problems? Thanks & best regards, Lydia

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Thanks! I will check with Vimeo.

can you give a step by step breakdown to get this working on a custom page with a youtube?


There is a documentation in the package and all the included examples. Is there any specific question we can answer?


Hi, does this gallery now support private vimeo videos?


Private videos are supported. You just need to allow your domain to show private videos in vimeo account settings.


How can I populate the playlist? Is it possible to do it based on a search query? Is it possible to add several playlists to the same page, each one based on a different search query?


This is jquery plugin and you can populate playlist with html markup, xml or read folder of video files with php.

And yes, you can create youtube or vimeo playlist with search query.



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hi support,

just got this plugin and getting an error during install process Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.


This is jquery plugin, its not for wordpress, unless you embed it over iframe for example.

Hi : I purchased your template as well as Support for it. Can you tell me how we can have the video show 100%. As you can see the video is being cut off on the sides with the column that shows the other videos.



You dont have purchased badge here.

Hello! How does the mobile version look? Are there screenshots?

Everything works great, except the video is not centered and gets cut off – do I need to modify some CSS? Can you point me in the right direction please? Video gallery is live at http://www.funkazoid-radio.com/#archives



Add this in css file you use:

.rvp-media {
     left: 0;


Hi, I just bought your plugin. I unziped your content on my xampp server,I started with you demo file “playlist_right_bottom.html”. Everythings is fine on desktop browsers, even when I emulated mobile screens on chrome. But when I try to acess the “playlist_right_bottom.html” file on mobile phones, (Android and Iphone) It doesnt works, i can see only a black box, whith the playlist discriptions, seens to me that the play list div, that sould be below the video screen, actually is mixed whith the video player div


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It appears there was a bug that is now fixed. Please re download the files.