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Hi I have spotted a slight issue. On full screen if the browser window is made small (so the top menu shows) and the page is refreshed at this size when the browser window is stretched to full size the content in the main area is shifted over to the right. If the page is refreshed at the larger window size the content snaps back over to the left of the main content area.

I have a page set up here (just a copy of your demo page)

and the start of the page I am intending to use the script on here

Its only a small thing but would be grateful if you could let me know if there is any way to avoid this.

Many thanks

Hi veejones,

Thank you for buying my plugin.

I apologize for my late response, I have moved out and I am still waitig for new internet provider to secure me an internet sinal. I will check this on my destop computer as soon as I get a chance. I hope it will be in tuesday or Wednesday. Again I apologize for this delay.

Best Regards, Aleksej

Hi! great code, congrats! I just have 1 question, can you tell the the code I need to change to have the logo on the mobile version? right now everything is great, just not showing the logo on mobile. Regards!


Thank you for using my plugin :)

I have replied to your email regarding this. As suggested in the email you can add li element with okle-mob class (with img of your mobile logo) which will be hidden on desktop and shown on mobile devices.

I hope that helps :)

Best Regards